Printing costs is something that you can’t afford to neglect regardless the what organization you’re in — medical, legal, government, education and learning — you count on your press to supply clear, sharp prints.

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But how much go it price to print?

Let’s take a closer look at this.

What Is price Per Page and Why that Is Important?

If you in fee of bespeak office offers or controlling a print budget, you should know exactly how much walk it expense to publish one page of message or graphic on her office printer.

Printer and cartridge prices can be misleading once you want to understand your real to press costs. Quite often cheaper equipment and cartridges deserve to turn the end costing you much more than high-quality ones depending on your circumstances. Therefore, come accurately control your printing expenses,printing price per page is the most essential metric to focus on.

Printing budgets have a means of bloating and becoming unmanageable if lock not very closely monitored. Printing price per web page will tell you the average expense to publish a web page on your printer which is really helpful in maintaining your printing expenses in control.

Thankfully determining your average expense to print a web page is fairly simple. If you can’t wait until the end of the article, here’s the not-so-secret formula you need:

Cartridge price / web page yield + paper cost = cost Per Page

Now let’s take it a different look at every component the this formula.

Cartridge Price: The High price Of replacement Cartridges

This is a no-brainer. Cartridge price is the cartridge price. It’s the quantity of money you salary to purchase your printer cartridge. As straightforward as that.

What is not an easy though is the price that a press cartridge. Instead of cartridges space expensive!

It doesn’t matter if you’re using ink or toner (though squid is walking to expense you more) — instead of the cartridges in your press is the most expensive component of owning a printer.

Cartridge prices vary greatly depending upon the printer brand and also model, however the very same formula because that determining printing expenses applies.

Cartridge price / page yield + paper cost = price Per Page

Learn it. Live it. Love it.

What Is page Yield?

Simply put, page productivity is the variety of pages her printer deserve to produce before needing one more replacement cartridge.

Every replacement cartridge — both ink and also toner — comes through a projected page yield rating.

You can usually uncover the projected web page yield ~ above the back or side of the package your ink or toner came in:


This box of Samsung toner, because that instance, display screens its 1,000-page task yield nice clearly.


This brother toner box display screens its 3,500-page projected productivity in rather a small type.


Some boxes of ink and also toner, prefer this crate of HP toner, don’t display screen the projected web page yield but suggest girlfriend can find the info on the this firm website.

Usually, you can additionally check your printer’s (or cartridge) user hands-on for more information on page yield.

Keep in mind, however, that these page yield ratings are based upon prints with only 5% web page coverage. That’s around one-third that a web page of double-spaced text. That’s no much. If you print text-heavy or image-heavy pages, intend your yes, really printing price per page to be much higher.

How lot Does A item Of record Cost


Don’t garbage paper! it doesn’t flourish on trees! Oh, kind of does.

But that doesn’t average it’s inexpensive. A standard expense of printing document is in between half-a-cent every sheet to two-cents every sheet, relying on weight and record quality. Premium and specialty paper, however, can cost 10-cents per sheet or higher.

We love mom Earth, yet some recycled printer paper is garbage. This is particularly true if you’re using an inkjet printer. Document made because that inkjet printers is designed come capture and also hold the droplets that ink till they dry. Cheap document allows ink to run, and also the colors bleed right into each other. Sure, you saved a penny, yet your prints look choose they dropped in a puddle, and also got operation over through a large truck!

Here’s the formula to determine your record cost per sheet.

Cost per ream (500 sheets) / number of sheets = cost per sheet

A ream (500 sheets) that 20lb-stock printer record costs an mean of $5. This determinants out come a expense of 1-cent per sheet.

You can bring the expense down by to buy in bulk, however don’t shot to save a buck by purchasing a reduced grade of paper. Record with a low printing documents price can deliver cheap results. Remember the puddle and the big truck!

In order come accurately calculate publish costs, friend must variable in printing paper cost as well as the cost of the toner or ink girlfriend consume.

How To calculate Printing cost Per Page

So, we currently know what precisely are the three main constituents because that calculating her printing costs. Now let’s see how to use those constituents and calculate your printer expense per web page in practice.

Let’s look in ~ that price per web page formula again:

Cartridge price / page yield + paper cost = expense Per Page

Let’s to speak you require to know how numerous pages you can print native one HP toner cartridge. If friend bought an original HP 12A black toner cartridge indigenous HP because that 87.99, and it hits its projected page yield that 2,000 pages, the average price of print per web page comes out to slightly much more than 5-cents:


If friend were yes, really smart, girlfriend bought that cartridge indigenous Toner Buzz for only $78, lowering your print price per page closer come 4-cents (including the cost of paper).

Every coin counts when you’re estimating expense per web page to print!

Calculating The color Printing Costs


Ready for some an ext math! placed on your thinking cap, and an outbreak the calculator.

Here is the not-so-secret color cost per page formula!

(Black cartridge price / page yield) + ((Color cartridge price / page yield) x 3) + paper cost = color printing price per page

First, determine the expense per web page of the black color cartridge by separating the cartridge price by the page yield.Next, identify the shade printing cost per page by separating the expense of the shade cartridge price by its page yield. Now, take it this number and also multiply by three, due to the fact that you’ve got three shade cartridges in your printer. (In general, different shade cartridges will certainly all have the same web page yield.) Finally, include the black cartridge expense per page and file cost to the shade cartridge expense per page to recognize your all at once color printing expense per page.

Make sense? hope so.

Here that’s formula again:

(Black cartridge price / web page yield) + ((Color cartridge price / page yield) x 3) + document cost = shade printing cost per page

Color Print expenses vs. Black and also White to press Costs

Generally, shade print expenses are greater than black and white to press cost.

Furthermore, much less expensive printers normally run at a higher cost per print.

For example, a $100 printer could have an mean black and white expense per page of 5.5-cents, and also an average shade printing expense per web page of 8.9-cents.

A $1,000 printer, in contrast, can develop those very same pages for approximately 3.9-cents because that black and white, and also 8.1-cents because that color. This is due to the fact that higher-end printers are an ext efficient, consuming less ink and also toner.

Is the Cheaper To print At residence Or Store?

Do you should print 1,000 shade copies?

For a job that size, you’ll gain the best color print pricing in ~ a publish store. They have actually heavy-duty advertisement printers the should have the ability to crank out your project in a matter of minutes.

The expense of color copies deserve to vary, therefore shop around. Anything under a couple hundred pages, your home printer should be able to handle.

For tiny jobs, that is cheaper to print at home. Huge print jobs will require, in ~ a minimum, an office-grade printer. If large print jobs come to be the norm, climate it can be worth investing number of thousand dollars right into a deluxe printer to counter the price of shade printing. Till then, you will do it get much better printing price if friend design and also test on your residence printer, however take big jobs come a regional office superstore or copy shop.

Laser press vs Inkjet expense per Page

This is just one of the most vital questions when it comes to printing costs: what is much more cost-effective laser printers and also toners or inkjet printers and ink cartridges?

Let’s check out what the number say:

Cost per Page: Inkjet

The printer prices per web page of inkjet printers room generally higher than laser printers. This is due to the fact that page yields room much lower with squid cartridges.

Cost per print varies between printer brands and also models. In general, inkjet printers have a greater average expense per web page of around 20-cents for a colored print, and 7.5-cents because that black and white.

If she buying a new inkjet printer, stick through one that uses separate squid cartridges because that each color. This will save on your as whole cost.

At the same time, inkjet printers through high-capacity octopus tanks can also aid lower your printer ink costs per page.

How many Pages per Ink Cartridge On median You have the right to Print?

How numerous pages can you publish with one octopus cartridge?

According toPCMag, a traditional ink cartridge will print an average of 220 pages, (with 11 ml of ink). A high volume cartridge prints an mean of 350 pages, (its tank stop 16 ml the ink).

Let’s speak you to buy an initial HP 94 black color ink cartridge because that $40.89. The HP 94 has actually a web page yield of 480 pages, creating a price per publish of around 9-cents. The HP 95 tri-color octopus cartridge has a web page yield the 330 pages and cost that $49.89 ~ above amazon. This bring the price per web page in at slightly over 15-cents per page. (Hey, save more than 2-cents top top every page you print by to buy a Toner Buzz!)

Are you a Canon user? choose up a Canon PG-50 high capacity ink cartridge because that $46 in ~ Toner Buzz. This will yield 500 pages for a expense per web page of around 9.2-cents. The PG-40 costs $31, however only yields 330 pages because that an average cost per page of 9.4-cents.

Everybody is looking for the cheapest price per web page printer. Determinants vary widely, however many inkjet customers praise theHP OfficeJet 8720 All-in-One Printer, i m sorry delivers black and also white prints at about 1.8-cents per page, and also color prints for about 9.7-cents apiece.

We’ve acquired a good deal on a set of HP 952xl high productivity ink cartridges!

Other low expense per page printers include the HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One and the Canon PIXMA MX922:


Critics and also users alike worship the Canon PIXMA MX922 inkjet for its cost per page value.

Cost every Page: Laser Printers

Toner expense per page is usually reduced than inkjet price per page. The average price to print a web page on a laser printer is approximately 5- come 8-cents because that black and also white, and also between 12- and 15-cents for shade laser prints. However, the cost of shade print can rise as high as 60-cents every page for photos and heavy graphics.

What Is The Average number of Pages A Toner Cartridge can Print?

The page yield of toner cartridges ranges anywhere from between 2,500-4,000 pages for standard cartridges, to 10,000-12,000 pages because that high capacity cartridges. Inspect the next of the cartridge box; the web page yield should be detailed there.

Keep in mind, however, that web page yield is based upon only 5% web page coverage. This is around a third-of-a-page of dual spaced text. If you publish text-heavy pages or graphics, expect your actual page yield come be around a one-fourth the its official rating. A cartridge v a web page yield provided at 4,000, might run out after less than 1,000 pages in real-world conditions.

Looking for a laser printer with the lowest cost per page?

TheHP shade LaserJet pro MFP M477fdw, v a cost-per-page that 8-cents, is thought about an typical performer amongst multifunction color laser printers. It isa trustworthy laser workhorse that operates at a reasonable print cost.

The brothers HL-L2350DW, however, is the lowest cost per web page laser printer we’ve found, comes in at roughly 3.3-cents per page.


TheBrother HL-L2350DW, however, has a sweet price per web page of approximately 3.3 cents.

How To conserve On price Per Page

In a perfect world, everybody’s mean printing prices would it is in zero, and printing would be complimentary and easy. But the world is far from perfect. Your toner clumps and your squid dries up. It is known.

It might be much easier to phone call you how to NOT conserve on the cost of prints.

Don’t usage cheap paper!

The over methods seem like great ways to save on to press price, but your print quality will certainly suffer. Is it worth saving half-a-penny per web page if your prints are smudged and also blurry? The puddle! The big truck!

For the ideal quality prints at the lowest price per page, stick through high-capacity, brand surname ink, and also toner cartridges. The page yields will be much more accurate, the quality higher, and also the procedure trouble-free with real cartridges.

PS — if you’ve acquired the height popped open on your old machine, you might also take a couple of minutes toclean your laser printer!

Online Printing expense Per web page Calculators

For even much more advanced printing costs calculations you can use printing prices calculators that space freely obtainable online.

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For example, Kyocera supplies aPrinter complete Cost of property Calculator that Kyocera customers may find helpful.

Others may want to try PC World’sPrinter expense Calculator i m sorry compares different printer models.

There are additionally thesedownloadable spreadsheets which serve as a printing expense estimator.