Day of the year is a number in between 1 and also 365 (in 2021), January 1 is day 1.

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After this particular day 50 days room remaining in this year.

This page supplies the ISO-8601 ordinal day format.

There is additionally another less-used format: the "ISO day of year" numbers, this is a number in between 1 and 371, job 1 of the year is Monday the the first ISO main (where the first Thursday that the new year is in mainly 1).

Lists that day number by year:2020 -2021 -2022 -2023 ...

Programming routines

Microsoft Excel

Calculate today"s day-number, beginning from the day prior to Jan 1, so the Jan 1 is day 1.

=TODAY()-DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),1,0)or, for any type of date gotten in in cell A1, calculate the equivalent day-number in the date’s year:=A1-DATE(YEAR(A1),1,0)

Google Docs Spreadsheet

=DATEDIF(CONCAT("1-1-";year(now()));today();"D")+1Calculates the difference in between Jan 1 and today (=days past) then add 1 for today"s daynumber.(Your day format (1-1-year) may be different)

LibreOffice Calc:



$dayNumber = date("z") + 1; You have the right to use an date to find other job numbers:date("z", epoch) + 1date("z") starts counting indigenous 0 (0 v 365)!


from datetime import datetimeday_of_year =


use Time::Piece;my $day_of_year = localtime->yday + 1;# ... Or $day_of_year = (localtime)<7> +1;# ... Or (if you really want to use POSIX) ...use POSIX;my $day_of_year = POSIX::strftime("%j", time);Replace time v other dates for various other days.


Date.prototype.getDOY = function() var onejan = brand-new Date(this.getFullYear(),0,1); return Math.ceil((this - onejan) / 86400000);var now = new Date();var daynum = today.getDOY();



date +%j



Objective C

int currentDay;dateFormatter = < init>;"D">;date = ;currentDay = < intValue>;


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int iDayOfYear = System.DateTime.UtcNow.DayOfYear;


format(Sys.Date(), "%j")


time = Time.newputs time.yday


$DayOfYear = (Get-Date).DayofYearWrite-Host $DayOfYear


on mouseUpput "January 1," && the last word that the long date into firstDayofYear --append current yearconvert firstDayofYear to secs -- from january 1, 1970 to very first day that this yearput the long day into currentDayconvert currentDay to secs -- from january 1, 1970 GMT to todayput currentDay - firstDayofYear into totalSecondsanswer the round of (totalSeconds / (60*60*24)) + 1 --display full days in dialog boxend mouseUpOr:on mouseUpanswer DayOfYear()end mouseUpfunction DayOfYearput the short date right into currentDateconvert currentDate to dateItems --list that date aspects separated by commasput article 1 the currentDate into yearput items 2 the currentDate into monthput item 3 that currentDate right into dayput floor (275 * month / 9) into N1put floor ( (month + 9) / 12) right into N2put (1 + floor ( (year - 4 * floor (year / 4) + 2) / 3) ) into N3put N1 - (N2 * N3) + day - 30 right into Nreturn Nend DayOfYearfunction floor pNumber -- LiveCode has no integrated floor() functionput round (pNumber) into theIntegerif theInteger > pNumber thenput theInteger - 1 into theIntegerend ifreturn theIntegerend floor

T-SQL (Transact-SQL)

SELECT DATEPART(DAYOFYEAR, SYSDATETIME())orSELECT datediff(day,CAST(datepart(year,getdate()) together CHAR(4)) + "-01-01",getdate()+1) together number_of_today

Go (golang)

day := time.Now().YearDay()


dayNumber = today-datenum(<"1-Jan-" year(today)>)+1


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