Nobody wants to recognize it, therefore I’ll just come out and say it for the an excellent of everyone: alcohol has actually calories…lots the them.

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But when you’re counting down the minute to happy hour ~ above a Friday night, the last point on her mind is how that one hour (ok, an ext like two hours) will certainly blow your workout progression for the past few days. Your ceo was such a pill this week! friend earned those 2 because that 1 margaritas, damn it, and you’re walk to have them both!

Bethenny Frankel set out to fix this difficulty with she Skinnygirl Margarita and also the cocktails, wines, and also liquor that followed. Skinnygirl Cocktails insurance claim to let girlfriend drink there is no the guilt. To clarify, they’re just talking about weight-related guilt and make no insurance claims to stop hangovers or drunkenness. Yet unless you consulting a calorie-tracking app before friend order, you yes, really don’t know how countless calories those drinks space actually saving you.

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We made decision to discover out how much a Skinnygirl Cocktail will actually save you as soon as its original equivalent is swapped out. We provided the info on the that company website along with slightly more specific data accessible on the purchasing website, ReserveBar.com. Here is just how it all breaks down:

Skinnygirl provides the calorie count for all of their pre-mixed cocktails and also drinks based on a 1.5 – ounce serving size. Because in reality, very couple of of us space drinking a shot glass sized Margarita or glass the wine, we adjusted all drink calorie worths to reflect standard putting size.

Here are exactly how the Skinnygirl Cocktail products stack up versus the genuine things:

Margarita: 18 – 150 calories saved

Skinnygirl = 150/6 oz. GlassAverage Margarita = 168/6 oz. GlassAverage Frozen Margarita = 300 calories/16 oz. Glass(Source: Livestrong.com)

When we talk around margaritas, we very first have to admit that the frozen concoctions we’ve involved know and love simply barely resemble the genuine deal. Ours happy hour margaritas space usually pre-mixed, sugar-filled slushies served in glasses bigger 보다 6-ounce tumblers. Skinnygirl actually does a good job of pass the margarita back to the roots, or have to I say, earlier to that rocks. Once you don’t have all the crushed ice diluting the liquor and sweeteners, friend won’t need as much of the stuff to make a quality drink.

That said, the calories conserved by Skinnygirl if she subbing that in for a high quality margarita top top the rocks isn’t that impressive. 18 calories? Come on! You have the right to burn the off through walking home instead the driving. Subbing in Skinnygirl for the frozen margarita in reality seems favor a much better deal due to the fact that two Skinnygirl Margaritas have 300 calorie in 12 ounces. The frozen has the exact same calorie content and four much more ounces! So one of two people stick to the standard on the rocks, or drink 2 Skinnygirls for the price of one frozen.

Piña Colada: 230 calories saved

Skinnygirl = 150/6 oz. GlassAverage Piña Colada = 380 Calories/6 oz. Glass(Source: Livestrong.com)

In a finish departure indigenous its margarita, the Skinnygirl Piña Colada is nothing like the real thing. A timeless Piña colada is creamy due to the fact that it’s made v fatty coconut cream, rum, and fruit juices. Every one of that provides it delicious, however full that sugar and also fat. If you deserve to live there is no the creamy texture, SG’s Piña Colada will save you the most calories, despite you definitely miss out on the flavor of the real thing. You have the right to have two and also a fifty percent Skinnygirl Piña Coladas for less calories 보다 one timeless colada.

Mojito: 26 calorie saved

Skinnygirl = 189 calories/8 oz. GlassAverage = 215 calories/8 oz. Glass(Source: Livestrong.com)

I really assumed the Skinnygirl Mojito would save an ext calories because a traditional mojito start out v pure sugar in the bottom the the glass. Because the website doesn’t perform the ingredients, ns don’t know what they’re placing in your concoction various other than the stated Cruzan Rum, however it’s not a the majority of savings. If you absolutely love a standard mojito, it no seem worth the switch unless you drink much more than 2 in a night.

Cosmo: 118 calories saved

Skinnygirl: 95 calories/ 4 oz. GlassAverage = 213 calories/4 oz. Glass(Source: CalorieKing.com)

Since the Skinnygirl Cocktails website doesn’t list every one of the ingredients for its beverages, I deserve to only guess that what renders its White Cranberry Cosmo therefore diet-friendly is the lack of sugary cranberry juice and also the feasible use the a lower-proof alcohol (more top top that when we acquire to Skinnygirl vodka). This is certainly a worthwhile substitute.

Wine: 20 calories saved

Skinnygirl = 100 calories/5 oz. GlassAverage Red wine = 124 calories/5 oz. GlassAverage White wine = 116 calories/5 oz. Glass(Source: CalorieKing.com)

I haven’t tried Skinnygirl wine, however for one extra 20 calories every glass I’d rather buy other I know I favor or take a chance on a wine from a an ar I enjoy instead of wonder what Skinnygirl has actually possibly done to their wine in stimulate to do it “diet.” If you are counting calories, just have actually a small less, don’t walk for diet wine.

Sangria: 12 calories saved

Skinnygirl: 132 calories/5 oz. GlassAverage: 144 calories/5 oz. Glass(Source: Livestrong.com)

This is a tricky one due to the fact that it totally depends on exactly how you, or your bar that choice, makes sangria. The median count is based on a typical recipe that red wine, fruit, and brandy or liqueur the choice. But since the recipe for sangria have the right to be for this reason liberal, it’s easy to get a small crazy. Including things favor Sprite, triple sec, and much more than a splash of liqueur will all add an ext calories. So if she counting calories, drinking Skinnygirl is a way to know exactly what you getting. If not, then i would apply the same philosophy we did to the wine and go v something you know you’re going to like.

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Vodka: 12 calories saved

Skinnygirl = 75.8 calories/1.5 oz.Smirnoff Citrus = 87 calories/1.5 oz.(Source: CalorieKing.com)

We’re to compare the Skinnygirl line of vodkas with Smirnoff because their alcohol contents is similar – Skinnygirl has a reduced alcohol by volume content than most popular brands — it’s 60 proof (30% alcohol/volume) and also Smirnoff is the closest in ~ 70 evidence (35% alcohol). If she concerned around 12 calories per shot, I have to ask: how numerous shots space you doing? If her answer is more than “a few”, I will take the liberty that guessing that you’re no drinking to savor the flavor. You’re probably trying to with a details state that inebriation and the fact is, it will take you an ext of the Skinnygirl vodka to gain there 보다 the Smirnoff, and also those extra shots will simply negate all the calories you’re trying to save.

In conclusion, Skinnygirl Cocktails might lessen your guilt, however they won’t totally eliminate it. Few of the commodities will conserve you much more calories than others, however you still have to exercise part control. Great, it is one an ext thing to think about after the week did you do it had! sorry to it is in the one come state the bitter truth, yet if you’re trying to lose weight, swapping her usual margarita for the Skinnygirl variation isn’t walk to execute you as much an excellent as swapping happy hour because that an hour at the gym. So simply drink what girlfriend like!

Mara Montalbano is a multimedia reporter living in brand-new York City. She loves drinking wine and driving her Mini Cooper…but no in that order. Follow her