An automatically handgun can hold anywhere from 2 ring to 100 hundreds rounds, relying on the magazine. However, countless automatic pistols come from the factory with magazines that hold between 6 and also 18 rounds. Timeless revolvers deserve to hold in between 5 and 6 bullets. There room various components that impact the magazine volume of a specific handgun. Firearm make, model, caliber, size, and also magazine all influence the number of rounds the handgun can hold.

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What components Determine How numerous Rounds A Handgun have the right to Hold?How Pistol type Affects The variety of RoundsHow Handgun size Can impact Bullet CapacityThe effect Of Caliber ~ above Handgun CapacityMagazine Setup and Ammunition CapacityIncreasing The number of Rounds A Gun can HoldVariations In Round volume By Make and ModelHow countless Rounds have the right to An automatic Hold?How numerous Rounds can A Revolver Hold?What Handgun has actually The most Rounds?How plenty of Rounds must Your Concealed bring Have?Parting Shots
There space six determinants that will determine the maximum variety of rounds any given firearm have the right to hold. Periodically maximum capacity have the right to be raised with aftermarket magazines. However, sometimes the number of rounds a handgun can hold is restricted by the handgun design. If you are looking to acquisition a handgun, the following characteristics will impact the maximum variety of rounds a handgun can hold.Type that handgun (automatic, revolver, or Derringer/pocket pistol)Handgun size (full-size, compact, or subcompact)Caliber the the pistol (.38, 9mm, .45 ACP, etc.)Magazine layout (single stack or double stack)Aftermarket magazinesMake and model of the pistol 
There are basically three types of handguns. The first, and one that the many common types of handgun, is the automatic reloading pistol. This type of pistol has actually a single chamber, and also rounds space loaded instantly from a magazine as bullets are fired. The limiting variable on an automatically is the volume of the magazine.
Next, ~ above our perform of handguns, we have the revolver. Unlike automatic pistols, revolvers have multiple chambers, i m sorry each residence a solitary round. This chambers exist within the “wheel” of the revolver, and the number of chambers is set during manufacturing. Together the trigger is pulled, or the hammer is cocked, the wheel rotates and aligns the following round in succession with the firing pin.
Finally, we have Derringer style pistols, i beg your pardon are periodically referred to as pocket pistols. If not fully accurate, pocket pistols have become synonymous with the true Derringer pistol. Similar to revolvers, Derringers have a fixed number of chambers the each house a solitary round. However, over there is no wheel the rotates. Instead, rounds space fired in a certain sequence if the pistol has more than one chamber.
There are number of variations of pocket pistols. If the bag pistol is an automatic, or a revolver then the number of rounds is dictated by the overarching pistol type. However, if the pistol is no an automatic and also has no “wheel” then it is restricted by the limit of a Derringer.


Generally, larger weapons are made to accommodate a bigger caliber round, more ammunition, or both. When not constantly true, complete size firearms can hold much more ammunition 보다 their smaller sized counterparts.Given two firearms that fire the same caliber bullets, made by the same manufacturer, with similar magazine construction (single ridge vs. Twin stack), the larger firearm will have the ability to hold an ext rounds. Every one of this suspect the firearm is one automatic and also not a revolver or pocket pistol.
Full size weapons which are the largest have the right to hold the many ammunition. Compact models will have actually a slightly smaller sized magazine well, and therefore host fewer rounds. The smallest size is a subcompact handgun and also will have also less room for a magazine.
If handgun size can impact the variety of rounds the pistol have the right to hold, climate ammunition dimension plays a comparable role. Pistols that fire a smaller round can potentially carry more ammunition. However, the other factors on our perform also impact the number of rounds a pistol have the right to hold.
If there room two weapons with every the same qualities except ammunition caliber, the handgun which uses a smaller caliber will have the ability to hold much more ammunition. Because the newspaper setup is the same, a smaller round will take increase less an are and thus allow much more rounds to it is in loaded. Again, this does not apply to revolvers or pocket pistols v a fixed variety of chambers.

Automatic pistols are distinctive from the other species because they usage a magazine quite than addressed chambers. Therefore, this ar does not apply to revolvers and Derringer format pistols. With that said, magazines come in two different layouts, single stack and dual stack.
Single ridge magazines vertically align rounds right into a column format. This type of newspaper is usually an ext slender, which is good for hidden carry. However, this layout of newspaper is not the most efficient for enhancing the variety of rounds the handgun have the right to hold.
Double ridge magazines also align the rounds vertically, yet the rounds room staggered essentially creating two columns rather of one. This technique does do the magazine thicker, yet allows much more rounds to it is in loaded into a magazine of similar height.
Picture over is a solitary stack newspaper from a 1911, a dual stack newspaper from a Sig 9mm, and a dual stack mag indigenous a Glock .40 caliber pistol. The 1911 has a solitary stack magazine that can hold 8 rounds. Both the Glock and also Sig have double stack magazines that can hold over 10 rounds.The Sig Sauer handgun can hold 15 rounds, if the Glock .40 caliber handgun can hold 13 rounds. Also though the magazine because that the Glock is indigenous a full size pistol that holds much less rounds than the magazine from the compact Sig. This demonstrates how caliber, pistol size, and also handgun version can influence the variety of rounds a handgun have the right to hold.

If boosting the number of rounds your handgun deserve to hold is of importance, climate you’ll want to make certain you get an automatic. As result of the nature of your setup, raising the number of rounds is a issue of creating a bigger magazine. Aftermarket magazines are plentiful, and also you have the right to usually find larger magazines online or in ~ your regional gun show.Above is prolonged magazine because that the 1911 model. This magazine can hold 10 ring (as opposed to the traditional 8), but you’ll an alert that as soon as the magazine is inserted into the pistol the the newspaper extends past the confines of the newspaper well.

Unfortunately, if you have a revolver, over there is not lot you can do to rise the variety of rounds her handgun can hold. The same deserve to be said around Derringer style pistols or any pistol through a fixed variety of chambers. Over is a picture of an older revolver, the addressed chambers execute not enable you to conveniently add much more rounds.
If every one of this wasn’t enough, the last determining variable for how plenty of rounds a pistol have the right to hold is the make and also model the the firearm. As an example we’ll look at two similar pistol models and also examine just how the number of rounds in the magazine have the right to vary. An initial is the H&K P30 SK, and also a Sig Sauer P365. Both space chambered for 9mm and also are subcompact models. However, the H&K offers 10 round, 13 round, and also 15 ring magazines. Contrarily, the Sig only supplies 10 round and 12 round magazines.
Automatic reloading handguns hold a number of rounds tantamount to the size and setup of the magazine. Smaller single stack magazines will organize a minimum that 6 rounds. Larger twin stack magazines deserve to hold in overfill of 19 rounds. Part manufacturers will carry out a an option of magazines that have different capacities.Additionally, the aftermarket magazine market offers and abundance of selections for higher capacity magazines. Because that example, there room 100 ring Glock north magazines that you can likely discover at your neighborhood gun show. If these room not best for covert carry, castle are accessible to gun enthusiasts. Before purchasing, make sure these magazines room legal in her state.
The variety of rounds the a revolver have the right to hold is identified by the variety of chambers bored out the the wheel. A revolver can normally hold one of two people 5 or 6 rounds. Revolvers that have 6 chambers are more commonly known as six-shooters. Ironically, those with 5 chambers are not known as five-shooters.Unlike your automatic counterparts, the amount of ammunition a revolver have the right to hold is solved by the number of chambers, therefore there’s no aftermarket upgrades to rise the number of rounds a revolver can hold.
To date, the handguns that have the right to hold the many rounds from the manufacturing facility are 9mm Glock models. The Glock 17 has actually several newspaper configurations, the biggest of which accommodates 33 rounds. the course, if we’re talking around aftermarket magazines then it will differ from pistol come pistol. Although, there room 100 ring drums easily accessible for Glock models (e.g. Glock 18) that deserve to be purchased in ~ your regional gun present or online. Don’t mean to find any gun manufacturers proclaiming this kind of magazine.
Now the we’ve talked around how numerous rounds a pistol can hold, what around how many rounds should your concealed bring hold? Your concealed lug pistol have to have between 6-15 ring magazines. Plenty of subcompact and compact pistols have magazines the fit this range. When I have tendency to carry at the higher end, ultimately it comes down to your capacity to conceal her handgun.
One distinct advantage of an automatic is the you can hold additional rounds in a spare magazine. Ns recommend transferring a spare magazine along with your concealed pistol. Examine out the 5.11 Tactical concealed bring compression shirt which has actually a pocket for secondary magazine. Not only does this double the quantity of rounds you have accessibility to, but it likewise provides one more option should you experience a break down with your main magazine.
To amount things up, the variety of rounds a pistol can hold will vary depending upon a number of factors. If you looking come carry more rounds in her handgun, it’s best to get an automatically handgun, chambered because that a smaller sized round. Having actually an automatic enables you to purchase aftermarket magazines which deserve to hold much more rounds. Revolvers and Derringer layout pistols have a set variety of chambers, and also therefore a set variety of rounds that deserve to be loaded.Regardless, that what choice you walk with, make sure you can still conceal your handgun. Do you have anything come add? understand of any other pistols that hold more than 33 rounds from the factory? leaving a comment for our readers.
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