The Dodge Caravan interior provides passengers comfort and also plenty of entertainment where or whenever they need it. Inside, motorists can uncover features to likewise keep them focused on the roadway ahead and also keep every driving endure as funny as it deserve to be. Traditional cabin amenities are: Stow N Go, 4 12V strength Outlets, and also a 6-Speaker Sound System. Some available modern technology found in other trim levels include: Uconnect Voice Command, Wireless headphones, and also a solitary DVD to chat System. The Caravan cabin has the amenities because that every family members to be happy for straightforward trips come the save or lengthy road trips.

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Dodge Caravan Trim Levels

The Caravan has actually 3 optional trim levels: SE, SE Plus, and also SXT.SE Plus, SE, and SX are available trims of the Caravan. An ext base level tech discovered in the evade Caravan include: Premium towel Interiors, a far Engine start, and also a Dual-Zone Front air Conditioning. Some obtainable inside features for the SE Plus, SE, and SXT models are: power Front seats, USB ports, and a Three-Zone automatic Temperature Control.

Caravan Exterior & interior Dimensions

The Caravan is spacious because of a height of 67.9 inches, complete length that 202.8 inches, wheelbase the 121.2 inches, and also 78.7 customs of width. These dimensions make 33 cu. Ft the cargo space with the third row flat, and 143.8 cu. Ft of trunk space with the second row the seating down.


Dodge grand Caravan inner Dimensions
Front Headroom39.8-inches
Rear Headroom39.3-inches (2nd row) 37.9-inches (3rd row)
Front foot Room40.7-inches
Rear leg Room36.5-inches (2nd row) 32.7-inches (3rd row)
Front Shoulder Room63.7-inches
Rear Shoulder Room64.1-inches (2nd row) 62.0-inches (3rd row)
Front i know good Room58.4-inches
Rear i know good Room65.0-inches (2nd row) 48.7-inches (3rd row)

Dodge cool Caravan Cargo/Trunk Space
Cargo SpaceBehind First-Row seat 143.8ft³ Behind Second-Row seat 83.3ft³ Behind Third-Row chair 33.0ft³
Trunk SpaceBehind First-Row chair 143.8ft³ Behind Second-Row seat 83.3ft³ Behind Third-Row chair 33.0ft³

Caravan Seating Highlights

The evade Caravan has actually seating for approximately 7 passengers v 3 seat in the 3rd row. It has actually plenty of legroom with 36.5 inches of legroom in the 2nd row, 40.7 customs of leg an are in the an initial row, and 32.7 customs of leg an are in the 3rd row. Through each chair is leather-trimmed has actually premium towel seating and also interiors to include comfort because that every passenger.

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Dodge grand Caravan Seating
Seating Capacity7
Seating MaterialsCloth (Standard)Premium Cloth,Premium Seats v Suede Inserts (Available)