There’s an open potato salad container in her fridge, and also you want to know how numerous days it can sit there. Just how long does potato salad last?

Or maybe you’re make potato salad in ~ home, and you’re wonder if friend can twin or even triple the recipe. Yet you’re not rather sure just how long potato salad is an excellent for, and you definitely don’t desire it to walk bad.

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Either way, it sounds choose you desire to discover a thing or 2 aboutpotato salad warehouse periods and practices. If that’s the case, read on.


How long Does Potato Salad Last?

Store-bought potato salad lasts as much as the day on the label, possibly a day or two past it. As soon as you open the container, the salad keeps because that 3 come 4 days, the same as homemade potato salad does.

Like tuna salad, potato salad doesn’t last the long. The 3 come 4 days originates from the USDA reference on storing leftovers ().

I usually enable it come sit because that an extra day, expanding the storage duration to 4 to 5 days.

Cooked potatoes and also carrots a for salad
Is there a difference in warehouse time between homemade and also store-bought potato salad?

It depends. Store-bought salads commonly retain texture for quite some time. Homemade people aren’t always that good in that regard. If your dressing start to different after a day or two, that’s exactly how long her salad will store quality.

Many website talk about differences in between using homemade or advertising mayonnaise, or in between mayo-based and also oil-based dressings, but in most cases, it’s not that huge of a deal.

As long as the dressing maintain texture and also holds everything together, it doesn’t matter what it’s make of.


If her dressing tends to separate or malfunction after a day or two in storage, consider making the salad without the dressing and including it separately prior to serving.

Store-bought potato salad (unopen)Use-by + 1- 2 days
Store-bought potato salad (open)3 – 4 days
Homemade potato salad3 – 4 days

Potato salad without dressing

How Long have the right to Potato Salad Sit Out?

If you left her potato salad out for more than 2 hours in room temperature, or an hour if it’s end 90°F (or 32°C), you have to discard it. That’s the main recommendation, in ~ least.

Common sense is what girlfriend need right here the most.

If you’ve lugged that salad through you top top a picnic on a warm summer day, it’s probably best that girlfriend toss the end the leftovers. Uneven you kept it in a cooler, the course.

But if you forgot to put the salad into the fridge and it satellite on the respond to for prefer 3 hours, it’s most most likely okay. Of course, if you decision to discard the salad, it’s good too.


If your salad satellite in a relatively warm temperature for much longer than one hour, shot to end up it within a work or two if possible. It might spoil prematurely.

Potato salad prep: potatoes and carrots cubed

How To save Potato Salad

Store potato salad in the fridge, strict covered. One airtight container works best, but if girlfriend don’t have one that’s large enough, pack a huge bowl with plastic wrap it s okay the job done.

Besides that, psychic to constantly use clean spoons once scooping the salad. Double-dipping is never ever a an excellent idea, particularly if you want that salad to last for much more than a day or two.

By complying with these practices, you save the bacteria out, don’t let any type of moisture escape (nobody likes a dried salad), and also keep the salad for sure from any kind of odors in the refrigerator ().

Are there any type of other alternatives that enable you to save potato salad for longer, you ask? Let’s talk around that.

Potato salad wrapped through plastic wrap

Can You freeze Potato Salad?

Potato salad doesn’t freeze well. If there’s mei or the dressing is based on a dairy product such together sour cream, it will separate. And any crisp veggie will rotate mushy.

Long story short, the texture will suffer, and also the taste the a frozen and also thawed potato salad will certainly be far from what you’re provided to. The exact same is true because that egg salad.

You deserve to freeze potato salad, however you won’t reap eating the after defrosting, to say the least. Uneven there’s no other option, don’t frozen this salad.

Potato salad closeup

How to Tell If Potato Salad Is Bad?

Toss out your potato salad if:

It’s a few days past its date or sits open for much more than five days.If girlfriend don’t even remember as soon as you’ve opened up the container or whipped up the salad, remove it.It smells off.Give the salad a good whiff prior to eating. If the smell is cake or poor in any kind of other way, it’s time come let the go.There’s mold in the container.The texture has changed.If the salad start to separate or looks slimy, you should make a decision. If it still appears okayish, feel free to end up it today. But if the doesn’t look at appetizing at all, it’s best to discard it.

As usual, it’s better to be safe 보다 sorry. That way that if you’re not sure the salad is still safe to eat, i think it isn’t, and toss it.

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