Whether you know him indigenous his famous TV sitcoms like Home Improvement or Last male Standing, or native his movies favor The Santa Clause and Toy Story, you’d understand that Tim Allen has had quite the career. However, over there is something that is a lot much more important come him 보다 his Hollywood accomplishments: his kids.

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The 68-year-old had actually his very first child, Katherine, in 1989, through his mam at the time, Laura Deibel. The pair bound the node in 1984 before parting means in 2003. It would certainly be 20 years before the comedian would certainly have an additional child, as in 2009 he invited his daughter Elizabeth with his 2nd and current wife, actress Jane Hajduk. The pair married in 2006.



Tim joked, however, the his daughters still don’t think he’s really funny. “The larger one will certainly roll her eyes, and the younger one simply stares in ~ me,” the actor added. “I think she done through me, yet I still shot to pat jokes and also make castle laugh.”

Now, Tim share his affection with both his real and also TV families. His Last male Standing character “has three daughters, for this reason his whole vision is with his treasure, his girls,” he speak Closer. Add to Home Improvement wife Patricia Richardson, “Tim it s okay to totally be the love father and also husband the is, i m sorry is so real in him. The what makes him so lovable.”

“I’m 68 percent joyous, aiming because that 70 percent,” Tim quipped in ~ the time. “I’m likewise extremely thankful for whereby I to be today.”

Keep scrolling to learn much more about Tim’s 2 daughters, Katherine and Elizabeth.


Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen, 32

Katherine, seen above with she folks, is Tim’s firstborn, and also she is nice private once it pertains to her an individual life. That said, she has actually been seen through her parents on red carpet events plenty of times — she freshly accompanied she family and also attended the Toy Story 4 premiere in Los Angeles.

“Kady” is stated to be quite close to her stepmom, Jane, that her dad married 3 years ~ separating from his an initial wife.

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Elizabeth Allen Dick, 12

Just favor her stepsister, Katherine, Elizabeth has also been kept out of the limelight for the most part. Born three years after her parents bound the knot, little Liz come after a “marvelous birth,” follow to she dad.

did every the work yet she permitted me to be there, and also I was able to physically assist her top top the ago side the it,” Tim recalled to People of his second child’s birth. “And her sister was there and a pair of she friends … ns was the very first one that acquired to look at .” how sweet!