I thought this to be a straightforward question however apparently over there is part confusion - and it"s great to have actually a basic question come refer world to.

How numerous "links" are in these short bits of chain:

Image A (the original picture for this question):


Image B:

Some human being thought the bit of chain was also short and was lacking a set of rollers, or wasn"t in a loop. Here"s a longer size of chain -- specifically twice as lengthy as picture A, in fact.


In her responses, try to do it clear whether you"re introduce to photo A or photo B.

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Each set of "inner plates" is a link. Each set of "outer plates" is a "link."

In the photo listed below you have the right to see two whole links.


Thus to answer the question, image A in the question above has 4 links. Image B has 8 links.

When friend buy this box of chain the is labeling as having actually "120 links" and also is standard 1/2" pitch, you have to expect to get 60 inner links, 60 external links, for a full of 120 links and it must measure 60" long:


Another way of thinking around links is that a "link" as a "place wherein a this goes" - therefore if a chain wrapped completely around a 44 this chainring - it would have actually 44 links -- through 22 outer-plate-links and 22 inner-plate-links.

Another method to analogize is with a standard chain:


Everyone would agree the the conventional chain image above has six links - each attach creating one "hole".

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Please keep in mind that there is a little but vocal team of world (including Sheldon Brown) that count a "complete link" as "one inner and also one outer half-link". Counting "complete" links has actually the result of halving the variety of links (thus picture A would have 2 complete links, image B would have 4 complete links, and that five foot size of SRAM chain would have 60 complete links).Counting "complete" and "half" web links as Sheldon does is non-standard at least as much as the industry is concerned. If someone starts talking about "complete" and "half" links when talking about chain length, you should clarify v them what they room talking around as girlfriend may end up with half or double the variety of links you can otherwise expect.