A rectangle-shaped prism is a three-dimensional shape, having actually six faces, where all the deals with (top, bottom, and lateral faces) of the prism are rectangles such the every two opposite side faces are identical. Prefer all three-dimensional shapes, a rectangular prism likewise has volume and surface area. A rectangular prism is likewise known as a cuboid. Let united state learn more about a rectangular prism together with the recipe to discover its volume and also surface area.

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1.What IsRectangular Prism?
2.Types ofRectangular Prisms
3.Properties ofRectangular Prism
4.Formulas ofRectangular Prism
5.FAQs on rectangular Prism

What IsRectangular Prism?

A rectangular prism is a prism who bases (both its height face and also bottom face)are rectangles.It has actually 6 faces in total out ofwhich there are 3 bag of identical opposite faces. I.e., every 2 opposite encounters are identical in a rectangle-shaped prism. It has actually three dimensions, length, width, and height. Some instances of a rectangular prism in actual life are rectangular tissue boxes, institution notebooks, laptops, fish tanks, huge structures such together cargo containers, rooms,storage sheds, etc. In the number below, you can see how a rectangular prism look at like and also how its network (the shape formed by it when its deals with are opened) look at like.


Types ofRectangular Prisms

There room two varieties of rectangle-shaped prisms that space classified depending on the shape of the side deals with (or) the angle made by the side faces with the base.

Right rectangular prismOblique rectangular prism

A right rectangular prism has actually its side faces perpendicular to each of the bases. In this,all side encounters are rectangles. An oblique rectangular prism is a prism that is not a right rectangle-shaped prism and also its side faces are parallelograms. In general, a rectangular prism without any kind of specifications is a right rectangle-shaped prism.


Properties ofRectangular Prism

Here room the nature of a rectangle-shaped prism the follow its definition.

A rectangular prism has actually 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges.Its base and top are always rectangles.The side encounters are rectangles for a right rectangular prism vice versa, the side faces of one oblique rectangle-shaped prism space parallelograms.It has actually 3 dimensions, length, width, and also height.

Formulas ofRectangular Prism

In this section, we will learn the recipe of the volume and surface area of a rectangle-shaped prism. Because that both the these, permit us consider a rectangle-shaped prism of length 'l', broad 'w', and height 'h'. Along these dimensions, let united state assume the 'l' and also 'w' are the size of the base. Right here are the formulas for the volume and surface area the a rectangular prism.


Let us see just how to derive these formulas.

Volume of rectangular Prism

The volume that a rectangle-shaped prism is the an are that is within it. We recognize that the volume of any kind of prism is obtained by multiplying its basic area through its height. Here,

The height of the rectangle-shaped prism = h

Thus, the volume the the rectangle-shaped prism, V = lw× h = lwh.

Surface Area ofRectangular Prism

There are two species of surface area of a rectangle-shaped prism, one is the full surface area (TSA) and also the other is the lateral surface ar area (LSA).

TSA of a rectangle-shaped prism is the sum of the locations of all of its faces.LSA the a rectangular prism is the sum of the areas of all its side deals with (no bases).

We can calculate the locations of the side deals with of a rectangular prism making use of its network as displayed below.


Using the above figure,

The total surface area (TSA) the a rectangle-shaped prism

= The amount of locations of all faces

= lw + lw +wh + wh + hl + hl

= 2 (lw + wh + hl)

The lateral surface area (LSA) the a rectangle-shaped prism

= The sum of areas of next faces

= wh + wh + hl + hl

= 2 (wh + hl)

We will check out the applications of this volume and surface area formulas of a rectangular prism in the ar below.

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Example 2:A gift is pack in a rectangle-shaped box (rectangular prism)of size 15 in, 10 in, and 8 in and also it demands to be wrapped with gift paper. How much gift record is required to plunder the gift box?


The dimensions of the provided gift box are,

length, l = 15in

width, w = 10in

height, h = 8in

To discover the lot of gift document required, we need to uncover the total surface area that the box.