Snakes can seem almost alien-like to people at first glance. They have long, limbless bodies that seem like an evolutionary contradiction. That being said, snakes actually do have some things in common with other animals and even humans. In this article we’re covering the question “do snakes have bones?”

If you have wondered if snakes have bones, you’re not alone. It’s a fairly common question for people unfamiliar with snakes, and many assume they’re not too different from other legless creatures like worms.

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Do snakes have hips?

Not anymore! Snakes evolved out of their legs, which also includes their hips. However, some Boas and Pythons have vestigial or leftover pelvic bones which are called pelvic spurs.

Can you eat snake bones?

Snake bones are technically edible, but only in the sense that snake bones are not toxic or poisonous. But as you can imagine, like any other type of animal bone, snake bones probably do not taste very good!

Not to mention that, but snake bones are very small and thin, meaning that they could splinter easily. This could cause problems for you if they cause any tearing or damage in your digestive tract.

How many ribs does a snake have?

This depends on the species of snake. Snakes are essentially made up of one very long vertebral column. For each vertebrae, there are two ribs- one attached to either side.

Snakes may have anywhere between 100-450 vertebrae which means anywhere between 200 and 900 ribs!

Why are snakes so flexible?

Snakes have very many small vertebrae, which greatly help the snake move, twist and wind and therefore make them very flexible, just the same way that our spine allows us to do the same.

With more vertebrae comes more movement and flexibility.

Does a snake have cartilage?

Yes. While the skeletal system of a snake is mostly made up of bone, snakes do have cartilage too. Snakes have cartilage in between their joints and tendons and in their skull as well.

Do all snakes have bones?

Yes! All snakes are vertebrates- meaning that all snakes have a vertebral column and therefore have bones.

Very small snakes may have bones so tiny that you wouldn’t think that they would have any! Some snakes are no larger than an earthworm.

Are snake bones hollow?

No. Snake bones are incredibly lightweight but they are not hollow. But venomous snakes do have hollow fangs that are used to administer venom.

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To wrap things up, the skeleton of a snake isn’t too complicated. It is made up of almost entirely vertebrae and ribs and of course the skull. That being said, snakes have far more bones than humans and other animals. But the number of bones is highly dependent on the species and size of the snake, unlike humans.