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If your horse gets grain/concentrated feed just how do you measure it out! do you use quarts or a load based measurement, like lbs? In the previous I used lbs, but where my steed is at now they measure out feed in quarts. Is over there a benefit (in her opinion) come measuring one way or the other?
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weight that is just how it is designed and balanced
I have been called the NSC Nazi an ext then once ... Ns hate timeless feed approaches of loading our equines up top top grains and junk food

A lb is a massive unit and a quart is a volume unit. Currently seeing one is provided to measure up mass and also the other volume this is approximate as it doesn"t take into account the thickness of the type of feeding you"re feeding, but it offers an idea of whereby to start.1 quart amounts to 2 pounds.1 pound is 16oz, 2 pounds is 32oz = 1 quart

A lb is a mass unit and a quart is a volume unit. Currently seeing one is provided to measure up mass and the various other volume this is approximate together it doesn"t take into account the density of the form of feeding you"re feeding, however it gives an idea of wherein to start.1 quart equates to 2 pounds.1 pound is 16oz, 2 pounds is 32oz = 1 quart
however not every feeds room the very same volume so we really have to use weight 1 quart of sugar beet pulp is no going to weigh the very same a 1 quart of oats
I have actually been referred to as the NSC Nazi more then when ... I hate traditional feed methods of loading our steeds up on grains and junk food
Peggsue...yes I completely agree v you.You cant to compare a quart the beetpulp that wont weight the same as a quart of oats, yep completely agree.Now the being claimed the OP didn"t say they fed various feed then she was feeding simply that castle fed by quarts, instead of pounds.So going by the concept that the equine was gaining for example 2Lbs of finish feed, she deserve to say I want my steed on 1 quart finish feed....get my drift:wink:It just way using the formula, of 320z makes 1 can weigh your feed and also convert it come volume.But together you speak you cannot compare different types of feeding this way as the balance and also nutrient will of course be should treat every feed separately.
yes but you still have to measure come know exactly how much the quart weighs Or you deserve to cheat adn contact the companies and most that them recognize what the feeds weigh
I have been dubbed the NSC Nazi much more then as soon as ... Ns hate timeless feed techniques of loading our equines up ~ above grains and junk food
Feeding grain should be done by weight no volume. A quart that corn weighs considerably much more than a quart of oats. A horse"s stomach deserve to hold only 4 pounds, tops, of grain supplements in ~ one feeding. Their stomachs are significantly smaller than their in its entirety size. That"s the factor behind many feedings daily. If the horse is receiving the same feed/grain supplement daily a weight measurement have the right to be taken. Then put into a can, mark on the have the right to of whereby the weighed section comes to in the can. So that it isn"t essential to weight each and also every ration in ~ feeding time.
Peggysue...yes that course, I believed that to be a given. Sorry, i should have been more clear.I have actually converted so many differnt "scoops" into lbs so i guess ns just figure everyone will certainly know exactly how to perform it.Every new horse owner the come right into my barn, constantly has part funky size to make it eaier on us, and my staff, we convert everything into weight measurment.So yes, we agree on every accounts, i jst supposed that you can convert it, it simply takes time to do so.And again you"d have to do this v every form of feed.Posted via mobile Device
Feeding by load is much more accurate.Since ns only have horses I very own to care for I have weighed my feed and marked the scoop(s). This enabled me to take it my kitchen scale back into the house. :lol: now I feeding by volume, having determined how much each volume weighs.I perform weigh the hay I give my really simple keeper. The others I just guestimate.

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