top top this page, you will find all the vital back-up information that one needs to professionally estimate Mariah"s an international sales history, together it has been excellent on the vault pages:

because that this, we will have a closer look at main press releases, brand reports, awards and interesting short articles from music magazines.

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Let"s gain to the life numbers...

11/1994: 55 million documents (album + singles + music videos)

Music Box has actually shipped 11 million units in the fiscal year ...with aggregate sales exceeding 20 million systems worldwide

· Daydream…sold more than 14 million copies throughout the year under evaluation

...while her 1993 and also 1994 release Music Box and also Merry Christmas each offered over a million systems

Daydream: 14 million up until March 31 1996

Music Box: 21 million+ up till March 31, 1996

merry Christmas: 9 million up till March 31, 1993



· „Other multimillion-selling recordings throughout the year included Mariah Carey’s Daydream…“


according to her label Columbia, Mariah"s debut album had actually sold 8 million duplicates ww till the release of Emotions in loss 1991.

Billboard offers some very insightful details for albums i beg your pardon enjoyed substantial success in Asia (outside that Japan): as such, Mariah Carey"s debut album is named as one of those rare albums and is stated to be "near" the level the 500,000 duplicates sold in the region - and also that clearly prior to the Music box era, which would considerably an increase its magazine sales once more.

Albums include:

Bodyguard OST: 1,900,000 Eric Clapton"s Unplugged: 450,000+ Michael Bolton"s Time, Love and Tenderness: 500,000+ Michael Jackson"s Dangerous : close come 500,000 Mariah Carey"s Mariah Carey: close to 500,000


amazing insights into the sales development of Music crate in Asia outside of Japan:

regional sales: 1,6 million Taiwan, Hong-Kong and Singapore: closing in on 500,000 south Korea: 600,000+ Hong-Kong: 80,000 Singapore: 110,000 Taiwan (from originally 150,000 to then 320,000)

The article is up to July 1994 and suggests that additional promotional campaigns would follow, so the these numbers need to been check out as an update and also not the last results because that the album.

Music Box offered 5 million copies in Europe v 1.4 million coming from the UK and also 1 million indigenous Germany

in ~ the end of 1994, Mariah not just celebrates the release of she now classic Christmas album, but additionally received acknowledgment for she blockbuster album Music Boxes, which had then sold more than 20 million copies.

The europe magazine specialized to the music industry presents some exciting information in ~ the finish of 1994, i beg your pardon was overcame by Mariah"s Music Box:

6 million albums sales throughout Europe until the end of 1994 an especially striking power in the Netherlands: 550,000+ copies (a saturation same to a Diamond certification in the US!)

about Merry Christmas:

very first shipment of already 800,000 copies Italy: 100,000 copies

regarding the Eurochart:

Mariah has had two long-lasting singles: without You (40 weeks) and also Hero (35 weeks) the album contends this suggest spent 64 top top the graph


before the release of the brand-new George Michael album in ~ the time, Virgin records chairman Ken Berry recalls the enormous selling strength of Mariah in Asia, citing her as an artist through the ability to shift a lofty 2 million devices in south east Asia alone every album (here most likely with referral to the Music crate album).

Music Box: 23 million worldwide (6,3 mio SoundScan) funny Christmas: 8 million worldwide after ~ its an initial season (2 million SoundScan)

""According to Borchard, the Latin industry will most likely be treated to a Spanish-language rerecording the a song from ""Daydream"" later on this year. ""At the moment, we"re trying to decision which would certainly be the appropriate song,"" she says. ""Mariah re-recorded "Hero" native "Music Box" in Spanish specifically for this market, and it to be an efficient tool in offering an additional 500,000 albums in Latin America.""

representatives of Sony Music talk about the success that Music crate in Europe prior to the relax of Daydream:

amazing information in the text:

Music Box:

much more than 600,000 in the Netherlands 1,400,000 in Germany 24 million worldwide


initial european shipment: 1,5 million


global records sales that 70 million Daydream has actually sold 12 million copies in 3 month merry Christmas has actually sold over 10 million copies after its second season
Merry Christmas closing in ~ above the Bodyguard OST to come to be Japan"s all-time top-selling international album Music Box: 2,03 million copies (Including imports) Merry Christmas: 2,5 million copies (including imports) Daydream: 2,1 million copies (including imports)

Merry Christmas and also All I want For Christmas Is You room the top-selling international album and solitary of the year.

in the vein the the upcoming Daydream Tour, Merry Christmas is meant to move past the mark of 2,5 million copies sold (including imports) and is top top its way to outsell the Bodyguard OST together the top-selling international album of all time in Japan meanwhile, the reign could be rather shot lived as Mariah"s really own Daydream album is close up door in on merry Christmas and - follow to trade reports - could become Japan"s all-time No. 1 international album as quickly as of the finish of march 1996

Music Box is called the 10th best-charting album of the last 20 years (1975-1995) in Sweden. Mariah is the only female artist top top the list, leaving behind artists choose Madonna or Whitney Houston, which shows up as a testimony that the cool success the Music Box in Europe.

The Billboard magazine gives insights into Sony Music"s reports because that its budget year 1995-1996 (March to March), during which time structure Daydream managed to sell 14 million copies worldwide up till March 1996.

The magazine reports stories about the greatest international plot of the year in southern Korea through Mariah Carey being the most prominent n the earlier of she album Daydream i beg your pardon is cited to have actually sold 550,000 copies in the country to date.


The Billboard magazine offers deeper insights right into Sony Music"s report because that the fiscal year 1996-1997 (March - March), because that which Sony states that Daydream sold an additional 5 million copies global after march 1996, pass its complete to 19 million up till March 1997.



Mariah"s #1"s compilation album eclipses the Bodyguard OST as the best-selling international album in Japan with sales that 3,25 million duplicates (including imports) ~ a just 6 main of sleeve sales.

Sony Music Japan gift Mariah Carey"s album sales in early on 1999 soon after the release of #1"s:

Mariah Carey Japan: 850.000 US 8.000.000  WW: 12.000.000

Emotions Japan: 1.000.000 US 4.000.000  WW: 8.000.000

MTV Unplugged Japan: 500.000 US 3.000.000  WW: 7.000.000

Music crate Japan: 2.200.000 US 15.000.000 (?) WW: 24.000.000

Merry Christmas  Japan: 2.600.000 US 4.000.000  WW: 11.000.000

Daydream Japan: 2.400.000 US 10.000.000  WW: 19.000.000

Butterfly Japan: 3.500.000 US 5.000.000  WW: 11.000.000

full Japan: 14.550.000 US 54.000.000  WW: 120.000.000


in ~ the rotate of the millennium, Mariah obtained an awards for Asian sales of #1"s in excess of 1,6 million units offered (outside the Japan) because that a full of climate at the very least 5,2 million copies (Japan ~ 3,6 mio) in the region as of 2000.

She likewise received a platinum certification because that Rainbow in Hong Kong (20,000 units).

"...People believed no one would ever sell 10 million albums in Europe after ~ Michael Jackson. And who to be the following oneto carry out so? Celine Dion. And we go 8 million albums with Mariah Carey in Europe."


Carey"s "Glitter" Sparkles In Japan

Mariah Carey"s "Glitter" album has end up being a major hit in Japan, the very first and only human being market where it has actually been issued so far, Billboard Bulletin reports. The is the country"s No. 3 location this week, according to the latest Oricon and also Dempa charts, and also the most renowned release through a non-Japanese act. Sony Music entertainment (Japan), which shipped "Glitter" Aug. 18, states sales to date are 450,000 units. The album has a bonus track for the neighborhood market, a 3rd mix that the "Loverboy" single.


Carey left Sony Music previously this year because that a global deal through Virgin Records, not included Japan. The Recording market Association of Japan states the singer"s "The Ones", which marketed 3.6 million devices in the territory, is among the biggest-selling albums ever by a non-Japanese artist. Virgin is booked to release "Glitter" Sept. 11 in the U.S. The movie for which that serves as the soundtrack goes to theaters Sept. 21 in the U.S. And also in mid-October in Japan.

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As previously reported, release of the film and also the album were bumped ~ Carey suffered an emotional failure last month. The artist has plans come sit for an interview through Barbara Walters that will air Sept. 12 on ABC"s "20/20" in ~ 10 p.m.


interesting from Sony Music Japan, which to be at the time tho distributing Mariah"s music releases in Japan:

initial shipment for Glitter in Japan: 450,000 sales the #1"s as of 2001: 3,600,000

"Charmbracelet" re-release press release Moins d"un one après sa signature sur le label Island Def Jam, Mariah Carey nous livre en avril 2003, une nouvelle édition exceptionnelle de son Charmbracelet, quasiment double Disque d"Or en France (plus de 3 millions d"albums vendus dans le monde !). Cette édition comprend le tube de Busta Rhymes "I recognize What friend Want", ainsi que "Boy"le nouveau solitary de la grande Mariah. Translation: "Charmbracelet" is close to double Gold condition in France (200,000 copies) plus it marketed over 3 million copies around the world. Source: universal Music France - 2003