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Frequently asked Questions
Q: What is the difference in between Apple Cider and also Apple Juice?
A: apple Cider is just fresh squeezed apples. To apologize Juice starts as Cider, and then the is heated come pasteurize the product. This process makes the juice shelf stable, which means it walk not have to be refrigerated till opened and it has a long shelf life. New Apple Cider that has actually not to be pasteurized has to be kept refrigerated and it will begin to ferment after about two weeks, eventually ending up being Apple Cider Vinegar!
Q: What is apologize Butter?
A: to apologize Butter isn"t really butter in ~ all, however rather a jam or preserve with a smooth consistency. It is made v Apples, Sugar, and also some an enig spices and also is great for dispersing on biscuits, toast, or to apologize Fritters.

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Q: as soon as is "Apple Season?"
A: apple season starts in late August through the harvest of a couple of early varieties, such together Gala, prime Gold, and also Ginger Gold. We really begin to pick most varieties and make fresh cider in September and continue with October. We end up apple harvest v the choose of so late season favorites favor Granny Smith and also Winesap. We store enough apples in ours coolers to make fresh cider through Christmas.
Q: wherein does the apple Barn gain all those apples?
A: countless of our apples come from our very own orchard best behind the barn! We have actually over 4,000 semi-dwarf tree in 14 different varieties. Every apple get an impressive on those trees are sold best on the farm. Many thanks to the numerous nice folks that visit us every year, we currently need more apples than we have the right to supply, therefore several neighborhood orchards in our ar now thrive apples just for us. We likewise have some friends in neighboring states that help us out once needed. For the many part, us sell in your ar grown apples because we feel prefer it is far superior come the fruit marketed in many grocery stores today. The southern Appalachian region has some unexplained weather during the farming season. Some beforehand mornings that begin out cool can finish up quite warmth in the afternoon.

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Temperature sport of 20 levels during a 24-hour duration are no uncommon. This puts added stress top top the trees and causes them come impart more flavor right into the fruit.
Q: Is the apologize Barn yes, really a barn?
A: correct! The barn to be built roughly 1910 and also sheltered hay, cattle, and horses till 1980 once it was carefully cleaned and also became "The to apologize Barn"!