Although late nation star Kenny Rogers was ideal known for his above singing and also songwriting, nothing meant more to the “Islands in the Stream” singer than fatherhood. Prior to his march 2020 death, Kenny to be the proud dad of 5 kids: Carole, Kenny Jr., Chris and twin young Justin and also Jordan.

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The Grammy compensation winner’s kids shared the news of your father’s death at age 81 at the time. “The Rogers family is sad come announce that Kenny Rogers passed away,” the statement read. “Rogers passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the treatment of hospice and also surrounded by his family.”


Throughout his life, Kenny take it parenthood and also life with his family members seriously — specifically with fifth wife, Wanda Miller, and your teenage boys. In an respectable 2016 interview through CMT News, the nation Music room of Famer explained why he made decision to put a pause on touring in ~ the time.


“I hope my fans know that ns a father an initial and a singer second,” he revealed. “As it transforms out, I’m absent some very good parts of my boys’ lives. I know as well as anybody else exactly how that time gets away native you. And I don’t want to miss it. I simply worry around how much much longer I’m going to it is in here, and also I want to have time to spend with them. It’s pretty simple.”

Kenny expressed the very same sentiment about his existence in his children’s lives as soon as he opened up up to The Tennessean in 2013. The Six Pack actor told the outlet because he feeling he no there enough for his older kids in a sense, he to be doing everything he could to redeem himself with his twins.


“I think success needs that you it is in selfish sometimes, and I refuse to do that now,” he explained. “I’m determined to stay house with the boys, and it’s really a exorbitant gift because that me. For this reason if I have actually no more success, ns OK. However to have the possibility to have actually success .”

We bet Kenny’s kids are for this reason proud the the heritage he left behind.

Scroll with the gallery listed below to discover all around the nation star’s 5 kids!


Carole Rogers

Kenny became a dad because that the very first time once he was simply 19 years old after his very first wife, Janice Gordan, invited daughter Carole in 1958. There’s not lot known about Kenny’s eldest child, and the reality that that agreed come have limited contact following the previous couple’s 1960 divorce appears to it is in to blame.

The “Coward that the County” singer opened up up around his very first marriage — i beg your pardon lasted just two years — and also the decision he made to action away from his life with Janice throughout a 2012 interview through Fox News.

“That to be my promise to them, the I would be she father however he (his ex-wife’s 2nd husband) would certainly be she Dad, and also I don’t desire to disrupt that,” that shared. “He stepped in in ~ a time the was really awkward for all of us and also he came to be her Dad, and also I love him for that. He was a good guy.”


Kenny Rogers Jr.

After cutting ties with his first wife, the previous Hollywood heartthrob married wife No. 2 Jean Rogers. However, their marital relationship only lasted three years and also the country crooner go on to tie the knot through his 3rd spouse, Margo Anderson, in 1964.

Kenny and also Margo welcomed the star’s 2nd child, Kenny Jr., throughout your 12-year marriage. Although Kenny Jr. Did slip the end of the spotlight throughout his father’s hectic career, the did grow up and work as a composer ~ above movie soundtracks for Get Him come the Greek, follow to popular music Culture.

Aside from likewise appearing in a few TV shows and movies, Kenny Jr. Even created an album title Yes — No / Maybe through Cypress records in 1998, follow to Discogs.

Christopher Cody Rogers

In 1982, Kenny and his fourth wife, Marianne Gordan, invited his third child, Chris. The “Gambler” singer and also the Rosemary’s Baby star — who exchanged vows in 1977 — were with each other for virtually two decades before calling it quits in 1993.

Following the news that Kenny’s death, Marianne exclusively opened as much as Closer about her child’s bond v his dad. “Our child went to view him as much as possible to make certain he was alright,” she shared, noting they “knew that he was not in great health.”

There’s no doubt Kenny and also Chris were a close father-son duo, especially since he often made appearances on his dad’s Instagram. In June 2017, Kenny mutual a sweet photo of his household in honor of Father’s Day. “One the the most rewarding things in my life is to be a father,” that gushed alongside the photograph with Chris and the rest of his family. “Thankful because that the privilege! Happy Father’s work Weekend to every fathers.”

Justin Charles Rogers and Jordan Edward Rogers

Kenny and also his fifth wife, Wanda, invited the music producer’s youngest sons, Justin and Jordan, in 2004. The couple tied the knot in 1997 and also were married up until his unfortunately death.

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Considering Kenny adored fatherhood, he frequently shared snapshots v his twin kiddos on society media. In respectable 2019, the entertainer mutual a heartwarming picture with Wanda and also their 2 sons. “Thank you all so lot for the birthday wishes!” the captioned the article with his brood in ~ the time. “I’ve had actually a good day at house with my family, and we’re about to cap it off v dinner and also a movie!”

Kenny also shared some throwback photos v his small men as he gave them a sweet date of birth shout-out in July 2019. “Happy Birthday, Justin and Jordan!” the wrote.