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October 23, 2001: 11:33 a.m. ETWhat would certainly it price Harry Potter come buy a Happy Meal? currently you can find out.By Peter Valdes-Dapena
What it costs to it is in a harry Potter fan
U.S. Come Harry Potter money converter
NEW YORK (ubraintv-jp.comubraintv-jp.com) - In bother Potter and the Sorcerer"s stone we check out that dragon liver selling for about 17 sickles one ounce. Nice come know, yet it leaves you wonder (if girlfriend wonder about things prefer this) "Just how much is 17 sickles, anyway?" Now, many thanks to the magic of computer system programming and also arithmetic, we have the answer. In U.S. Currency, dragon liver prices $4.82 an ounce. That"s actually no too negative compared to the price of, say, foie gras.You might wonder how we could possible know this. Take care of Potter"s sorcerer’s ubraintv-jp.com is, after all, fully fictional. Dragon liver is, for that matter, fully fictional. To discover the answer, you need to look at several of the lesser-known take care of Potter books. Scholastic, the publishers the the harry Potter series, also published some slim paperback version of what are, ostensibly, the textbooks offered by harry Potter and also his friends at Hogwarts. The mystery to our calculator is top top the back of those small books, best under the UPC symbol. The price that the book, that says, is "$3.99 (14 sickles, 3 knuts)."That information, combined with the understanding that there space 29 knuts in a sickle and 17 sickles in a galleon (which us learned from more careful study of bother Potter books), told united state all we needed to understand to build our bother Potter wizard ubraintv-jp.com calculator.We provided a "lowest typical denominator" method in developing our calculator. Because that example, once going from U.S. Dollars come wizard ubraintv-jp.com, the first step is to number out how countless knuts one would gain for the amount of dollars and also cents given. The following step is to number out how countless galleons we might get out of the variety of knuts us have.�Once we"ve readjusted as plenty of of the knuts into galleons as possible, over there will usually be part left over. The following question, then, is how plenty of of those knuts can be turned right into sickles. If there are any knuts left end after the step, those simply stay knuts. Since knuts don"t division evenly right into dollars, there may be decimal points left. Due to the fact that knuts space the smallest unit of wizard ubraintv-jp.com there is, we just round the amount off. (We round up if it"s .5 or greater, down if it"s less than .5.) since of rounding, various approaches to convert dollars to wizard ubraintv-jp.com might yield slightly different results.So currently we can find out the price that dragon livers and also silver unicorn horns ($139.82). You can likewise calculate the price that a harry Potter action figure (2 galleons, 1 sickle, 8 knuts) or a McDonald"s Happy enjoy the meal (10 sickles, 6 knuts). related STORIESWhat it prices to it is in a bother Potter pan RELATED LINKSU.S. Come Harry Potter money converter

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