Some have actually said that Paul only started 14 church in his lifetime. If so the is a exceptional thing, however I have tendency to think over there are an ext than 14.

I would certainly assume the there space some churches started that were no necessarily mentioned as church in the NT. For circumstances there is no point out of a church began in Athens, yet there are households that began to follow Christ there, so we can assume the a church to be born there. In Philippi there were two households that surrendered come the gospel (Lydia’s and also the Jailer’s), so there can be two organic church there. Some say the there is simply one church in Philippi due to the fact that Paul wrote a letter come them, but it is in reality to the saints in Christ who space in Philippi. He wrote a letter come the church of Galatia, how numerous of them is no mentioned. So number is numbered the church Paul started is a challenge.
While he only started the Ephesian church in Asia, this one in turn started so numerous others the every human who lived in Asia heard the post of the Gospel. Does that count as only one church? How numerous churches were started in Cyprus top top the very first missionary journey? We recognize it is more than one. How plenty of were left in Crete?
There are places we have no point out of a church but we know he to be there preaching such together Illyricum (Rom. 15:9). Did Paul start churches while in Damascus? well someone currently did since he to be on his method there to arrest them, so probably not. But when he checked out Arabia that may have actually started churches. Some assume the was simply on retreat listening to the Lord, however he to be chased the end by the officials, for this reason we deserve to assume that did part preaching (meditating ~ above a absent is not normally that threaten to people).
Did he begin churches while he was in Tarsus? acts does point out churches in Syria (Acts 15:40-41) might it it is in that few of these started before he was sent out from Antioch? go Paul go to Spain? If so then probably he started churches there as well, yet we perform not know. The did walk to Crete and also started part churches and also left Titus over there to further create the work.
He probably started close to 20 churches himself, with many much more born out of those by his apprentice leaders. In Asia alone the NT mentions Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Colossae, and also Hieropolis. Ephesus was really a city full of churches meeting in homes and from that job-related all the others to be started. Therefore while beginning upwards of 20 church in one’s life is impressive, what is far more impressive is how countless daughters, grand-daughters and also great-grand-daughters to be birthed indigenous those. When Paul left planet in the end of his life he not only left some church plants, the left the DNA that a motion that would at some point spread to the degree that even the Roman empire itself would surrender to Christianity (for much better or worse). Background was changed in dramatic fashion through this one man’s obedience.
I am discovering that an easy obedience is a an effective thing in one"s life. Much more powerful than spiritual presents or personalities. Certainly more powerful than any kind of program or strategy. In a day where we believer are currently educated past obedience, I find that what we need is not more education but straightforward obedience come what we already know. Monitor Jesus today. Take it one action at a time and leave the results and the location up to the one you space following.
Every one reading this blog can additionally obey the same God as Paul and also leave behind a lasting and an essential work for the mr of the harvest. Paul said, “Follow me together I monitor Christ.”
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Thank you because that that good and encouraging post Brother Cole. We don't understand the result of ours lives. Paul didn't. It to be his life surrendered to the mission that Christ. I favor what Alan Hirsch claimed in ~ above THE VERGE: "The church that Jesus design is much more like a starfish...each item of a starfish has actually the complete potential of a brand-new starfish; twenty pieces cause twenty starfish!...A church of a thousand disciples has actually a thousand potential churches included in itself!"

September 15, 2011 at 4:39 PM


Hi Neil,A few years ago, i seem come recall you speak in a seminar that on Paul's first miss journey he remained a very short time through the churches the he birthed there, and also in his second journey he tended to remain for a an excellent bit longer. And you stated that the churches whereby he go not remain long, walk not endure the century, when the ones whereby he invested more time lasted much longer.Is that a position you tho hold? and if so, could you point me to some resources which analyse this... Or phone call me just how you went around analyzing it? I'd prefer to get some evidence and also substantiate the or obtain it out of my mind.Bruce

October 31, 2011 in ~ 10:43 AM

Neil Colesaid...

Bruce, ns am sorry because that such a delay response. The answer is yes, sort of. Ns didn't say that the churches didn't proceed to exist the were began with a quick presence by Paul, however that they were less healthy and balanced and an ext prone to faulty management (Galatians). Even Paul had to learn Jesus' rule of "Stay om that family (oikos) perform not keep relocating from home to house." I have written a good book that plainly spells every one of this out called Journeys come Significance.

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Thanks for her article.The reference on Illyricum need to be Rom 15:19