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Algae troubles in swimming pool water.Green (cloudy) water or slimy swimming pool walls.Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
GottiJrI"m brand-new herePosts: 4Joined: sat 05 Aug, 2006 08:04
Is clorox bleach the same as chlorine. A neighbor told me come just add that to mine 13x30 pop up swimming pool to conserve money. Im no sure around this, is it yes, really the very same thing as chlorine tablets? thanks P.S. Ns posted this under a various section (chlorine alt.) but because no one visits that really and I needed a answer ns posted the here. Sorry.
GottiJrI"m new herePosts: 4Joined: sat 05 Aug, 2006 08:04
GottiJrI"m new herePosts: 4Joined: sat 05 Aug, 2006 08:04
And currently to prize the big question. I got home last night and also checked the pool (at this point it had actually been 24hrs since I put a tiny over 1gal the bleach per 1000 gal that water). Behold blue water! ns was amazing at exactly how much that had changed since the morning. Every the dead algae had actually sedimented come the bottom. I automatically back-washed the filter and also rinsed. Ns did this before vacuuming the bottom, because I wanted the filter to be clean to catch all the dead algae which would certainly stir in to the pool while vacuuming. When I perfect vacuuming, I confirm the chemistry the the water. Had an excellent alkalinity, stabilizer and ph, and the chlorine was just above the acceptable variety (which was good because i knew i still had totally free chlorine in the pool to occupational with to get the straggler algae!).There to be so lot dead birds in the pool that as soon as I vacuumed the bottom, a many it stirred earlier in to the pool and the water ended up being a lagoon the shade of blue. Learning I was close come perfection, ns didn’t want to chance it and also gave it an additional dose the shock (but kept it come a reduced amount because I currently had significant free chlorine in the pool). Pump ran every night and I woke up this morning to crystal clear water. Prior to I left for job-related I back-washed and also rinsed the filter again, and tested the water. Chlorine levels to be at very same level as before the shock, which method there was still part algae left come combat (good call around the shock the night before!). By the time I acquire home this evening all should settle down, and also pending a chemical test, ns am looking front to enjoy it my beautiful and inviting pool, i beg your pardon I have actually not excellent in 5 days.Hope mine story helps. If girlfriend have any kind of other questions about bleach or birds problems, simply let me know.This is one happy pool owner signing off

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