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I am checking the price of reloading vs. Buying retail on shot shells.I need to recognize how plenty of shells girlfriend should obtain per pound of powder. What measurement every shell? This would be for trap shooting.ThanksDavid
7000 seed to a pound. Divide grains your dropping right into 7000 and your close depending upon spills/mishaps.
I shoot ns oz loads and use 16.9 grains of clays flour at around 1150 fps. A this price i get about 415 shells per pound
Thanks gentlemen, all 5 that you. I evaluate the help. I will certainly now be able to make a decision retail vs. Reloading.Thank YouDavid
One might also be able to develop loads that room not commercially easily accessible to fit their special needs.Pat Ireland
I started loading for Pats reason above. The an ext my mam shoots the an ext I shoot. Finding the low recoil tons in mine area is hard. Heck many cant save a decent share of ammo or at least consistent. If you use the cost calculator you deserve to punch in your loader cost and factor the in. Mine reloading arrangement is easy. I merely reload top top days ns would usually shoot. Choose raining,windy,cold or range for what ever before reason is closed. I shot to pack at the very least 250/500 shells each sitting. I have bought every my loaders used at an excellent buys. I have been transforming into a little of a MEC junky. I prefer to rehab them and also sell them once possible. Right now I have 5 loaders for myself. 2 650s 12g because that 1oz and also a 20g1 9000g because that 7/8
Hello-- I appreciate your advice. I would tend to agree, together the savings would be minimum. Just fun to shoot. Thanks-Have a an excellent day.David
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