Does her recipe call for a pole of butter? Don"t worry, we"ve to be there. Here"s a handy conversion chart.

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Got a pole of butter and no idea what the means? We obtain it. Measuring and also converting when you’re make the efforts to chef gets really confusing – especially when you’re using an American recipe. To make life easier, here’s a handy butter counter guide, consisting of sticks, ounces, grams, cups, tablespoons and also teaspoons.

These conversions have actually been calculate using constant butter, however they’ll work-related as a basic guide because that unsalted butter and margarine.

Cups ubraintv-jp.come grams butter

2 cup of butter in grams = 500g1 cup butter in grams = 250g½ (half) a cup the butter in grams = 125g⅓ cup (third) butter in grams = 80g¼ cup (quarter) butter in grams = 60g

Stick the butter in grams

1 rod of butter in grams = 110g2 rod of butter in grams = 220g

How plenty of grams butter in an ounce?

1 oz (oz) of butter in grams = 31g1 lb (lb) of butter in grams = 450g

Tablespoon to grams butter

1 teaspoon (tsp) that butter in grams = 5g1 tablespoon (tbsp) that butter in grams = 14g

Wait! room you utilizing an American recipe?

Please note, the typical Australian cup size is 250ml, yet the standard American cup dimension is 240ml. If you’re food preparation with one American recipe, use slightly much less (10ml) of the ingredient. Baking is a ubraintv-jp.complex, techinval process. One gram might make all the difference.

Use our thorough conversion chart for an ext information, or to transform other ingredients to grams (like sugar, rolled oats, honey, flour and milk).

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