Knowing how numerous crabs space in a bushel is crucial information any kind of newbie crabber requirements to know. States control the number of crabs recorded by the bushel, crab merchants sell through the bushel, and commercial anglers report their record by the bushel. Needless to say, it’s very important to recognize how many crabs room in a bushel. 

So, how plenty of crabs are in a bushel?

Maryland’s DNR regulates that one bushel of blue crabs is about 84, or 7 dozen, hardshell crabs. Every crab steps 5 to 6 ¼ inch in covering width and also is nicknamed a “Jimmy” by fishermen and crab vendors.

There’s your basic answer. Save in mind that this is dependency on the size and sex that the crab, but an ext on the later. Now, how much does a bushel the crabs cost? 

A bushel that blue crabs will price anywhere between $250 to $300. That will certainly yield approximately 6 pounds that crab meat, bringing the expense to around $40 per pound of crab meat. The price the one bushel is dictated through the size and access of crabs. 

I’ll go over how many crabs room in a fifty percent bushel and so on, including exactly how much they cost. 


Generally, How many Blue Crabs make up One Bushel?

Whether you’re walking crabbing and you need to know how many crabs you can keep, or you’re planning a crab feast and you need to recognize how countless crabs you are buying, nothing worry because I have actually the numbers for you.

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Instead the citing the next blog or forum for details like various other crabbing websites, i scoured the web for a reliable figure of how plenty of crabs space in a bushel. 

After sufficient searching, i stumbled top top Maryland’s DNR advertisement crabbing indict on how many crabs room in a bushel. This are set standards because that how many crabs need to fit in one 8-gallon bushel basket ~ an typical day of crabbing. 


Hardshell Blue Crabs in a Bushel

Maryland’s room of organic Resources collection guidelines for the average amount the #1 and #2 hardshell crabs which enter a bushel. Listed below is one approximation of the number of crabs in a bushel and how lot they weigh.

BushelsWeightAmount of Crabs
1/85 lbs10
1/410 lbs21
3/815 lbs31
1/220 lbs42
5/825 lbs52
3/430 lbs63
7/835 lbs73
140 lbs84

Source: Maryland DNR 

Keep in mind that these numbers are one approximation the how numerous #1’s and #2’s are recorded together by fishermen. If you buy a bushel native your neighborhood crab shack, you will most often end up with around 7 dozen crabs or so, yet rarely that specific amount.

I realize i have been making use of terms prefer #1’s and #2’s. To clarify, a #1 crab spans from 5 ½ to 6 ¼ inches, and a #2 crab spans indigenous 5 come 5 ½ inches throughout the two outermost advice on a crab’s shell. #1’s are nicknamed “Jimmies” amongst fishermen. 

Jimmies are the most typical crabs you’ll discover for sale through crab sellers as they are usually plump v meat and also taste great. ~ above a range from teeny tiny to colossal crab, Jimmies are ideal in the center. If you’ve ever before attended a crab feast, you’ve most likely consumed a Jimmy or two. 

These terms are vital to recognize when buying crabs from vendors, especially local crab houses. If you call your regional crab shop to order part crabs, they’ll suppose you to ask because that 1’s or 2’s and also how many by the dozen or bushel. 

For example, stop say ns ask because that a half bushel of #1’s. I’ll end up with approximately 42 crabs (3.5 dozen) through shells 5 ½ and 6 ¼ customs wide.

The size Effect

How many crabs get in a bushel mainly depends top top its size. A lot of huge crabs in a bushel basket will make the total variety of crabs smaller and also vise versa. 

Think about it logically. If you to be to capture lots that colossal blue crabs (6 and also ½ inch +), friend would end up filling her bushel basket with fewer crabs all together compared to you recording lots that 5-inch crabs. 

Number of Blue Crabs In 1 Bushel (Based ~ above Size)

Here are the most common three size of a male blue crab, the width of their shell, and how many make up one bushel. 

SizeDimensionsCrabs per Bushel
Jumbo6 – 6 ½ inches60 – 72 crabs
Large5 ½ – 6 inches72 – 84 crabs
Medium5 – 5 ½ inches84 – 96 crabs


Because of this, one bushel that crabs is not dependent on the variety of crabs in a basket, however instead how full the basket is. 

One bushel of crabs is but many crabs the takes to to fill a bushel basket and still have the ability to fit the lid on top properly. If you’re ever before out on the water and your daily limit is a bushel the crabs, keep crabbing till you fill that bushel basket. As lengthy as you’re keeping correctly-sized crabs, you deserve to fill a bushel basket with crabs and be within your state’s guidelines.

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How many Soft shell Crabs & Peelers room in a Bushel?

This details is more for the advertising watermen 보다 the median joe looking to buy or catch crabs. Soft shell crabs sell by the dozens rather of the bushels since they space a little harder come come by. 

If you’re one of the couple of watermen searching for how numerous recently molted crabs fit in a bushel, right here you go. 

Soft Crabs & Peelers in a Bushel 

Maryland’s department of organic Resources collection guidelines because that the typical amount that soft crabs and also peelers which go into a bushel. Below an approximation the the lot of in a bushel and how much they weigh.

BushelsWeightAmount of Crabs
1/162.5 lbs12
1/85 lbs24
1/410 lbs48
3/815 lbs72
1/220 lbs96
5/825 lbs120
3/430 lbs144
7/835 lbs168
140 lbs192

Source: Maryland DNR 

How lot Does One Bushel that Blue Crabs Cost? 

This is a difficult one to answer since it relies on whereby you live, what you’re buying, and also what time that year the is. 

I mentioned before that the price of one bushel is usually between $250 and also $300 dollars. That can go because that cheaper if you buy locally at the right time of the year. 

Crabs room priced differently throughout the country, particularly when you space buying locally. This is due mostly to the accessibility of crabs. Crabbing season start a lot previously in much more southern says than the does in the northern states. In fact, most of the crabs that you to buy in the previously summer room most often from the Gulf the Mexico. 

It’s not until mid-summer come late fall where blue crabs do their method into cooler waters north of the Delmarva area.

If you’re native Delmarva like myself, it’s finest to buy her crabs around July. Crabs are fresher and sourced locally by that time of year. If you live additional south, you can buy crabs earlier. If you’re in the new England area, you’ll need to wait because that the so late summer crab feast if you want your crabs recorded locally. 

If friend wait for the appropriate time the year, you’ll be certain to obtain the freshest crabs at the ideal price. At the time, the crabs will be most plentiful i beg your pardon will carry down the price. It’s additionally a great time for you to go crabbing yourself! Be certain to struggle the water this summer for your very own crab feast. You can not be crabs fresh the end of the water. 

How Many human being Does One Bushel Feed?

It’s smart to plan ahead for her crab feast and estimate the number of crabs one bushel will feed. To carry out that, I put myself in mine guest’s shoes. Personally, I will eat approximately a dozen crabs in ~ a gathering. However, it is a bit much more than the median joe. Ns asked around and the mean amount the crabs someone will certainly eat is 6 come 15 in ~ a time. 

Based ~ above that, this begs the question, how many civilization will a bushel that crabs feed? 


How many human being does one bushel feed? 

Depending ~ above the size of crabs, one bushel of blue crabs will certainly feed 8 people. The average person will eat 6 to 15 crabs in one sitting. If you i think each person eats around 8 crabs each, a bushel the 84 blue crabs will certainly feed 8 people on average. 

Before you move on with that estimate, ns mentioned before that the dimension of crabs comes into play here. Estimating this is straightforward with the base 6 come 15 crabs per person. Ns took the midpoint (10.5 crabs every person) of the estimate, and divided the by the quantity of crabs in each dimension of crabs. Keep these figures in mind when 

How Many world Will a Bushel the Crabs Feed?

Size of CrabsAmount that CrabsAmount of people They will Serve
Jumbo60 – 72 crabs6 to 7 people
Large72 – 84 crabs7 come 8 people
Medium84 – 96 crabs8 to 9 people

How execute you know you captured a bushel that crabs? 

One that the most typical reasons why this question pops increase is because some states regulate the variety of crabs a human can catch by the bushel instead of a set number. To chat crabbers climate wonder, how countless crabs is a bushel?

Well, favor I said before it relies on the size. Mine advice is come buy a bushel basket instead of trying to wrap her head approximately the numbers. When you fill the basket v crabs and you can still location the lid top top top, you understand that you have one bushel the crabs. 

A bushel basket is an 8 gallon woven wood basket that fishermen use to collect crabs together they catch them. I use this bushel basket ns bought native Amazon (Link to It’s an extremely durable and also reliable, however it’s simply as an excellent as any basket you deserve to occasionally purchase a bait & tackle shop during crab season