With great powertrain options, solid towing ability, and a quiet interior, the Chevrolet Silverado renders for an superior truck.

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You may be interested in this truck however are concerned around its durability.

Do this trucks critical long? we answer this and also other concerns in this brand-new article.

How lengthy Do Chevrolet Silverado Last contrasted to comparable Car ModelsChevrolet Silverado version Year ListAre Chevrolet Silverado Expensive to Maintain?


Here is the short answer to just how long Chevrolet Silverados last:

With consistent maintenance and conscientious use, a great model year the the Chevrolet Silverado have the right to last between 200,000 come 300,000 mile or more. That method you can easily get 10 to two decades of reliable business from a Silverado van with ideal maintenance.

How countless Miles can You intend from a Chevrolet Silverado?

Pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado room hugely popular because they room durable and also can handle abuse because that years. The Chevrolet Silverado, v its impressive durability, is every customs the example of pickup reliability.

An iSeeCars study, using data from numerous used car sales, found that the Chevrolet Silverado deserve to last 200,000 miles. However, real-life owner say the Silverado trucks have the right to last much longer.

According to users, you can obtain up to 300,000 mile of company out the a Chevy Silverado truck. And you have the right to do this without comprehensive repairs required to keep some old trucks on the road.

Surely, friend will need to spend money to store your automobile running. Because that instance, drive belts, PCV valve, plugs, wires, transmission, etc., may require replacement at the 100,000 to 200,000-mile mark.

But with sufficient maintenance, you deserve to ensure the prices are well within your budget.

Prompt maintain will avoid those minor problems from arising into bigger, complex problems.

Search used car listings and you’ll uncover Silverados v over 300,000 mile on them, i m sorry is proof your Silverado can join the 300K mile club, too.

You will, however, have to take care of your vehicle properly.

Particularly components like the transmission should get extra attention, since they are central to the van operation.

Replacing the transmission’s filter and fluid on schedule will additionally prolong the life.

Please likewise read ours article about driving the Chevrolet Silverado in snow and also winter.

How Soon should You intend Rust on a Chevrolet Silverado?

For owners, rust troubles can it is in a nightmarish problem that deserve to be expensive to fix.

From ours research, Chevrolet Silverado trucks rust early, and we’ll advise watching the end for rust in the first three to five years.

Like numerous trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado is plagued by complaints of structure rust. According to owners, frames on Silverados space prone come rusting, which deserve to render the truck undrivable.

As much as we have the right to tell, the framework rust problem is widespread on early on Silverados, although some more recent models challenge the problem, too.

Another common rust area on the Chevrolet Silverado is the wheel well, specifically the behind wheel wells. Every reports, the wheel liners space prone to trapping salt and water, which deserve to accelerate rusting ~ above the truck.

The undercarriage the the Chevrolet Silverado is an additional area whereby you should watch out for rust.

In particular, life in a chillier region, say, the Midwest or North, boosts the opportunities of undercarriage rust on her Silverado since of road salt.

While rust might seem inevitable, you deserve to prevent it or, at least, reduce its spread.

Washing your truck on regular basis is a an especially effective means of maintaining rust at bay. Vehicle washing eliminates salt particles the accumulate native driving top top salted roads, i m sorry corrode metal.

Also, treating your truck v rustproofing products, while no a last solution, can carry out some protection for your truck versus rust.

If you uncover rust on your vehicle, you deserve to use sandpaper to eliminate the rust spots. Afterwards, apply primer come the area and also paint over it.

Other rust-prone areas on the Chevrolet Silverado trucks include:

Rocker panelsCab cornersTailgate

How lengthy Do Chevrolet Silverado Last contrasted to similar Car Models

With its stellar qualities, the Chevrolet Silverado is one attractive choice for anyone looking for a truck. But there room plenty that other choices in the full-size truck segment.

Below, we see just how the Silverado compares versus such vehicles, an especially in regards to reliability:

Chevrolet Silverado vs. Ford F-150

For years, the Ford F-150 has actually remained the highest-selling truck in the joined States, outselling rivals consisting of the Chevrolet Silverado. Regardless of the disparity in sales figures, both models have the exact same level the reliability.

Provided with enough servicing, both a Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet Silverado will certainly last the same 300,000 mile or more.

However, the Ford F150 may be a far better long-term option, offered that newer models use aluminum in location of steel used by the Silverado.

Aluminum doesn’t rust favor steel, although that is additionally prone to corrosion. This can help reduce a vehicle’s opportunities of breaking under from rusted components.

Make sure to additionally read our article around how lengthy the Ford F-150 lasts.

Chevrolet Silverado vs. Nissan Titan

The Chevrolet Silverado supplies the same business life together the Nissan Titan. Owner of both vehicles say you can gain them to 300,000 mile with constant servicing.

We must cite that the Nissan Titan comes v a comparably greater price tag than the Chevrolet Silverado.

The 2020 Silverado expenses $30,095, when the 2020 Titan costs $37,785–that’s a difference of end $7,000.

If you desire to save much more money ~ above your long-term automotive investment, the Silverado seems far better compared to the Titan.

Chevrolet Silverado vs. Lamb 1500

Both Chevrolet Silverados and also Ram 1500s come through the same 5-year/60,000-mile vouch coverage. And both models will certainly take you the very same 300,000 miles, therefore both space sensible alternatives for long-term use.

Chevrolet Silverado vs. GMC Sierra 1500

Chevrolet Silverados and also GMC Sierra 1500s have the exact same parent brand: basic Motors. Offered their shared production ancestry, it just makes feeling that both models exhibit similar durability.

You have the right to get about 300,000 mile from the Chevrolet Silverado, very same as the GMC Sierra 1500. However, the GMC Sierra 1500 ($31,195) is more expensive than the Chevrolet Silverado ($30, 095).

How trusted Is a Chevrolet Silverado?

Reports from owners suggest the Chevrolet Silverado is as trustworthy as any type of truck have the right to get. Customers say the Silverado only demands routine maintenance to continue operating in pristine condition.

We recognize anecdotal reports can be notoriously unpredictable for predicting real-life auto reliability. Together such, us looked at various reliability rankings to see how the Silverado fared in terms of reliability.

The 2019 J.D. Power car Dependability examine ranked the Chevrolet Silverado in addition to the Toyota Tundra as the most reliable light-duty trucks. Similarly, RepairPal ranking the Silverado 5th out of 17 full-size trucks because that reliability.

The Silverado’s outstanding performance top top these dependability rankings is proof of the model’s great reliability. If you require a trusted truck, a Silverado truck may be your ideal option.

The Best and also Worst Years because that Chevrolet Silverado

Based top top our evaluation of problems and complaints on every Silverado model, we can safely speak the 2008 design year is the worst because that Chevrolet Silverados.

The models released the year had widespread problems, especially worrying the engine. The engine apparently suffered from excess oil consumption, hesitating, and also internal knocking.

Owners spent between $2,700 come $3,000 to fix engine-related difficulties on these 2008 Silverados.

We’d recommend that you stop Silverado models released in between 2003 come 2008 since they have the highest number of reported problems in the lineup.

For example, the NHTSA received about 720 complaints for the 2004 Chevrolet Silverado alone.

The ideal model year because that the Chevrolet Silverado is 2019. This model received relatively couple of complaints and boasts brand-new features, thanks to a significant redesign effort.

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What around Recalls for These Models?

Since it started production in 1999, the Chevrolet Silverado has actually seen 50 recall actions. Below is a breakdown of the recall details for individual design years:

2015: 18 recalls2014: 17 recalls2002: 15 recalls2016: 8 recalls2017: 4 recalls2013: 3 recalls2012: 2 recalls2019: 1 recall

Chevrolet Silverado design Year List

Here room the version years because that the Chevrolet Silverado:

First Generation

1999 Chevrolet Silverado2000 Chevrolet Silverado2001 Chevrolet Silverado2002 Chevrolet Silverado2003 Chevrolet Silverado2004 Chevrolet Silverado2005 Chevrolet Silverado2006 Chevrolet Silverado

Second Generation

2007 Chevrolet Silverado2008 Chevrolet Silverado2009 Chevrolet Silverado2010 Chevrolet Silverado2011 Chevrolet Silverado2012 Chevrolet Silverado2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Third Generation

2014 Chevrolet Silverado2015 Chevrolet Silverado2016 Chevrolet Silverado2017 Chevrolet Silverado2018 Chevrolet Silverado

Fourth Generation

2019 Chevrolet Silverado2020 Chevrolet Silverado

Are Chevrolet Silverado Expensive to Maintain?

For a full-size truck, the Chevrolet Silverado has actually moderate maintenance costs. From RepairPal estimates, you will certainly spend about $714 on maintain for a Silverado van in a year.

By comparison, the average cost for maintenance in the full-size van segment is close to $1,000. The Silverado is cheap to maintain and will help you save money top top maintenance.

How lengthy Do the Brakes Last?

The brakes have the right to last in between 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

How long Do the Tires Last?

Depending on just how you usage them, the tires on her Chevrolet Silverado can last approximately 50,000 miles.

How long Do the Transmissions Last?

Subject come maintenance, your infection will probably need replacement between 150,000 and also 200,000 miles.

How lengthy Do the Spark Plugs Last?

According to owners, spark plugs on Silverados last up to 100,000 miles.

What about Insurance Cost?

According to the approximates we found, your annual budget because that insuring a Chevrolet Silverado have to be about $1,920. This means around $160 in monthly insurance allowance fees.

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Tips to expand the Life of your Chevrolet Silverado

Here are tips to aid you expand the service life of her Chevrolet Silverado:

Change fluids and also filters at intervals recommended in the company manual.If you carry out a lot of towing and also hauling through your Chevrolet Silverado, to buy a infection cooler, as this will prevent it indigenous overheating and failing.Get your auto rustproofed to prevent rust indigenous damaging important materials on it.