No issue what post or recipe we"ve simply pushed live on the website or supported through email or top top Instagram and also Facebook, there is one web page on that is practically constantly in the list of ten URLs v the most real-time viewers.

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It"s from eight years ago and it"s totally unedited.

The Hotline object "How much minced garlic equals one clove?" has 1,801,965 views since it was posted sometime in 2012. It"s the very first page the comes up when you type the question into Google, which means a lot of of civilization really execute want to recognize just just how much minced garlic amounts to one clove.

One head the garlic, minced. picture by James Ransom Well, it"s not cut and also dry: It depends on how carefully minced the garlic is, and also even if the chop is standardized, clove size may vary. For ChefOno,

"clove" a useless measurement. Look in ~ the sport on this page—anywhere indigenous 1/4 teaspoon come 1 tablespoon—that"s a sports of 1200%. I usage the conversion of 1 clove amounts to 1 teaspoon. I believe Cook"s Illustrated go the same.

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What"s much more interesting 보다 the non-answer price (1 clove is same to 1 teaspoon... Type of, sometimes, maybe... Yet in the end all depends on your taste, anyway: vampires versus garlic fiends) is the judgment that is scattered throughout the thread.

“Let me preface this by saying ns an avid home cooker. An extremely avid. I agree v Bourdain and Rldougherty. I applaude any one that is trying to cook at house whether it it is in a newbie or usually a chef. But... I additionally feel favor the only people who worthy the absurdly wonderful taste that garlic come grace your taste buds are the ones that fight that horrible garlic peel and also painstakingly mince that beautiful bitch. But... Again... We space human and also who can resist together a blessing that is pre minced garlic on a desperately liven night. For this reason I think there is room because that both in this stunner world. (Though us ALL recognize fresh is best