If you room a pepperoni pizza lover but watch her diet, friend will most likely be ravaged after reading these facts. This pizza type is a pretty unhealthy food with a high carb level, and it has too many calories.

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The ideal option is come consume it just occasionally and also replace this yummy dish through a healthier one anytime possible. So, let’s learn an ext facts around pepperoni pizza calories and nutrition.

Pepperoni Pizza Nutritional Facts

First of all, you should understand that tool pizza has actually 12 customs (30.5 cm) in diameter or eight slices. Huge pizza operation 14 inch (35.5 cm) in diameter, and it has ten pieces on average.

In the end, extra-large pizza the 16 to 18 customs (40.5 – 45.5 cm) in diameter is virtually always reduced at 12 slices.

Pepperoni pizza part calories and also nutrition

Pepperoni pizza typeCaloriesProteinsFatsCarbs
Regular pepperoni pizza part of 14 inch (35.5 cm)29813 g12 g34 g
Regular pepperoni pizza pie2.647

(78 per 1 oz)

118 g

(3.5 g per 1 oz)

108 g

(3 g every 1 oz)

302 g

(9 g every 1 oz)

Thick late pepperoni pizza part of 14 customs (35.5 cm)30113 g13 g32 g
Thick tardy pepperoni pizza pie2,826

(81 per 1 oz)

124 g

(3.5 g every 1 oz)

124 g

(3.5 g per 1 oz)

302.5 g

(8.5 g per 1 oz)

Frozen pepperoni pizza slice of 14 customs (35.5 cm)43216 g22 g41.5 g
Frozen pepperoni pizza pie1.267

(84 every 1 oz)

48 g

(3 g per 1 oz)

65 g

(4.5 g every 1 oz)

122 g

(8 g every 1 oz)

The variety of pepperoni pizza calories generally depends ~ above its type and size. The an essential thing is carbs content the varies a bit relying on the production process and supplied ingredients.

Pepperoni pizza slice of 252 g nutritional facts

Proteins34 g
Monounsaturated fats11 g
Polyunsaturated fats2 g
Saturated fats11 g
Cholesterol60 mg
Total fats24 g
Net carbs65 g
Sugar7 g
Sugar alcohol/
Total carbs68 g
Fiber3 g
Vitamin A150 mcg
Vitamin D/
Vitamin B10.5 mg
Vitamin B20.5 mg
Vitamin B34 mg
Calcium500 mg
Sodium1,290 mg
Iron3.6 mg
Folate120 mcg

For instance, an typical Pepperoni pizza part of 252 g has 620 calories and 68 g complete carbs.

Pepperoni Pizza slice Nutritional Facts


An average Pepperoni pizza part of 111 g has 313 calories the come from various sources:

17% indigenous 13 g that proteins38% indigenous 13 g of fat45% from 35.5 g the carbs

The carbohydrate level in each pepperoni pizza type will vary relying on the tardy thickness. In various other words, thin-crust pizzas constantly have much less carb content than deep-dish pizzas.

Pepperoni pizza slice of 111 g calorie and nutrition

NutrientsValueDaily nutrition value
Proteins13 g26%
Saturated fat6 g28%
Trans fat0.3 g/
Cholesterol28 mg9%
Total fats13 g17%
Total sugars3.6 g7%
Total carbs35.5 g12%
Fiber2.6 g9%
Vitamin C1 mg1%
Vitamin D//
Calcium170 mg13%
Sodium760.5 mg32%
Iron2.8 mg16%
Potassium216.5 mg5%
Phosphorus220 mg18%

Keep in mind that you need about 2,000 calorie a day. So, the daily Value will show you how plenty of nutrients indigenous one pizza serving contributes come your day-to-day diet.

Pizza macronutents by everyday Value (%DV)


Since pizzaiolos typically use sleek flour there is no fiber and valuable nutritions to make pizza crust, friend can’t think about this dish much healthy. The fat level will depend on the included cheese and also oil.

Pepperoni pizza pie that 895 g calorie and nutrition

NutrientsValueDaily nutrition value
Proteins105 g210%
Saturated fat45.6 g228%
Trans fat2.6 g/
Cholesterol224 mg75%
Total fats106.5 g137%
Total sugars29 g58%
Total carbs286 g95%
Fiber20.5 g74%
Vitamin C8 mg9%
Vitamin D//
Calcium1,370 mg105%
Sodium6,131 mg255%
Iron22.5 mg125%
Potassium1,745 mg37%
Phosphorus1,772 mg142%

The an excellent thing is that pepperoni pizza includes a decent amount that protein, vitamin A, and calcium. The negative side is the the sodium, cholesterol, and total fat levels room too high.

Moreover, processed meat supplied for this food may reason severe health and wellness problems, consisting of diabetes.

Pepperoni pizza calorie and nutrition per 1 ounce (28 g)

NutrientsValueDaily nutrition value
Proteins3.3 g7%
Saturated fat1.4 g7%
Trans fat0.1 g/
Cholesterol7 mg2%
Total fats3.5 g4%
Total sugars0.9 g2%
Total carbs9 g3%
Fiber0.7 g2%
Vitamin C0.3 mg0%
Vitamin D//
Calcium43.5 mg3%
Sodium195 mg8%
Iron0.7 mg4%
Potassium55 mg1%
Phosphorus56 mg4%

Some nutritionists identify calorie value per 1 ounce (28 g). In the case, one median pepperoni pizza contains 80 calories every one oz (28 g).

Topping macronutrents by everyday Value (%DV)


Many human being miscalculate the calories and nutrients their favorite pizza contains due to the fact that they forget about toppings. The reality is the each of castle brings additional calories and nutrients you have to count on.

Nutrition facts for Pizza toppings

White2209.5 g6.5 g31.5 g3 g1 g440 mg
Sicilian22910 g8.5 g29.5 g6 g3 g400 mg
Veggies23510 g8.5 g30 g3.5 g2 g520 mg
Margherita24110 g10.5 g27 g3 g2 g635 mg
Meat and also veggies24911 g11 g26 g4 g2 g600 mg
Cheese28512 g10.5 g36 g4 g2.5 g640 mg
Thin crust30213 g14 g31 g3.5 g2.5 g740 mg
Extra cheese31215.5 g7 g35 g3 g2 g710 mg
Deep dish31313 g11.5 g39.5 g5 g3 g725 mg
Pepperoni31313 g13 g35.5 g3.5 g2.5 g760 mg
Sausage32513.5 g14.5 g35.5 g4 g3 g735 mg

The Worst Pepperoni Pizza Slices in the US


Unfortunately, some of your favorite pepperoni pizzas are on the perform of the most caloric species packed v fats and also sodium. Castle are additionally among the unhealthiest pizza slices you can find on the market.

NY pepperoni pizza

The worst of all is Sbarro’s NY pepperoni slice. One XL part of this 17 inches (43 g) large pizza has enormous 552 calories.

It additionally has a worried 23 g fat and 1,459 mg sodium. Besides 25 g protein, this calorie monster consists of 61 g carbs, consisting of 9 g sugar.

Pepperoni lover’s huge original pan pizza

Pizza Hut’s offers this 14 inches (35.5 cm) big pizza that contains 440 calories and also 850 mg sodium per slice. As well as 19 g protein, it has 24 g fat and 37 g carbs, including 2 g sugar.

Pepperoni, sausage, and six-cheese pizza

When you go to Papa John’s Pizza, you have to avoid this 14 inches (35.5 cm) big pepperoni pizza that includes 390 calories every slice, specifically when friend watch her diet and also prefer healthy food. It has actually 16 g protein, 20 g fat, 920 mg sodium, and also 36 g carbs, consisting of 3 g sugar.

Popular Pizza Chains’ Pepperoni Pizzas

You should constantly consider the differences between pizza companies. Because that instance, a medium-sized little Caesars’ Pepperoni pizza or Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni pan pizza slices have approximately 280 calories.

On the various other hand, Papa John’s Pepperoni original Crust Pizza slice has actually only 230 calories.

Pizza Hut – A medium pizza slice of 12 customs (30.5 cm)

Pizza typeCaloriesProteinsFatsCarbs
Pepperoni pan pizza28012 g14 g27 g
Pepperoni hand-tossed layout pizza24012 g11 g24 g
Pepperoni and also mushroom pan pizza26011 g13 g27 g
Pepperoni Thin’N crispy pizza21010 g10 g21 g
Pepperoni and mushroom hand-tossed layout pizza23011 g9 g25 g
Pepperoni and also Mushroom Thin’N crispy pizza1909 g8 g21 g

Since portion sizes can be substantially larger, friend can find Domino’s Hand-tossed pepperoni feast pizza part of large 430 calories.

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Domino’s Pizza – A tool pizza part of 14 inch (35.5 cm)

Pizza typeCaloriesProteinsFatsCarbs
Hand-tossed pepperoni feast pizza36216 g17.5 g35 g
Thin tardy pepperoni feast pizza31213 g19.5 g21 g
Brooklyn pepperoni feast pizza37717 g21 g30 g
Deep dish pepperoni feast pizza43016 g22 g42 g


Pizza lovers think about pepperoni pizza healthy and also nutritious food, yet it is not always so. Some types can have too numerous calories and also high fat and sodium level. Therefore, be careful and also choose the one that fits her diet best. Never ever forget to calculation calories that come with toppings to get the correct result.