How countless elves walk Santa have to assist him?

If you assume 2 billion children, 1 toy each, 364 workdays (Christmas day through the adhering to December 23rd – then packing the sleigh top top Christmas Eve), 16 hour work (Elven sweatshop!), and each elf have the right to make 4 playthings per hour, you need approximately 85,851 elves.

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How countless high elves room left?

Since Kael’thas take it 15% the the blood elves come Outland (i.e. 1.35% of the initial high elf population), and also since Kael’thas’ army numbered at least 2,000 it follows that the complete high elf population is at this time at the very least 1,481 (and at least ~148,000 before the 3rd War).

Should Santas elves it is in paid?

They aren’t paid and also don’t commonly want to carry out anything else however make toys, and they happily execute it together Santa, who is additionally an elf the sorts. They’re just there come make children happy, they don’t care around being paid, and it isn’t Santa’s project to carry out so together they’d it is in making toys v or without him.

How lot do elves obtain paid?

After a short apprenticeship, elves start out at $8.25 one hour (there’s right now a press to raise the to $9.25 an hour, but the proposal is—predictably—meeting with some awfully challenging resistance native the Clauses). Similar to most jobs, the longer you stick v it, the more you can work your means up the chimney.

Are every high elves blonde?

High Elves generally display gold or platinum blonde in arts work, but also rock black hair. Woodelves seem to favor blonde or red hair. Based specifically on artwork as i dont trust painted miniatures together sources.

Are Santa elves immortal?

They to be often described as tiny, dwarf-like creatures, either masculine or female. Lock are stated to it is in immortal and also possess wonder powers.

Why do elves occupational for Santa?

Many the them work in Santa’s workshop make toys. Elves make toys throughout the entire year no just throughout Christmas. Top top Christmas eve Santa’s elves also aid prepare Santa’s sleigh for his lengthy journey ahead. Part elves are favored to ride v Santa and assist deliver presents.

What execute elves use for money?

What kind of money execute elves use? jingle bills! Why walk Santa’s helper view the doctor? since he had actually low “elf” esteem!

Where can I death a high elf?

Going v the main quest, the Thalmor embassy is a an excellent bet. You need to kill High Elves there, therefore its a guarantee harvest location.

Are all High Elves Thalmor?

Not all high/wood elves are part of the Thalmor though. The an initial rule of any kind of game – You can only get smarter by play a smarter opponent.

Do High Elves quiet exist in wow?

High elves are among the playable gyeongju in the Warcraft RPG, but not in the world of Warcraft MMO, however it must be detailed that High Elves and Blood Elves are still in terms of physiology thought about the exact same race.

Can dark elves have red hair?

Few Elves can prosper beards, and also hair colours space black through silver come pure white. Blonde or brownish hair is no uncommon, yet red is rare.

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Is Santa an elf or human?

If you space talking around the character that came from the legend the the Saint he is both a man and also an elf depending on which legend you think in. So, yes, Neda, you are both right.”

Do elves usage money?

Elves. The Elves generally didn’t acknowledge coins and also relied greatly on barter, likewise elves provided to calculation Silver greater than yellow making money exchange difficult. The Mirkwood-Elves, however, had started come emit a straightforward silver-coin, the Celeban for trade through the Northmen.


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