Maintaining a swimming pool seems easy. However you have actually to add the right amount of chlorine come disinfect the pool water properly. Only in this way will you have actually a healthy and balanced swimming environment.

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To have actually a healthy pool, you need to inspect 2 values. ~ above the one hand, the pH value have to be between 7.2 and also 7.6.

In addition, you need to keep the chlorine content at the ideal level. Ideally, the chlorine value should be in between 1 and 1.5 ppm.

During the swimming season, we recommend check these worths twice a week. This can be done utilizing a hand-operated test kit, however there is additionally a digital version such together the Blue attach Plus. This device measures the water quality instantly every hour and transmits these values to an applications on her smartphone.


Performing chlorine shock treatment

If you want to gain your swimming swimming pool for the an initial time or start up the swimming pool again ~ the winter, you have actually to get the chlorine content up to the ideal level. N.B.: before you perform this, that is best to very first check the pH and also chlorine values.

If the chlorine value is (almost) 0, it is finest to lug out chlorine shock treatment.

What is a chlorine shock?

A chlorine shock is the adding of one extra sheep of chlorine to the swimming pool to gain the chlorine content earlier to the ideal level.

When have to you bring out chlorine shock treatment?When utilizing a swimming swimming pool for the very first timeAfter the winter periodAfter a holiday duration in i m sorry the water quality has not to be checkedAfter a liven weekend that swimming through a many of civilization in the pool.

The chlorine level in the swimming swimming pool drops throughout these periods. In the case, girlfriend cannot boost the chlorine content by including the typical dose that chlorine. The chlorine content will recuperate quickest by transferring out chlorine shock treatment.


just how do you perform chlorine shock treatment?

You can use the complying with step-by-step plan to to bring out chlorine shock treatment in your swimming pool.

Dissolve the chlorine powder in a bucket that water before distributing it evenly throughout the whole swimming pool. Preferably open up the fill in the open air, yet out of the wind.For chlorine shock treatment, 3 measuring cup of 40 grams the chlorine granules must be added per 10 m³ that water. Ideally, this need to be added after swim or in the night to ensure the the product can spread fine throughout the pool.Also make sure the water is filtered after you have included the chlorine. This will enhance the efficiency of the chlorine in the swim pool.Check the chlorine contents of her water at constant intervals, preferably weekly. The appropriate value is between 1 and also 1.5 mg per litre that water (> 1 ppm and also
Chlorine shock dosing schedule

You should constantly check the packaging of her chlorine powder before including it to the pool.

Volume of swim pool:

(l x w x h):

10 m³

30 m³

50 m³

70 m³

100 m³

125 m³

Chlorine granules to it is in added

120 grams

360 grams

600 grams

840 grams

1200 grams

1500 grams

If you want to use this dosing schedule, friend will need to use this chlorine powder.


Weekly chlorine dose because that the swimming pool

Once the chlorine value is at the appropriate level, you have the right to keep it at that level v chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are much better than chlorine granules since the tablets dissolve slowly and also keep the chlorine worth constant.

Unfortunately, that is not easy to speak how countless chlorine tablet computers you should include to the swimming pool or how frequently you need to add them. The chlorine tablet dosage does no depend exclusively on the volume of the swimming pool. A the majority of other things likewise play a role, such as:

The variety of hours that sunshine and also the UV valueThe factor being that the chlorine worth is degraded by the UV rays of the sun.Leaves and insects in the swimming poolLeaves, insects and also other dirt cause the energetic chlorine to end up being exhaustedThe variety of hours swum every dayThe much more swimming over there is, the faster the chlorine degrades

If the swimming swimming pool isn’t supplied much, be certain to examine the water quality as soon as a week using a water tester. If the swimming pool is used an ext than 2 days a week, the water quality demands to be confirm 2 to 3 time a week.

If the pH worth is good, inspect whether the chlorine tablet computer has totally dissolved or not. As soon as the chlorine tablet computer has dissolved, that is finest to add 1 chlorine tablet per skimmer. Use these chlorine tablets for this. Because that a tiny inflatable pool, it is ideal to usage these 20 gram mini-chlorine tablets. Friend can include one that these every 3 m³ of water.

It is important that you an initial let the vault chlorine tablet computers dissolve fully before adding brand-new chlorine tablets.

Too lot chlorine in the water

Sometimes that may happen that you add too lot chlorine come the swim pool. You nothing really need to do lot to lower the chlorine value. Leave your roller shutter or pool cover open and the chlorine will drop ~ above its very own through the UV light ray of the sun.

After 24 hours, the excessively high chlorine value will already have dropped sharply. In that case, store an eye ~ above the chlorine worth on a daily basis and include a chlorine tablet computer as quickly as the chlorine worth is about 1 ppm.

Chlorine in the swim pool as well low

If you notice that the chlorine level reached is still listed below 1 ppm, friend can always carry the end chlorine shock therapy again to get the chlorine earlier up come the appropriate level.

Chlorine tablet computer does no dissolve

Sometimes the may occur that the chlorine tablet computer does no dissolve. There can be various reasons for this. Check first whether the filter surroundings is working properly and that the is operation for a minimum the 12 hours a day.

Another reason for a chlorine tablet not dissolve is the cold. If the water is cooler than 20 °C, the chlorine tablet computer will take longer to dissolve. In ~ under 15 °C, it deserve to stop dissolve completely. If friend still have a chlorine tablet lying in the skimmer at the start of winter, we would advise girlfriend to eliminate it.

How much liquid chlorine in the swim pool

Some civilization opt to preserve their swim pool v liquid chlorine. Working v an automatic dosing unit add to chlorine come the pool a drop at a time. This keeps the chlorine at the best level every the time.

If girlfriend don’t have an automatic chlorine dispenser, you have actually to add the liquid chlorine by hand. In the case, it is very challenging to measure up it correctly. We advise you not to use this method for weekly maintenance. That is finest only to usage liquid chlorine by hand to carry out chlorine shock treatment.

In that case, never add more than half a litre per 50,000 litres. If you add more, this will certainly not have a much more positive affect on the water quality. ~ above the contrary, this can even reason damage to your installation.

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Do friend still have any kind of questions around adding the exactly amount the chlorine to her swimming pool? Then perform not hesitate to ask ours specialists! We will certainly be happy come help.