Editor"s note: The numbers of pizzas sold annually has been updated indigenous an earlier version of this story. 

For an ext than 57 years, Casey"s has actually been marketing gas, cigarettes and soda popular music from that chain of stores finest known by the folksy red roofed logo design with the rooster wind vane and its basic commercials.

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Then in 1984 the hit top top a jackpot: pizza.

The company is the 5th largest pizza chain in the U.S. It sells more than 19 million totality freshly made pizzas a year in addition to 62 million individual slices. It’s been a growing part of the company since it was an initial introduced.

“When we look in ~ competition, the not just the convenience keep competition, but due to the fact that we are so prevalent in the food company industry, we compete against quick company restaurants and other pizza chains together well,” said William Walljasper, Casey’s senior vice president and chief jae won officer.

As of January, its latest innovation — online pizza ordering — is available at all of Casey"s 1,911 stores in 14 states.

Mila Kunis claims Casey"s has "delicious breakfast pizza"

“People have the right to order a pizza, breadsticks or chicken wing online and also if the store has actually the capability (about 400 do) they can have the delivered or they can pick that up,” Walljasper said.

Casey’s is among 16 convenience save chains identified as "food forward" by offering a diverse and also quality an option of freshly prepared foods, stated Bonnie Riggs, restaurant sector analyst v NPD Group, a customer research company. Competitors like QuikTrip and also Kum & Go likewise are amping up their ready food offerings.

“With the decline of sales of tobacco products and also gasoline margins being squeezed by lower prices, convenience stores are looking for methods to thrive their business,” she said. “Many, choose Casey’s, have actually done very well with freshly prepared foods.”

Casey"s poised to expand convenience footprint

Casey’s launched a mobile application for ordering pizza that additionally includes games and a pilgrimage planner. “So if you’re traveling in the Midwest and also you desire to check out the Casey’s stores between you and your destination, you deserve to tap top top that and see the fuel prices,” Walljasper said.

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The application also enables Casey’s come send prompt coupons to client while they space pumping gas to usage in the store, the said.

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