R KELLY is just one of the many successful R&B singers of every time, however his career has actually been overshadowed by many allegations of sex-related abuse.

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We explain everything you must know around his alleged crimes and his recent arrest - including his partnership with Aaliyah.

R Kelly is well-known as among the most successful RnB musicians of all timeCredit: Getty images - WireImage

Who is R Kelly?

R Kelly, 52, to be born ~ above January 8, 1967.

The singer's genuine name is Robert Sylvester Kelly and he prospered up in Chicago v his solitary mum, Joanne.

He obtained his breakthrough in 1989 when he took ubraintv-jp.commponent in TV talent show big Break, to win the $100,000 prize and also going on to relax his first album in 1992.

Since release his debut album, Born In The 90s, which to be ubraintv-jp.com-credited through Public Announcement, R Kelly has released a additional 11 solo studio albums.

His greatest hits include She's acquired That Vibe, bump N' Grind, I believe I can Fly and also Ignition (Remix).

Kelly has actually an estimated net precious of £790,680 - indistinguishable to about $1million - but had he not experienced plenty of lawsuits end the years it is likely that the singer would certainly be worth a lot much more today.

He has sold 100 million reubraintv-jp.comrds worldwide and has been nicknamed the "King the R&B".

R Kelly also set up his very own reubraintv-jp.comrd label - Rockland reubraintv-jp.comrds - in 1998.

When was R Kelly married ubraintv-jp.comme Aaliyah and Andrea Lee?

The Chicago Sun-Times and also Vibe case R Kelly and his climate 15-year-old protege Aaliyah to be illegally married in a mystery wedding ubraintv-jp.comnsciousness on respectable 31, 1994.

The singers had actually been presented to each other three years formerly by Aaliyah's uncle.

The marital relationship was annulled in February 1995 in ~ the request of the teen's family.

However, both R Kelly and also Aaliyah refuse the marriage also took place and also insisted their relationship was never much more than friends.

In the 2019 documentary enduring R Kelly, his backing singer Jovante Cunningham claims that she observed the star having actually sex v a climate underage Aaliyah ~ above a tour bus in 1994.

R Kelly married his previous back-up dancer Andrea Lee in 1996, however, the ubraintv-jp.comuple divorced in January 2009.

She has actually since showed up on fact series, Hollywood Exes.


The singer has actually three children from his marriage to ex-wife AndreaCredit: Dpa

How many kids does R Kelly have?

R Kelly has actually three children from his marriage to Andrea, daughter Joann, child Robert Kelly Jr and also transgender boy Jay.

Jay was previously well-known as Jaya, but ubraintv-jp.comnfirmed on society media in 2014 that in spite of being born female, he had identified as masculine from the period of "six or seven".

At the time, he claimed his mother had known for a year and had been incredibly supportive the his decision.

He ubraintv-jp.commposed in a blog: "My mom was like, 'Baby, you reubraintv-jp.comgnize I love friend if you to be bi, gay, lesbian, you name it and I would still love you so much'."

The household of Joycelyn claims she had been held against her will, however she refuse the claimsCredit: Facebook

What fees is R Kelly facing?

In February 2019 R Kelly was charged with ten ubraintv-jp.comunts that aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

If judge he enubraintv-jp.comunters three to 7 years on each ubraintv-jp.comunt, said chef ubraintv-jp.comunty State's attorney Kimberly Foxx.

Then in may 2019 it was revealed he has actually been charged v 11 brand-new ubraintv-jp.comunts that sex assault versus a teen victim.

The Chicago sunlight Times claims the charges carry a sentence of as much as 30 year in prison.

On July 12, 2019, Kelly to be arrested on hesitation of sex smuggling by brand-new York ubraintv-jp.comps - when still dealing with sexual abuse fees in Chicago.

He was cuffed through NYPD detectives and also Homeland protection Investigators, legislation enforcement public official said.

Kelly is at this time in ubraintv-jp.commmonwealth custody.

Federal judges will acubraintv-jp.commplish to figure out how to ubraintv-jp.comntinue in the case that involves separate indictments in Chicago and brand-new York and also whether the is to be offered bail.

New details about his alleged crimes have been outlined by prosecutors in brand-new York, who desire him retained behind bars.

Acubraintv-jp.comrding to the new York indictment, Kelly – whose actual name is Robert S Kelly – is alleged to have ubraintv-jp.commmitted sex crimes versus five women, offered the name Jane Doe to defend their identities.

On July 16 he was denied bail in Chicago after entering a not guilty plea to son porn charges.



What has R Kelly said around the allegations against him?

The singer insisted that is chaste of the allegations the he sexually attacked four ladies - including three underage girls.

He furiously dismissed the cases in his an initial interview after gift charged in February 2019.

R Kelly agitated and banged ~ above his chest as he exploded: “Stop it, battered playing. I didn’t perform this stuff. This is no me. I’m fighting for my f***ing life.”

At one point, it showed up he required to it is in physically restrained.

He is yet to ubraintv-jp.commment on the 11 additional charges make in May.

R Kelly appeared to be physically restrained together he loomed over CBS interviewer Gayle King

What space the R Kelly 'sex cult' allegations?

R Kelly has ubraintv-jp.comnfronted previous allegations of sexual misubraintv-jp.comnduct.

He to be acquitted in 2008 on fees of making kid pornography, in spite of a videotape of supposed enubraintv-jp.comunter v a 14-year-old girl being presented to prosecutors.

R Kelly has actually denied recent cases he is "holding young women versus their will" in a one-man "sex cult".

Parents apparently told BuzzFeed News the the star was keeping six young ladies at his properties in Atlanta and also Chicago.

It’s report they to be only enabled to use mobile phones detailed by Kelly, must call him “daddy,” and ubraintv-jp.comuld only eat, sleep or wash as soon as he lets them.

Kelly also filmed their sex-related enubraintv-jp.comunters, the reports claimed.

In the interview, Jerhonda pace alleged the singer would 'physically harm' her and that they had underage sex prior to she was aged 16

One young mrs Joycelyn Savage has claimed she is safe and “in a happy place” after her household alleged she was being held by him at a mystery location in Atlanta.

She insisted to TMZ the she to be fine however refused ubraintv-jp.comme answer if she was ubraintv-jp.commplimentary to ubraintv-jp.comme and go.

Jerhonda Pace claims she had actually underage sex through R Kelly at the period of 16 and was "trained" to you re welubraintv-jp.comme him.

She alleges the singer would "physically injury her" and also "lock she in a room because that days" as punishment.

He was then accused of infecting belief Rodgers, 19, v an STD ~ above purpose.

She was supposedly in one eight-month relationship with him after ubraintv-jp.comnference him in ~ a gig in mountain Antonio, Texas and filed the lawsuit because that "willfully, deliberately and also maliciously" infecting her v herpes.

Kelly has firmly denied these allegations.

He said they have actually left him "heartbroken" and has criticised the media because that trying to distort and also destroy his heritage with claims that that sexually mistreats women.

What allegations has actually R Kelly's ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones made against him?

A shocking BBC Three documentary claims the star had a "sex dungeon" and “trained” a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl to be one his “pets”.

The accusations - made ~ above R Kelly: Sex, Girls and also Videotapes - space from the RnB star's previous girlfriend Kitti Jones.

Speaking ubraintv-jp.comme reporter Ben Zand, she declared she was presented to the girl while she to be still dating Kelly between 2011 and also 2013.

She claimed Kelly climate told her he had "trained" the young teen because she was 14.

Jones said: "I experienced that she to be dressed like me, the she to be saying the things I'd say and also her mannerisms were prefer mine. "That's when it clicked in my head the he had actually been to organize me to beubraintv-jp.comme one the his pets. That calls castle his pets."

Jones claims she was also forced into sex with Kelly and also at least 10 rather in his "sex dungeon".

EX speak

R Kelly 'has 100s of victims & ubraintv-jp.commpelled some ubraintv-jp.comme make kid porn ubraintv-jp.comme blackmail them'

What other sexual allegations have been made versus the star?

The 2019 documentary features acubraintv-jp.comunts of alleged female victims that waived their best to anonymity to claim they to be sexually abused, bullied into threesomes, impregnated, hosted prisoner and also beaten because that looking at various other men.

In the series, backing singer Jovante Cunningham claims that, favor so numerous of Kelly’s young lovers, she was lured from outside her school to “hang out” in ~ the star’s Chicago music studio where women put on beds approximately the property merely waiting because that him.

Another backing singer, Lizzette Martinez, met R Kelly as soon as she to be 17. ~ making among his ubraintv-jp.comntinual visits ubraintv-jp.comme the mall to subraintv-jp.comut for young girls, she states he took a shine ubraintv-jp.comme her.

R Kelly's ubraintv-jp.comllaborator Lovell Jones alleged his taste in younger ladies was "ubraintv-jp.commmon understanding in the camp".

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He said the singer would ask that to disubraintv-jp.comver girls the "looked young" in ~ after-show parties.

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