Country singers Loretta Lynn, left, and Crystal Gayle, right, poses with their mommy Mrs. Clara Butcher, throughout ceremonies the the Academy of nation Music Awards in Buena Park, California ~ above Thursday, might 2, 1980. Loretta Lynn to be honored as the ìCountry Artist that the Decadeî while crystal Gayle winner ìTop mrs Vocalistî for 1979. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon)

Loretta Lynn has actually been an icon of country music because that going top top 60 years. The Coal Miner"s Daughter has actually multiple yellow records and also Grammys to her name and, together with country stars choose Dolly Parton and also Patsy Cline, is one of the first women of the genre to it is in a member that both the Grand Ole Opry and also The country Music hall of Fame. Heck, she"s even won a Presidential Medal the Freedom. She"s a nation legend. But don"t problem -- she"s "still a hill girl." and also a honky-tonk girl. And also the van Lear Rose.

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Lynn was actually born Loretta Webb ~ above April 14, 1932, in the small town of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, the oldest daughter of Melvin "Ted" Webb (her coal-mining father) and Clara Marie "Clary" (née Ramey). Despite Loretta Lynn might be the most renowned of the Webb clan, and also the only one shown by Sissy Spacek in a movie, she isn"t the only singer in the Webb family members or the only famous one! It transforms out she is just one of eight! several of Lynn"s siblings have actually made names for themselves, and all of them have interesting life stories.

1. Melvin Webb Jr. (December 4, 1929 - July 1, 1993)

Loretta Lynn to be the second oldest sibling in the Webb family. Melvin Junior, called for his father, the course, was born an initial in the old Butcher Holler. Melvin married Bonnie Faye Webb and had ripe (wow) youngsters with her. Melvin Webb Jr. Died reasonably young, in ~ the age of 63, as with Melvin Sr., who passed away from black lung in ~ the period of 52.

2. Herman Webb (September 3, 1934 - July 28, 2018)

Loretta Lynn simply recently lost her nearest son brother, Herman, that was born 2 years ~ she was. That passed away in 2018 at the period of 83. Herman continued to be close to house after farming up, making a life in valve Lear, Kentucky. Herman also curated the Butcher hollow homestead, whereby he and also his siblings grew up. The home was made renowned by Lynn"s song, "Coal Miner"s Daughter." The homestead welcomes thousands of Loretta Lynn fans that made the trip every year.

Herman live a full life past giving tours of the homestead, though. He had three daughters v his mam Patsy Jean, that passed prior to him, and also six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Herman"s other well known sibling, crystal Gayle, paid tribute to him on Instagram after that passed.


3. Willie "Jay" Lee Webb (February 12, 1937 - July 31, 1996)

Willie Lee Webb, dubbed Jay Lee by his mom, was a famous nation singer in his own right, as with his huge sis Loretta. In fact, Jay Lee"s most renowned song was "I Come house A-Drinkin" (To a Worn-Out Wife prefer You)," i m sorry was written as a comeback come Loretta"s 1967 number one hit "Don"t Come residence A Drinkin"."

Jay Lee to be married twice, an initial to Louise Davis from 1961 come 1963. Unfortunately, his very first marriage was significant by tragedy and also divorce. Louise provided birth to Jay Lee"s very first child, Yvonne Clara Webb, in February 1962, but in august 1962, Yvonne contract tonsilitis and died a month later. Soon after, Louise filed because that divorce.

Nearly a decade later, Jay Lee lastly met the love the his life if performing in Camden, Tennessee. He met Lou anne Robinson, and shortly after, the two relocated to Nashville together. They had two kids together, man Ernest Webb and Claire joanne Webb. Jay Lee left music behind and also opened a drugstore. Lou anne took up job-related as a secretary.

Unfortunately, Jay Lee, like his father and also brother prior to him, left the world too soon. Jay Lee passed far from pancreatic cancer at the age of 59 in 1996.

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4. Donald beam Webb (April 2, 1941 - October 13, 2017)

Donald lived a quieter life than his an ext well-known siblings, though he to be a songwriter in his own right. Donald"s sister crystal Gayle tape-recorded a track he wrote, licensed has been granted "Clock ~ above the Wall," because that the album I"ve cry the Blue right Out of My eyes in 1978. (A truth that that was extremely proud of.) the was additionally an avid fisherman, love playing and also singing music (of course), and also enjoyed mushroom hunting.

Donald and his mam Debra do their house in Wabash, Indiana. They had actually four youngsters together, Janie, Donna, Michael and Paula. Donald was likewise a grandfather to ten and a an excellent grandfather come nine!

5. Peggy Sue light (née Webb; born march 25, 1943)

Another among the Webbs who took your talents to Nashville, Peggy Sue has actually released five country music albums: Dynamite!, All-American Husband, One Side, I simply Came in Here, and Gently organize Me. Transparent the years, she had several hits rise the nation charts, peaking somewhere within the height 30 every time. She likewise co-wrote Loretta Lynn"s "Don"t Come house A-Drinkin" (With Lovin" On her Mind).

Peggy Sue married twice, an initial to Douglas Wells in 1964 (they divorced in 1968), and then come music producer and also performer Sonny Wright. Peggy had one daughter indigenous her very first marriage, Doyletta Gayle. Tragically, Doyletta was murdered by her husband top top February 22, 1991.

These work Peggy Sue go background vocals for her sister decision Gayle, though occasionally the two sing duets together. They"ve additionally been well-known to do with Loretta indigenous time come time because that a concert at Lynn"s Hurricane Mills, Tennessee ranch.

6. Betty Ruth Hopkins (née Webb; born 1946)

Not lot is known about Betty, Loretta Lynn"s second-youngest sister, who prefers to continue to be out that the spotlight. Loretta did name her earliest daughter Betty Sue ~ Betty, though.

7. Decision Gayle (born Brenda Gail Webb; January 9, 1951)

How plenty of families have the right to say they have multiple nation superstars in their family members tree?

Crystal Gayle was born ~ the family had moved to Wabash, Indiana, for your father"s failing health, therefore she didn"t prosper up in the famous Coal Miner"s Daughter cabin.

Regardless, Crystal built herself quite a life and also career. She has actually a star top top the Hollywood to walk of Fame and also was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, as with her older sister, in 2017. She"s winner a Grammy award and multiple American Music Awards. Rolling Stone named her as among the hundred greatest nation stars of every time.

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Her biggest hits encompass "Don"t It make My Brown eye Blue," "Ready for the times to gain Better," "Talking in your Sleep," "Half the Way," and "You and I."

Crystal married invoice Gatzimos in 1971 when she was in high school, and also the two have been together ever since. They have two (now adult) kids, daughter Catherine and also son Christos. Christos is now a document producer in his very own right and also produced Crystal"s 2019 album.