Game reflects are a famous pastime for thousands of people. One standard show is The Price is Right, i beg your pardon is where fans will certainly hear the above phrase, “Come top top down!”

Anyone deserve to participate for the possibility to success phenomenal prizes choose a brand-new car or a vacation.

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For countless years, celebrity organize Bob Barker called contestants down to play the game. He has long because been retired, yet some fans might be surprised to learn just how old he was as soon as he stepped down as the host.

Bob Barker started hosting in 1972


Bob Barker | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The Price is Right originally aired in the 1950s, however CBS rebooted that in September 1972. Barker joined the present as the host, replacing bill Cullen. He to be 48 years old in ~ the time and also has had a pretty long career top top the show. He was the hold of the present for a grand total of 35 years.

The Price is Rightsoonbecame the highest-rated daytime show and is among the longest-running collection in the country. It has actually been airing uninterrupted for over 45 years, with Barker at the helm for many of the run. The display is tho airing new episodes under a brand-new host.

Barker would organize the present for end 6,700 episodes. This feat earned that the Guinness world Record for many episodes hosted. Though, Alex Trebek broke the document in 2014.

The organize of Jeopardy!had completed his 6,829thepisode when he earned the brand-new world record. Still, doing countless episodes is no easy task, which mirrors Barker’s dedication come the show.

Bob Barker retired from ‘The Price is Right’

For 35 years, viewers knew Barker together the organize of The Price is Right. However, all things must involved an end. Not only did he complete his time top top the show, however he finished his 50-year job on television. He to be 83 years old as soon as he retired.

Barker had actually a pretty good run before his retirement. According to IMDb, he got the Guinness world Record because that “Most Generous host in tv History” for giving away $55 million in prizes. Later on that quantity would get bumped as much as $200 million.

Barker won 11 Emmys due to his performance together a game show host. In 1999, he won the Lifetime accomplishment Award. On the show’s 5,000thepisode, CBS specialized a stage to Barker, which they called the Bob Barker Studio.

In June 2007, Barker happen the torch end to attracted Carey. Numerous fans may recognize Carey native his time ~ above Whose heat Is it Anyway?that aired in the so late 90s. The comedian pointed out in an interview that he planned to keep The Price is Right the longest-running show in the united States.

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What is Bob Barker act now?

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According to The Things, life after TV has been rather an adjustment for Barker. He reported the he has trouble remembering the day or week. Not to mention, he admitted to missing the people that he worked with. However, that does no regret his retirement.

Barker is quiet a passionate animal-right activist at the age of 96. He always has to be an activist. Just before retirement, he donated approximately $1 million to Georgetown University’s regulation school for the research of pet rights. Barker has been spending lot of of time at residence recently and continues to assist causes making use of his earnings.

He wrote a memoir a pair of year after retiring titled Priceless Memories. The memoir details his time on The Price is Right and his an individual life. For Barker’s 90thbirthday, he acquired invited back to the present in celebration. Overall, Barker remained out of the spotlight end the past couple of years.