Ultimately, your trip time to visit Bermuda will depend on wherein you’re comes from. Prior to COVID-19, all the island delights were just a two-hour trip from north America’s eastern Coast. It’s common for people to i think Bermuda is component of the Caribbean islands, yet the island is actually much closer.

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Flight times and schedules may be disrupted by the present Coronavirus pandemic. However, the typical non-stop trip from the U.S come Bermuda take away two hrs from the eastern Seaboard. We’ve delved right into the specifics because that the major gateway urban below.

North America Flights come Bermuda


It’s hard to think this fantastic island is therefore close by and there’s merely no negative time come visit. The cluster of mostly-interconnected little islands is a popular vacation location that has come to be a second home for many on the East shore of phibìc America.

Here’s exactly how long you can expect to be excited on your flight.

New York (Non-stop, 2hrs 18m)Boston (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m)Toronto (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m)Atlanta (Non-stop, 2hrs 44m)Miami (Non-stop, 2hrs 37m)Toronto (Non-stop, 2 hrs 44 minutes)


*Flight times and prices were sourced from Google Flights before the coronavirus pandemic. They will vary throughout this time. Schedules are expected come return to close to normal when the pandemic is over.


The island is a blend of numerous different languages and also influences. Since 1949, Bermuda has remained the earliest British overseas Territory. Over there are straight flights accessible from London, England, i beg your pardon take about six come eight hours depending on headwinds.

With strong influences native England, Portugal and also the Caribbean, the Bermudian way of speaking has advanced into a language that its own. Below are part slang native you have the right to use to feel like a local. To find the duration indigenous your main European location, use Google Flights or refer to your nearest airport.

You can fly come Bermuda from famous European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and also others via Gatwick Airport v an average flight time of roughly 8 hours. Before booking, make certain to double check if any quicker straight flights are obtainable as protest to a trip with numerous layovers.

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Now you’ve uncovered how long (or rather, just how short) you’ll need to fly to reap the fascinating island that Bermuda. However how much does a flight cost to suffer it all? human being often fall in love v our pink-sand beaches and also book your return flight later or uncover something a little more permanent ~ above the island…

The Laid-Back Bermudian way of life Is simply a brief Flight Away

Whenever your wheels touch down in Bermuda, there are so numerous different points to do and also experience. Because it’s so beautiful, it deserve to be hard to know where to explore and what to indulge you yourself in first. However don’t worry, we"ve obtained you covered!

Bermuda has something because that everybody, that’s why it’s come to be such a popular destination for world from all over the world. We’ve put together one all-in-one source that has everything you need to understand in one place. Check it the end below.