A 10-digit number is a number that has actually 10 digits whereby the very first digit should be any kind of number in between 1 to 9. The location value the the 10th digit is dubbed a 'Billion' in the global place worth system and also an 'Arab' in the Indian number system. The the smallest ten number number is created as 1 adhered to by 9 zeros, that is, 1000000000.

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How to create Numbers as much as 10-Digits?

A 10-digit number have the right to be written in 2 ways, one is according to the international number system and also the other is the Indian number system. The various placement the the commas in the two different number systems gives a 10 digit number two different names.In theInternational number system, a 10-digit number is expressedby using commas just after every three digits indigenous the right. The smallest 10-digit number is composed as 1,000,000,000 and also is referred to as one billion. Because the third comma after ~ the ninth digit from the ideal denotes the start of a billion, therefore this number is called 1 billion in the worldwide number system.

In the Indian number system, the an initial comma come after 3 digits native the best after the hundredsplace valueand the following comma comes after every two digits. In various other words, the Indian location Value mechanism of numbers complies with the 3:2:2 system of place commas, so the smallest 10 number number is created as 1,00,00,00,000. Because the 3rd comma after the 7th number from the right denotes the start of a crore, so this number is referred to as 100 crores or one Arab in the Indian number system.

Comparison of the Indian System and also the international System

Observe the following charts that present the numbers as much as 10 number according to the Indian location Value System and also the worldwide Place value System.


How come Decompose 10-Digit Numbers?

Any 10-digit number has actually place values up to one exchange rate or Arab.

These room the name of the place values (starting native the right) in a 10-digit number:

Digit 1 – Units/OnesDigit 2 – TensDigit 3 – HundredsDigit 4 – ThousandsDigit 5 – Ten ThousandDigit 6 – LakhsDigit 7 – Ten Lakhs / MillionDigit 8 – main point / Ten MillionDigit 9 – Ten crores / hundred MillionDigit 10 – One Arab (Hundred Crores) / Billion

So, let united state take a arbitrarily 10-digit number - 5448626840, and also see exactly how it it s okay decomposed.

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Here, PV was standing for ar Value:

Digit 1: PV = 0 × 1 = 0Digit 2: PV = 4× 10 = 40Digit 3: PV = 8× 100 = 800Digit 4: PV = 6× 1000 = 6000Digit 5: PV = 2× 10000 = 20000Digit 6: PV = 6 × 100000 = 600000Digit 7: PV = 8 × 1000000 = 8000000Digit 8: PV = 4 × 10000000 = 40000000Digit 9: PV = 4 × 100000000 = 400000000Digit 10: PV = 5 × 1000000000 = 5000000000

Important Notes:

Observe the various ways of placing commas in the number 5000000000: international Place worth System: 5,000,000,000; Indian place Value System: 5,00,00,00,000Observe the various names of number according to the Indian Number System and also the worldwide Number System offered below:One Lakh is equal to One hundreds ThousandTen Lakh is same to One MillionOne Crore is same to Ten MillionTen Crore is equal to hundred MillionOne Arab (Hundred crores) is equal to One Billion

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