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Stevie Wonder is just one of the best singers ever before to live. He’s likewise got some solid genes. Here’s the A-Z of his wives, lovers, and also kids!

First Wife

Wonder to be married because that the very first time to an additional singer. Singer-songwriter Syreeta Wright was a Motown artist. She collaborated through Stevie Wonder and the two at some point started a relationship. They wrote “Signed, Sealed, yielded I’m Yours” and also “If You yes, really Love Me”. Because that her, they worked on she album “Syreeta”. Castle married in 1970 yet were just together for a year and also a half.

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Five years later, Yolanda Simmons and Wonder met. She and Wonder never married however they did have two children. Their first daughter is named Aisha Morris. The name means “strength and also intelligence”. She was the incentive for Wonder’s hit “Isn’t She Lovely?” She is a singer choose her father and also has accompanied her father in the studio and also on tour.

Next, they had actually Keita Morris, your son. The is also a musician. Born in 1977 he works as a DJ under the surname DJ Jersey Wonder, maintaining his father’s name.

Kids v Melody McCulley

Melody McCulley, who has regulated to continue to be out the the spotlight given her celebrity link, is the mommy of Mumtaz Morris. He to be born in 1983 and is additionally a musician. That is an R&B singer. “The Curse” is one of his singles.

Kids v Karen “Kai” Millard Morris

KarenMillardMorriswas Wonder’ssecond wife. She functioned as afashion designer. She to be married come the singer for 11 years before they break-up up. They have actually two sons together,KailandandMandlaKadjay Carl Stevelandmorris.Kailandis a drummer and also has played with his father.

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