Admit it, you’ve had actually it happen. Just about everyone has actually lost something at the back of the refrigerator at some point. V ferments, exactly how do you know if they’re tho good? how long can a ferment last in the refrigerator? In this post, Ashley discusses the shelf life of fermented foods.

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How lengthy does fermented food critical in the refrigerator? The prize is a lot much longer than you think.

Most recipes have actually you ferment sauerkraut top top the respond to using a water lock for 6-12 weeks, and then change the water lock through a consistent canning lid prior to storing in the refrigerator. More often than not, they’ll say “consume in ~ a month or two.”

Every time I read “consume in ~ a month or two” i think come myself, “Wait a minute! Isn’t fermenting an alleged to help preserve food? Cabbage keeps for months in the refrigerator all on its own. Shouldn’t ferments last longer?”

How lengthy does sauerkraut last in the refrigerator?


I recently had actually the chance to check it out. An overly polite home guest continued to be with us and also though they loved our homegrown and homemade food, lock felt dreadful “eating all our tough work.” in ~ the finish of your trip, they tried to replace what they’d consumed by buying us new food native the store.

They replaced our home-harvested honey with keep bought honey, our homemade cookie with keep bought, and also our homemade sauerkraut v locally-made raw kraut. They had actually such good intentions, however I discovered it tough to define that i love making my own kraut. I love visiting our bees and also tasting the nuanced spices of your honey. Ns love baking cookies!

More 보다 I love make my very own homemade goodies, ns love sharing them with house guests.

I kindly accepted the gifts, due to the fact that in many ways our house guest to be trying to get the satisfaction of giving in return, and there’s no method I would certainly rob lock of that. The trouble is, i then quickly forgot around the gifts.

Sure, the cookies were eaten on the counter, but the odd jug of honey got lost in the pantry and the locally-produced life sauerkraut got shoved to the back of the refrigerator.

A complete 18 month later, I discovered that jar of honey and also remembered our residence guest. A minute later, the honey reminded me the the kraut must likewise still it is in here…


Goodness! I recognize honey keeps forever, however what around kraut? I’ve never had homemade kraut last that long; mine family always gobbles the up. This jar obtained pushed come the ago of the fridge, and though I’d view it there from time to time it always got passed end in donate of homemade. Only currently it dawned on me the it’s fine over a year old.

Could it perhaps still it is in good?

I cracked the seal and also popped it open up and…YES! Amazingly, it was perfect without even a note of off flavors. Though ns haven’t taste this kraut “fresh” to me, it tasted around as great as any kind of newly-made batch, probably a little stronger, however just together lovely.

A little bit of quick research online confirmed what my taste buds had told me. A clean, uncontaminated and well-sealed jar have the right to keep for about two full years in the refrigerator.

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A quick visual inspection will frequently tell you if her ferment has kept well. Is over there mold starting? off colors? strange smells? Finally, give it a fast taste. If it tastes good, you’ve won! walk ahead and use increase that ancient ferment, and then get back to the kitchen and also make some more!


At, we take ours sauerkraut seriously. Because that the ideal recipes because that homemade, lacto-fermented sauerkraut you can make in a jar, inspect out the adhering to posts:



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