What fits in a 40-foot shipping container?

The an initial step the every global move by s freight requires deciding on what kind of shipping container you need to transport every your household goods to your destination country.

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Besides the 20-foot container, the 40-foot container is one more popular option for an abroad move as result of its size and the amount of furniture it have the right to hold. Here’s are the dimensions of a 40-foot container and what household goods you can fit in it.

40-foot container dimensions

In feet: 39’ 6” lengthy x 7’ 9” large x 7’ 10” high

In meters: 12.025m lengthy x 2.352m large x 2.393m high

Usable Capacity: 67.7m3

It has actually 285 sq ft (26.47m2) the floor room and 2,120 cubic ft (60m3) the volume. Depending on the form of pallet friend use, it deserve to hold 22 conventional pallets or 27 Euro pallets there is no stacking.

How to estimate the volume of your 40-foot container shipment

As a basic rule, the household goods that a two- to three-bedroom apartment v a life room, dining room, den, and kitchen deserve to fit right into a 40-foot container.

Here’s one illustration the what fits right into a 40-foot container making use of a usual 100m2 apartment together an example:


Make certain to use bubble wrap and also moving box for ideal packing to fit all of your belongings into a 40-foot container.

How to fill furniture right into a 40-foot container

Loading a container because that an overseas move might be fairly tedious. Below are some an easy tips the may help you properly pack furniture for international shipping:

Take personally anything that can be re-assembled at your new home and carefully fill them in boxesBe generous with bubble pave to defend your itemsStack box on height of one anotherPlace lighter items over heavier items

Shipping vehicles in a 40-foot container

If you’re moving your vehicle in addition to your belongings, FCL shipping will be compelled to alleviate the hazard of damaging various other shipments through LCL shipping.

Most cars deserve to fit a 40-foot container with space left to fill the family members goods the a one- to two-bedroom apartment. Make sure to check out up on loading a auto into a container prior to you begin doing the to prevent damages.

Every country has different regulations on dare entering its borders. Specific countries may even fully ban girlfriend from bringing your automobile into your destination country. Do your research study by checking through the custom-mades authorities of your destination country to avoid problems.

Cost to ship a 40-foot container

The price of shipping a 40-foot container will vary depending upon a number of factors consisting of the nature that the items you room sending and the destination country. You may discover the ideal prices for shipping a 40-foot container top top our communication by start the size and variety of boxes and furnishings you will certainly be taking v you. If the volume the your distribution exceeds the capacity of a 20-foot container, friend will automatically be charged for a 40-foot FCL container.

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Due come consolidating fees, taxes, and customs paperwork, LCL shipping in a 40-foot container will certainly be more expensive than sending out a half full 40-foot FCL.