5.7L hemi Specs, History, and Information

That point gotta hemi? ~ a long hiatus, Chrysler reintroduced the hem to the engine portfolio because that the 2003 version year. It"s an initial application would certainly be the lamb 1500, 2500, and also 3500 pickup models, but the engine would discover homes in many Chrysler products beginning in the 2004 model year. The engine is and has been produced at Chrysler"s Saltillo Engine tree in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. The 90 degree pushrod V-8 attributes hemispherical shaped combustion chambers, providing improved breath of the cylinder head throughout the intake and also exhaust strokes resulting from the canted angle of the valves.

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The engine"s greatest disadvantage, at the very least for van applications, is its spicy torque curve the peaks at fairly high engine speeds. This characteristic lacks the low end torque favored in applications where towing and also hauling requirements are frequent and requires operating at greater engine speed to realize the engine"s complete performance. On the contrary, the engine produce respectable top horsepower and also torque considering it displaces a just 345 cubic inches. To help with emissions and resolve flame propagation comes to inherent of many engines with hemispherical burning chambers, the 5.7L makes use of a twin spark plug architecture with a an additional spark plug firing in ~ the start of the engine"s power stroke.

The 5.7L hem underwent many changes for the 2009 design year, consisting of a higher compression ratio, active intake manifold, change camshaft timing, and also a multi-displacement mechanism (MDS). The active intake jogger system allows the engine to use short and long runners in the intake manifold. To increase low finish performance, the brief intake runners space blocked off and also air flows with the long intake runners at short engine speeds. At greater engine speeds, the entry manifold opens up the brief runners for boosted top finish performance.

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The multi-displacement device deactivates cylinders 1, 4, 6, and 7 under short load problems to enhance fuel economy.

5.7L hem V-8 Specs


Chrysler 5.7L hem V-8


90° pushrod V-8

Assembly Plant(s):

Saltillo Engine Plant, Ramos Arizpe, Mexico


2003 - present Ram 1500/2500/3500 many Chrysler car/SUV applications - these specifications focus on the ram truck version


345 CID, 5.7 liters

Firing Order:

1 - 8 - 4 - 3 - 6 - 5 - 7 - 2


3.917 in (99.49 mm)


3.578 in (90.88 mm)

Compression Ratio:

9.6 : 1 (2003 - 2008 design years) 10.5 : 1 (2009+ design years)

Engine Block Material:

Cast iron

Cylinder Head Material:

Cast aluminum alloy


Naturally aspirated


Coil-near-plug, 2 spark plugs every cylinder


2 valves every cylinder, OHV pushrod V-8, hydraulic roller lifters, variable valve time (VVT/VCT, 2009 MY+)

Fuel Injection:

Multi port sequential fuel injection

Fuel Requirements:

Regular unleaded gasoline (premium fuel recommended, not required)

Oil Capacity:

7.0 qts w/ filter change

Engine Weight:

~ 500 lbs

Peak Horsepower:

2003 - 2008 ram 1500/2500/3500

345 hp
3,950 rpm

Maximum Engine Speed:

5,800 rpm


Ward"s 10 ideal Engine perform 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and also 2009

5.7L hem V-8 Horsepower and also Torque curve

2012 design year ram 2500/3500 horsepower and also torque curve for 5.7L hem equipped trucks