Although often referred to as ‘junk silver,’ pre-1965 united state dimes are no "junk" in the an adverse and worthless sense of the word.

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Silver dimes to win by the United states Mint throughout that era included 90% silver, and also their silver content renders them an useful from a melt value standpoint.

However, they’re quiet colloquially called junk silver- in the precious steels market.

Which united state Dimes have Silver In Them?

A 90% silver- alloy was supplied to to win both Roosevelt and Mercury dimes that gained struck before 1965. So, all Roosevelt and also Mercury dimes from the era will have silver in them.

Here’s basic checklist to recognize them:

Year of issue 1964 or before;Faint white luster, properties of silver;The picture of one of two people Young Liberty (popularly mistaken because that the roman God Mercury) or president Roosevelt.

How much Silver execute These united state Dimes Contain?

These famous coins were struck using an alloy that 90% silver and 10% copper. Let’s jump right into some numbers to uncover exactly just how much silver these dimes contain.

Every among these coins weighs 2.5 grams or 0.088 troy ounces. So, the pure silver contents in these pointed out US 90% silver dimes comes the end to roughly 0.0723 troy ounces every coin.

Silver Dime Melt Value?

The 90% silver- dimes grounding in the USA have a melt worth of currently around $1.30 – $1.50 (USD), depending on the clues price of silver- at the time of course (current silver spot price: $17.62 oz).

How countless Silver Dimes do an Ounce?

Since there are 0.0723 trojan ounces of silver per 90% silver- dime, that takes 14 silver- dimes come contain much more than one troy ounce of silver- bullion content.

Which Dimes room Silver?

Mercury Dimes (1916 – 1945)


The United states Mint started striking these dimes ~ 1946 and continued to perform so till 1964. Because this relax intended to honor the deceased president Franklin Roosevelt, it conveniently gained popularity amongst the masses.

Although most collectors and also investors this day love these coins for your 90% silver content, some of the an ext pristine specimens are hosted in high regard and also priced accordingly.

Why carry out Investors Buy silver- Dimes?

Silver Dime worth in the Future?

We can’t predict what this coins will certainly be worth in the future. But what we can do is look at it native an unbiased perspective.

Since wear and also tear can be a difficulty for 90% silver- coins. We presume collectors and also investors will have a harder time detect 90% silver- dimes in relatively great condition as the years go onwards. So, that stands to factor that the supply of dimes in great condition will go down eventually – make them much more valuable in the long run.

US dimes include 90% silver room a reasonably safe bet and long term save of value.

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If you space looking to add silver bullion to her precious metals portfolio; purchasing 90% silver- Dimes is a renowned choice.