A couple of years back I determined that if I want to proceed to check out the US and countries about the world, I needed to invest a bit much more time exploring right in ~ home. Therefore the California difficulty was born. In 2018 I set out come visit all 21 of the California Missions. Because that 2018 I decided to attend a home game of every 18 California pro sporting activities teams. Let’s take a digital tour of the 18 California pro sports teams indigenous the san Diego Padres to the golden State Warriors.

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Here are a couple of fun facts from attending a home game of all 18 California pro sporting activities teams…

•The house team winner nine out of 18 times, lost eight times, and also tied once.

•The Los Angeles Rams play in the earliest stadium – the LA Memorial Coliseum, constructed in 1923. However, they’ll be moving to their new permanent residence in Summer 2020 so climate the Dodgers will certainly lay claim to the oldest stadium in California, built in 1962.

•The mountain Jose Sharks play in the SAP facility at san Jose, the smallest capacity in California with 17,496 seats. The Los Angeles Rams played in the largest stadium, v a capacity of 78,467 in the Coliseum. Their new permanent home, SoFi Stadium, will also be the largest pro sport stadium in California once it opens, v a volume of 70,240.

•Attending a home game for every 18 teams expected visiting 15 stadiums. The Los Angeles Kings, LA Lakers and LA Clippers all play in ~ the Staples Center. The LA Galaxy and LA Chargers both play in ~ Dignity wellness Sports Park.

California Pro sports Teams Awards

Biggest pan Award walk to my dad. Eighteen different world attended games with me throughout the challenge, yet my dad checked out the most games at five.

Favorite stadion Experience Award goes to the LAFC at Banc that California Stadium.

Frequently viewed Player award goes to Erik Gudbranson. He played because that the Vancouver Canucks when they played against the LA Kings and also then was traded come the Anaheim Ducks.

Favorite Player Award goes to Alex Caruso that the Los Angeles Lakers.

Major organization Baseball (MLB)

San Diego Padres

A gorgeous baseball stadion in downtown san Diego. And since the team is in san Diego you’re practically guaranteed gorgeous baseball weather! (Transportation Notes: Public transport is easy to use for this stadium)

Los Angeles Angels the Anaheim

This video game was an adventure! we don’t obtain a lot of rain in the spring, summer or loss in southerly California therefore this was simply the 12th rain-delayed game in angel Stadium history. Happily I had the ability to attend the make-up video game the following day to inspect the Angels off the list.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Not my favourite team or stadium, however I will certainly admit it’s obtained a lot safer in the last couple of years. Dodger stadium is the largest MLB stadion at a volume of 56,000 so it need to be included on any MLB stadion Bucket List.

Oakland Athletics

Constructed deep in the ground so fans enter at the top decks, this stadium has a many concrete. Visiting RingCentral Coliseum feels prefer a throw earlier to stadiums that the past and I don’t recommend attending solo in ~ night. (Transportation Notes: Public transport is straightforward to usage for this stadium)

San Francisco Giants

Located in the south Beach area of san Francisco you deserve to be cure to a waterfront view from part seats. (Transportation Notes: Public transportation is straightforward to use for this stadium)

National Football league (NFL)

Los Angeles Rams

What an experience to see the Rams play in ~ LA Memorial Coliseum. For the 2020 season they’ll move right into their brand-new permanent house at SoFi Stadium, yet for currently this to be a memorable experience. The Rams and Chargers recently relocated to LA and also I to be amazed in ~ how quickly they’ve developed really different fan bases. In my experience this year, the Rams appeared to attract more of one LA crowd.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers on the other hand seem to have actually attracted an ext of one Orange ar crowd, which makes sense since Orange county is so close to mountain Diego. It’s not straightforward to judge this stadium due to the fact that the Rams are just playing in a temporary house after their move from St. Louis. For the 2020 season they’ll move right into their brand-new permanent home at SoFi Stadium.

San Francisco 49ers

This was my very an initial NFL video game so it will constantly be a little bit special but the stadium itself felt fairly impersonal. Essentially, the is simply a really big stadium designed come fit in as many human being as possible. Certainly doesn’t have actually the personality or personality of older, or smaller, stadiums. (Transportation Notes: This is in the suburbs for this reason public transportation is a bit restricted but there space some an excellent places come park and also ride to the stadium)


Major league Soccer (MLS)

Los Angeles Football club (LAFC)

Wow! This is the hands-down the best soccer video game I’ve to visit in the us (I imagine going come a game in Europe would certainly be also better!). The power was for sure electric and also the new stadium is worth a visit. (Transportation Notes: Parking is no cheap in ~ this stadion so if you’re may be to usage public transportation I’d very recommend going that route.)


Los Angeles Galaxy

A fun soccer video game with really passionate fans. The video game was filled with chanting, scarf waving and also excitement. I assumed this was a really good experience until I checked out an LAFC game, for this reason I’d location this 2nd in regards to MLB experience in California.

San Jose Earthquakes

This was most likely my the very least favorite team/stadium of the challenge. The power wasn’t very great and my favorite component of the video game was getting to clock the planes take off and also land indigenous the mountain Jose Airport following door. (Transportation Notes: castle have an easy park and ride option from downtown san Jose to help you save money top top parking)

National Basketball association (NBA)

I feel prefer I require a disclaimer because that this whole section of my whole challenge…I don’t an especially care for the NBA. Basketball is enjoyable, yet I choose college basketball. Therefore shelling the end money to attend four NBA games was a little bit painful!

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers and also the Lakers both beat in the Staples Center and it was exceptional to see how various the setting was for each that the games. (Transportation Notes: depending upon where you’re comes from in LA, public transportation have the right to be easy to use.)

Los Angeles Lakers

Admittedly this is among my the very least favorite experienced sports groups so ns took a friend who is a huge Lakers pan to help make the game more exciting. And then Lizzo make the video game really exciting. And also I uncovered one of the Lakers more recent players, Alex Caruso, and also he came to be my favourite player that the challenge. (Transportation Notes: depending upon where you’re comes from in LA, windy transportation can be straightforward to use.)

Sacramento Kings

The queens play at one of the newer stadiums i visited and also it was fairly impressive. The court is underground so you go into the stadium at the 200 level and then go under if you have actually seats closer to the court…I walk not! that is also located in downtown Sacramento so there is a lot to do roughly the stadium.

Golden State Warriors

Chase center is the newest of every the stadiums i visited, having just opened in 2019. That is situated in downtown san Francisco not too much from wherein the san Francisco Giants play. (Transportation Notes: relying on where you’re coming from in san Francisco, public transportation deserve to be straightforward to use.)


National Hockey league (NHL)

Next increase is the NHL and also I will certainly admit that before this challenge I had actually never to be to an ice hockey game, at any level. My greatest surprise the the difficulty was how much i loved hockey! ns hope to much more regularly attend games moving forward.

Anaheim Ducks

A fun, family members friendly atmosphere. If you live in southern California, this is simply a an excellent family outing!

Los Angeles Kings

Another team who plays in ~ the Staples Center, in addition to the Clippers and also Lakers. I can’t imagine being the goalkeeper of the calendar in ~ the Staples Center…so plenty of moving parts! as with with the Clippers and also Lakers, this to be a fully different environment at the stadium which makes me glad i committed come going come a home game of every team instead of simply visiting each stadium. (Transportation Notes: depending upon where you’re comes from in LA, windy transportation have the right to be basic to use.)


San Jose Sharks

Another really fun, family friendly atmosphere. If girlfriend live in northern California, this is just a great family outing.

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