Victor Newman’s good at obtaining married. Continuing to be married is one more story.

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Victor Newman is a titan of organization on The Young and the Restless, but if that ever decided to do a complete 180 through a brand-new career, we have actually just the point for him: a wedding expert! Victor has actually tied the node (in one type or the other) no fewer 보다 14 times – though, admittedly, periodically to the same women. Here’s a rapid trip under that lengthy aisle to the altar for “The Mustache,” finish with every the females he’s loved, and lost, or divorced, or that died…

Julia Newman

Julia Newman (Meg Bennett) was currently married to Victor once they both came down on the step in 1980. She to be a Jabot design who came v him to Genoa City as he ran Chancellor Industries. After falling in love with different people, the pair eventually break-up in 1981.


Leanna Love Randolph

Leanna “Love” Randolph (Barbara Crampton) to be a reporter who wrote an expose about Victor, but, unaware that she was the author, lock flew by private jet to las Vegas and married in October 1988. Alas, together Nikki revealed the adhering to year, the marital relationship was invalid: Victor and also Nikki were still, technically married.


Hope Adams

Hope Adams (Signy Coleman) met Victor if he to be trying to escape his life in Genoa City, saving the remote woman indigenous a rapist. They bonded on her farm in Kansas, and ultimately went back to Genoa City to marry – however Nikki crashed the wedding. As well late! castle married anyway, in 1994. Victor’s idea the Hope’s baby might additionally be blind and therefore should be aborted didn’t walk over well, for this reason she left to raise Victor Jr. (Adam) on she own, and also they divorce in 1995.


Sabrina Costelana

Art curator Sabrina Costelana (Raya Meddine) to be living in Paris once she met Victor’s daughter Victoria, and ultimately concerned Genoa City in 2008 to visit her pal. Victor claimed he’d open an arts gallery for she – and also they started a relationship. Lock married after she said she to be pregnant, ~ above June 20, 2008. Alas, ~ a car crash she required a liver transplant come live – and couldn’t acquire one in time. She died, and also Victor made sure he was the just attendee at her funeral.

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Sharon Collins Newman

One that Victor’s weirdest unions was through his daughter-in-law, Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case). She’d married his sons Nicholas and Adam in the past, and they did not really have a romantic partnership – until 2012, as soon as he decided to marry her to protect his assets when he remained in jail. But then castle did end up being romantic. Victor went lacking and to be presumed dead, therefore she hosted a memorial business for the – but he turn up and threw she out, annulling their marriage.