When you open up your refrigerator, trying to find a snack, you might wonder how long does cooked bacon last? that is a great question, specifically if you are storing cooking bacon in her fridge. Bacon is usually chock complete of preservatives, but that quiet doesn’t mean it will save forever, so when you ask you yourself how long can you store cooked bacon, you are asking an essential question.

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How come Tell if Bacon is Bad

Even despite bacon is pumped complete of preservatives, cooked bacon shelf life is not forever. The bacon usage by date is one clue as to whether a package or item of bacon must be consumed or whether it have to be thrown out. However it isn’t a sure means of determining whether a piece of bacon is edible.

How long Will cooking Bacon Last?

Bacon fridge life is roughly 5 to 7 days, assuming that it is retained in the refrigerator because that the totality of that time. It could keep slightly much longer if the package is quiet sealed, however that is not a sure way to lengthen the moment of its edibility.

Telltale indications of Spoiled Bacon

Bacon the is going negative will change color. It might take top top a greenish hue or turn a dull gray rather of the pink/red color of new meat. One more way to examine bacon that you think might have a suspicious background is to touch it through your fingers. Cooking bacon and also luncheon meat will have actually a slimy feel when it is walk bad, even prior to it starts to present discoloration.


It is difficult to tell if bacon is spoiling by the scent because of all the spices and preservatives that space in it. Also if the is beginning to turn, the additives will sometimes mask the odor that decay. Even so, it can smell “off” or odd. The one point you have to never perform with any food the you suspect could be spoiled is come taste it. Also just tasting offers the virus that can make friend ill entrance into your body.

A last visual check and one the is a dead giveaway for a food no being edible is if the is growing mold. Any food that is adorned with tiny eco-friendly dots has actually definitely end up being garbage.

Disposing that Spoiled Bacon

If you have actually pets, you might be tempted to feed the tainted bacon to your dog or cat. When these animals do have far better gut bacteria for digesting foodstuffs that are no much longer edible through humans, if the meat is sufficiently spoiled or if the is farming certain varieties of bacteria, it deserve to make your pet sick.


To conserve on vet and also doctor bills, place spoiled meat in a plastic bag, close the tightly and put it directly into your local dumpster. This will avoid it native attracting rodents (who have actually no trouble with eat spoiled food) and avoid the mess the can take place when your family pets suspect that you have thrown away something “yummy.

If that is no possible, friend can build a distinct container in her freezer for spoiled foodstuffs so the they deserve to be thrown far at an appropriate time.

Storing cooking Bacon

When it pertains to storing cooked bacon, there need to be some interpretations established. No all kinds of bacon space the same. First, bacon is a cut of meat that has alternative stripes that lean and also fat, with a strong leaning toward having an ext fat 보다 lean.

If girlfriend buy the without any type of preservatives, or processing, it is referred to as fat pork or pork belly, or merely fresh bacon. It will certainly fry increase nicely and won’t have actually the smoky preventive flavor the cured bacon. If you have actually leftovers after cooking this, it need to be stored in the refrigerator or it have the right to be frozen.


Cured Bacon

Next, over there is cured bacon. Bacon, favor ham, can be cured in a lot of different ways yet the important component is that the curing slows under (but does not eliminate) bacter growth, specifically if it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the curing process.

However, today’s bacon might not have actually been cured in the traditional manner and also might be much more like fresh bacon v some flavoring. Raw bacon should be cooked in ~ a day or two of placing that in your refrigerator, and also any leftover bacon that is not eaten should be refrigerated or frozen.

Fully cooking Bacon

Finally, over there is the product that is frequently labeled “Fully cook Bacon.” This stuff is often much more like a luncheon meat than genuine bacon, but it is lengthy on preservatives and also is typically safe to eat straight out that the package. Together for exactly how long it will keep, act it together you would a luncheon meat. The is to say, placed it in the refrigerator, don’t leave it out on the counter, setup to eat that up within the week, and watch because that telltale indicators of spoiling.


If you have actually bacon the you recognize you will certainly not have the ability to use within the week, freezing it is wonderful option. It might take the crispness the end of pan-fried bacon, however it will put an instant stop to any type of microbial action, i beg your pardon is the preferred goal. Bacon of any kind – raw, cooked or totally cooked – will certainly keep 4 to 6 months in the freezer. Freezing cook bacon will keep it saturated edible to placed in a casserole or even on a sandwich.

Defrosting bacon

Cooked bacon can be for sure defrosted in one of three ways: in the microwave, in the refrigerator or in cold water. You should never have your cooked bacon left out top top the counter to thaw.

Once it is defrosted, it should be heated every the method through come an interior temperature of roughly 145 to 180 degrees. The easiest means to execute this is to ar in a baking pan and also warm the in the oven. As soon as rewarmed, it can be offered in any means that you would typically use bacon.

Recap the how to tell if bacon is bad, and also how long cooked bacon will stay good:

Not every bacon is the same. There is:Raw fresh bacon – demands to be cure as any raw pork cut.Smoked or cured bacon – can be retained in the refrigerator much longer than new bacon, however should still be offered up in ~ the week.Bacon you have actually cooked at home – deserve to be refrigerated for about one main after cooking, or have the right to be frozen for roughly 4 monthsWays come tell if your bacon is spoiled include:Discoloration
A slimy feel as soon as touched
OdorMold or mildew cultivation on the baconWays come thaw frozen bacon:In the microwave – usage your microwave’s directions.In the refrigeratorUnder cold, running waterReheat frozen, cooked bacon through placing that in a pan and also warming the in stove at 350 Fahrenheit.Some world say you have the right to eat it right out of the package, however warming help kill any type of lingering bacteria.Dispose the bacon in the trash, sealed in a method to prevent pets or other pets from getting into it.

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So, how long have the right to you store cooked bacon? either by refrigerating because that a week or keeping it frozen for lot longer. It all depends on how frequently you usage it. Tell united state your experience with cook bacon in the comment section.