A triangular prism is a polyhedron, (three-dimensional shape) consisted of of two triangular bases and also three rectangle-shaped sides. Like various other Prisms, the two bases right here are parallel and congruent to every other. It has 5 faces, 6 vertices and also 9 edges in total.

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Triangular Prism is a pentahedron and also has nine distinct nets. The edges and also vertices the the bases room joined through each various other via three rectangular sides.

Facts:Number of deals with = 5Number of edges = 9Number the vertices = 6Shape the the base = TriangularShape of sides = RectangularSurface Area = 2(Area of triangular bases)+Perimeter of base x elevation of prismVolume = Area of basic x elevation of Prism

The sides of triangle prism, which are rectangle-shaped in shape are joint through each other side by side. Every cross-sections parallel come the base encounters are the very same as a triangle. A triangular pyramid has four triangular bases uneven the triangle prism, joined v each other and also all are congruent to each other.

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In geometry, a triangular prism is a kind of prism with 3 sides and two bases. The sides space of rectangle shape and also bases are of triangle shape. Altogether, it has 5 faces, nine vertices and also six edges. 

The sides and bases of the triangle prism are congruent or rather oblique. The edges of the prism join the equivalent sides. The two bases that this prism are equilateral triangles and also edges of these triangles are parallel to every other. Watch the below figure to know the structure.


Other types of Prisms

Right triangular Prism

A ideal triangular prism has actually its three rectangle-shaped sides congruent. Also, the 2 triangular bases space parallel and congruent to every other. The rectangular or lateral encounters are perpendicular to the triangular bases.


The volume the a triangle prism is same to the product that the triangular basic area and also the height of the prism.

Volume = Area of the basic × elevation of prism

Since, the base is in triangle shape, therefore,

Area = ½ b h


Volume of triangular Prism = ½ × b × h × l

Where b is the base length, h is the elevation of the triangle and l is the length in between the triangular bases.

Surface Area

Surface area of triangle prism is same to the sum of the lateral surface ar area and twice the base area of the triangular prism. It is measure in square units.

Surface area of triangle prism = 2A + PH


A is the area of the triangle bases, P is the perimeter the the bases and H is the height of the prism

Now, Area of the triangular base= ½ × b × h

If a, b and c space the political parties of the triangle bases, then,

Perimeter the the basic = a + b + c


Surface area of triangle prism = 2(½ × b × h) + ( a + b + c)H

Surface Area that the triangle Prism = (bh + ( a + b + c)H)

Where b and also h is the base and also height the the bases, respectively and H is the height of the prism.


Let us discuss some that the properties of the triangle prism.

It has actually a full of 9 edges, 5 faces, and also 6 vertices(which room joined by the rectangle-shaped faces).It has actually two triangle bases and three rectangular sides.If the triangle bases room equilateral and the other faces are squares, instead of a rectangle, climate the triangle prism is claimed to it is in semiregular.

Triangular Prism Net

If we open up each challenge of the triangular prism, us will gain the net. The net of this prism comprises three rectangles and two triangles. In the listed below figure you deserve to see the nine distinct nets.


Solved Examples

Example 1: discover the volume the the triangular prism with base is 5 cm, elevation is 10 cm, and also length is 15 cm.

Solution: Volume of triangular Prism = ½ × b × h × l

V = ½ × 5 × 10 × 15

Volume, V = 375 cm3

Example 2: If the height of the prism is 4cm and the length of the next of the equilateral triangular base is 6cm. Then discover the area that the prism because that the above example.

Solutions: We have,

Base = 5cm, elevation of the base= 10cm, length of the base=15cm, elevation of the prism = 4cm

As the basic is an equilateral triangle, as such all that sides will certainly be equal.

Hence, a = b = c = 6cm.

By the formula,

Area of the triangle Prism = (bh + ( a + b + c)H)

Area = (5 × 10+(6+6+6)4)

=(50 + (18)4) = 50 + 72

= 122 cm2

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A triangle prism is polyhedron and also a three-dimensional form that has 5 faces, 6 edges and also 9 vertices. That bases space triangular and sides are rectangular.