Former NBA large man kris Bosh owns three championship rings despite winning two titles throughout his agree career, and also that"s due to the fact that he hasn"t given earlier Miami warmth president play Riley"s 2006 championship ring, which the prior office executive provided to the 11-time All-Star throughout a pitch to land that in southern Beach in 2010.

"Oh, yeah, Pat brought his rings out," Bosh called ESPN"s Brian Windhorst concerning a free-agent conference he had actually with Riley. "It looked as with a Crown imperial bag. That puts it down, choose boom. Huge boy talk. Once he ended the meeting, Pat offered me a 2006 warmth championship ring."

Riley climate told Bosh, who started his career with the Toronto Raptors, the he might keep the ring and also give it back when the wins one of his own.

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"I quiet haven"t given it back," Bosh said 10 year later. "I wonder if he also remembers that? ns think I mentioned it once, like, "Yo, do you desire that ring back?" and also he said, "What are you talk about?" and also I maintained it moving."

Riley offered a similar tactic v four-time NBA MVP LeBron James, who joined Bosh and also Dwyane walking in Miami throughout the 2010 offseason. Ian Thomsen the Sports Illustrated detailed the within scoop in 2010:


"The Heat"s meeting through James in the IMG workplaces in downtown Cleveland lasted close to 3 hours, and Riley to be the star. Riley has seven NBA championship rings, and also he has three copies of each—one gold, one silver, one platinum—to walk with every little thing he might be attract on a particular day. He tossed the bag of rings on a table because that James to look inside. "Like a weapon," together Riley would describe the scene later.

""Hey," said Riley playfully, "try one on.""

Bosh and also James acquired rings that their very own in 2012 and also 2013. Alongside Wade, castle won four Eastern Conference titles and also two NBA Finals in their 4 years together prior to James headed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, whereby he played from 2003-2010.

Bosh played in Miami through the 2015-16 season. Wade retired in 2019 after ~ a 16-year career that contained eight All-NBA appearances.

James, who is in his 17th NBA season, right now leads the league in assists together his Los Angeles Lakers speed the western Conference v a 49-14 record.

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