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Driving from Seattle to Vancouver take away two and a half to to three hours under normal conditions in reasonable traffic and also with no excessive lineups in ~ the border.

Border crossing times are generally much shorter heading north from Seattle come Vancouver, for this reason the trip north frequently is shorter than the one indigenous Vancouver come Seattle. Crossing right into the U.S. Is a an ext time-consuming process.

The Drive between Seattle and also Vancouver

The journey is a pleasant one. The most direct route is ~ above the I-5 North; however, consider expanding the journey to include some added highlights along the way. Chuckanut drive is an old two-lane highway the runs from federal government 5 simply north the Mt. Vernon (60 mile from Seattle) that will just take an extra fifty percent hour or so however will price you with stunning vistas of Puget Sound and also the san Juan Islands.

cross the U.S./Canada Border

There are 4 border crossing options when driving between Seattle, WA, to Vancouver, B.C. They room from west to east: tranquility Arch; the Pacific Highway, or \"Truck Crossing\" as it\"s frequently known; Lynden/Aldergrove and Sumas/Huntingdon.The very first bit of advice is to inspect Northbound Border Wait times to see existing waits at each crossing. Also, song your radio come AM730 come hear web traffic updates.Although the northbound wait is typically less 보다 that of the southbound, there is still a pattern of much less traffic in the morning, with traffic peaking mid-day and remaining more heavier until approximately 6 p.m. Northbound traffic at the border top top weekends has tendency to optimal later and be busiest in between 6 p.m. And 10 p.m.

Which Border crossing Is the best One?

The border crossing the is ideal for you depends on whether your priority is simply to do the cross as easily as feasible or if duty-free purchase is additionally important.1 .The tranquility Arch crossing is the key crossing and also tends to it is in the busiest (it is, in fact, the third most active U.S./Canada border crossing, averaging almost 5000 cars passing with per day). Not just is peace Arch busy, but it likewise lacks duty-free to buy (duty-free to buy is easily accessible southbound only). The nearby Pacific Highway (the van Crossing) is open up to non-commercial traffic, is generally faster than tranquility Arch and also has duty free shopping. Tranquility Arch web traffic congestion peaks in ~ 3 p.m. Come 4 p.m. NEXUS lanes are easily accessible northbound and southbound.Two other border crossing options, slightly farther east are the Lynden/Aldergrove and Sumas/Huntingdon crossings. Both have actually duty complimentary shopping.

2. The Lynden/Aldergrove crossing is accessed to Canada by guide Meridian coming from Lynden Washington (follow indications for Lynden). Once entering Canada friend will finish up top top 264 Street, if you lug on 264th it will certainly take you to Hwy 1, head west come Vancouver about 45 minutes to downtown. This cross is 35 mi/59 km eastern of Vancouver. However, if you\"re travel to the phibìc Shore or come the east side that Vancouver, this crossing is worth considering. The wait is usually less than five minutes. Keep in mind that that is not open up 24 hrs a day.

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3. The Sumas/Huntingdon cross enters Canada from Washington State through Easterbrook Road turning into Sumas way and finishing up in Abbotsford BC. The is open 24 hours but is 43 mile (72 km) eastern of Vancouver, which to add on take trip time, even if conserving on border wait time. However, if you acquire off the I-5 at Bellingham and drive to Mt. Baker and also onto Sumas, you\"ll check out some gorgeous scenery.