Pau Gasol is a professional basketball player in the NBA and also the Spanish national Team. He began his job at Futbol society Barcelona, ​​but prior to taking up basketball professionally he perfect a year of clinical studies at the college of Barcelona.

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Pau Gasol began to beat basketball professionally at FC Barcelona. In those at an early stage years the team was double ACB organization champion (season of 1999-2000 and also 2000-2001) and also won the Copa del Rey when (2000-2001).

In his go back to the club twenty years later (in 2021), in ~ the assignment of coach Saras Jasikevicius, the team finished 2nd in the Euroleague.



In 2001, he to be selected ~ above the third round the the NBA breeze by the Atlanta Hawks, yet these legal rights were moved to the Memphis Grizzlies. Pau thus became only the second Spanish player to with the NBA, and that very first season earned that the Rookie of the Year award, the first non-USA player to receive this distinction.

In 2006, Pau to be the an initial Spanish player to take component in an All-Star Game, in Houston, the first of his 6 appearances in this unique event. After moving to the Lakers in February of 2008, Pau realized among his dreams: one NBA championship, which came in the 2008-09 season. A year later he recurring this historic achievement.

In 2021, Pau Gasol signed through Barça, for this reason returning to european basketball through the club wherein he began out.

As a member of the Spanish national team, Pau has earned plenty of distinctions, including three Olympic medals: in Beijing in 2008, London in 2012 and also Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He additionally helped Spain win gold in the 2006 world Championships, where he was named MVP, in addition to winning three European Championships (2009, 2011 and also 2015), in two of which the was additionally MVP. During the 2017 Eurobasket, Pau ended up being the highest scorer of every time in a single year. In the summer of 2021 he completed in the Tokyo Olympic Games, his fifth Games.


Pau’s contribution has additionally been recognized with other distinctions: the Prince that Asturias sports Prize that went to the Spanish Basketball team in 2006; and also the Princess that Asturias sports Prize in 2015, in recognition of the excellent careers the the two Gasol brothers ~ they faced off against each other in the first jump ball between brothers in one NBA All-Star game and also were each consisted of in the league’s ideal teams.

Over the food of his career, Pau Gasol has been recognized for his contributions off the court. In 2012, he winner the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, offered to the player or coach who provides outstanding business to the community. In 2015, he received the NBPA Global affect Player award in acknowledgment of his leadership, his global presence and also his philanthropic work-related with children and also families anywhere the world, through both the Gasol Foundation and also UNICEF, and his work-related with children’s hospitals in all the cities wherein he has lived. That exact same year king Felipe using awarded him the Camino actual Award that the Instituto Franklin, which recognizes the work-related of Spaniards who improve the positive picture of Spain in the joined States.


In 2013 he published his first book, Vida, which contains previously unseen picture taken end the course of four years and also declarations from some of the top basketballs players.

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An avid reader and also amateur writer, in 2018 he launched his second book, Bajo el Aro, (Under the Hoop) which consists of experiences and lessons in victory and defeat end his lengthy career.