Converting units of Length

All units of length in the Metric device are based upon the meter. Each unit"s name is comprised of a prefix and also the word, "meter." The prefix speak us just how the unit to compare in size to the meter.

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Answer and Explanation:

5 meters is equivalent, or same to, 500 centimeters.

The surname "centimeter," is made up of the prefix "centi-" and also the base, "meter." The prefix...

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When using the metric system, the is helpful to know how to transform units from various other systems. In this lesson, explore the metric system, just how to collection up a conversion, and how to calculate those units, v some additional practice.

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After city hall this video lesson, friend will understand the systems of time the we use to count time and know how to convert between these units. Learn the one number the you have to multiply and also divide by come make your conversions.