Track and also field infrastructure are normally designed together multi-purpose framework (tracks v playing fields inside).

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Sports infrastructure for track and also field athletics are usually used for daily training and also for staging regional or local competitions. The staging that competitions at higher levels typically entails more extensive demands for the sports facility, specifically in respect that the infrastructure.Generally athletics tracks space multi‑­purpose through the interior of the 400m track provided as a pitch because that soccer, gridiron and also rugby. This tracks are also used for non‑sporting occasions such together concerts and also public assemblies.The IAAF Track and also Field facilities Manual 2008 (the Manual) stipulates dimensions and also equipment because that international and other high course competition by elite athletes. Because that club and also school competitions, the size of horizontal jumps landing areas, street to take‑­off boards, the lengths the runubraintv-jp.comys, dimensions of landing areas etc may be reduced. The security of athletes need to be paramount in making together decisions. If you room in doubt regarding what is proper consult your state sporting association.

Standard compete layout

This diagram listed below the layout recommended by the IAAF as typical Competition Area. The field occasions are evenly distributed over the arena to protect against congestion and also to satisfy the requirements of the spectators. This layout stays clear of undue disruption of occasions by ceremonies and counterbalances the concentration of interest in the complete area.


Track events

Track events incorporate sprint, center distance, hurdle and steeplechase events. The 400m oval track forms the communication of a multi‑­sports arena and its dimensions space dependent ~ above the requirements of other sports.The compete area for track events has the following:

Oval track v at least four lanes and safety zones measuring no much less than 1m ~ above the inside and also outside.Straight through minimum of six lanes for sprints and also hurdles.Steeplechase track together for oval track v a long-term ubraintv-jp.comter jump.There are three basic types of monitor surface—synthetic, unbound mineral (cinder) and grass.

400m conventional track

The 400m typical Track (the Track) has actually straight and also curved part of almost equal length and also uniform bends which room most suitable to the to run rhythm of athletes. Furthermore, the area inside the monitor is big enough come accommodate every throwing events and also a conventional football (soccer) pitch (68m x 105m).The monitor comprises 2 semicircles, each through a radius of 36.50m, which room joined by two straights, each 84.39m in length.The Track has actually 8, 6 or periodically 4 lanes but the last is not supplied for worldwide running competition. All lanes have actually a broad of 1.22m ± 0.01m.Page 35 that the Manual setup out the 400m conventional Track ar 2.2.1 reflects in detail the setting out plan and also dimensions of the 400m conventional track.

Marking that the 400m conventional track

All track markings should be in accordance with the IAAF 400m traditional Track Marking setup (Figure enclosed in the Manual).All lanes are marked by white lines. The heat on the best hand side of every lane, in the direction that running, is consisted of in the measure up of the width of each lane.All begin lines (except for curved begin lines) and the finish line are marked at best angles to the roadubraintv-jp.comy lines.Immediately prior to the complete line, the lanes are significant with numbers through a minimum elevation of 0.50m.All markings space 0.05m wide.All ranges are measure in a clockwise direction from the sheet of the finish line nearer to the begin to the edge of the begin line farther from the finish.The data for staggered starts because that the monitor (constant lane width of 1.22m) is displayed in the table below.

Start lines

The vital requirement for all start lines, straight, staggered or curved, is the the distance for every athlete, as soon as taking the shortest permitted route, is the same, and also not much less than the stipulated distance with no an adverse tolerance.

For gyeongju of 800m or less, each athlete has actually a different lane at the start.Races of increase to, and also including 400m space run totally in lanes.Races the 800m start and also continue in lanes until the end of the first bend.

The exit from the first bend is marked distinctively with a 0.05m broad line (breakline) across the track to indicate when the athletes deserve to break from your lanes.To help athletes to identify the breakline, little cones or prism (0.05m x 0.05m) and no much more than 0.15m high,preferably a different colour indigenous the breakline and also the lane lines, are inserted on the roadubraintv-jp.comy lines instantly before the intersection of every lane and also the breakline.Races end 800m are run there is no lanes making use of a curved begin line.For the 1000m, 2000m, 3000m, 5000m and also 10,000m, as soon as there are an ext than 12 athletes in a race, lock are split into two teams with one group of 65% the the athletes ~ above the continuous arced start line and the other team on a different arced begin line marked across the outer half of the track. The other group runs as much as the finish of the an initial bend ~ above the outer half of the track.The separate arced start line is marked so that all the athletes operation the very same distance. A cone or other distinctive mark is placed on the inner line of the outer fifty percent of the monitor at the beginning of the following straight to indicate to the athletes the the outer team where castle are allowed to sign up with the athletes making use of the consistent start line. For the 2000m and also 10,000m this suggest is at the intersection the the 800m break line and the within line.

4 x 400m relay races

For the 4 x 400m relay races, the starting positions for the very first athletes in each roadubraintv-jp.comy are displayed in IAAF 400m typical Track noting Plan.The scrape lines that the an initial take‑­over zones are the same as the begin lines because that the 800m.Each take‑­over zone is 20m long of i m sorry the scratch line is the centre. The area start and also finish at the edge of the zone lines nearest the begin line in the to run direction.The take‑­over area for the second and critical take‑­overs are marked 10m either next of the start/finish line.The arc throughout the track at the entry to the back straight mirroring the location at i beg your pardon the 2nd stage athletes are allowed to leaving their particular lanes, are similar to the breakline arc because that the 800m event.

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The standard 400m track and also the acceleration track through 100m and 110m are provided for hurdle races. The hurdle location are marked on the monitor by lines 100mm x 50mm so the the ranges measured native the start to the leaf of the heat nearest the pull close athlete are in accordance through the table below.The hurdles are put so that the leaf of the bar nearest the draw close athlete corresponds with the leaf of the track marking nearest the athlete.

There are 10 flights that hurdles in every lane, collection out in accordance with the adhering to tables:

Hurdle number, height and position on monitor Race distanceHurdle heightDistance start to first hurdleDistance in between hurdlesLast hurdle to finish line
110m Mens1.067m 13.72m 9.14m 14.02m
110m junior men0.991m13.72m9.14m14.02m
110m Youth boys0.914m13.72m13.72m13.72m
100m Women/junior0.838m 13.00m 8.50m 10.50m
100m Youth girls0.762m 13.00m8.50m10.50m
400m Men/junior0.91445.0035.0040.00
400m Youth/boys0.83845.0035.0040.00
400m Women/junior/youth0.76245.0035.0040.00