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- an itching flour prank caused a major disruption at a Cobb County school on Wednesday, sending out dozens of students to the nurse’s office and then home.

According come the district’s spokeswoman Donna Lowry, a Campbell middle School college student sprinkled the powder on a couple of students, resulting in severe itching. The power was climate passed around and affected around 50 students.

Lowry said the bottle of itching powder is “all natural” and doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals, and won't cause lasting effects. The irritation, she said, have the right to be to wash away through water.

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The “few” students that pulled the prank will certainly be disciplined, according to Lowry. The nature the the disciplinary activity is unknown at this time.

Lowry claimed the school’s primary relayed the complying with message in a voice call to parents this afternoon: 

"Dear Campbell middle School Parents,This is Mr. Tanner with crucial announcement around an incident that emerged today.  Unfortunately, we had a college student make really poor decision that affected several of ours students, particularly in the seventh grade.  The student lugged a party of prank itching powder to school and also put the powder on other students, i m sorry then transferred to several an ext students.  The students’ exposure come the powder led to them to experience serious itching, in some cases.  we quickly found the bottle of itching powder, preventing an ext students from gift affected.This incident led to a disruption to our college day.  us have established the students that participated in bring about this incident and have given them consequences according come the Cobb County institution District password of Conduct.  In addition, I desire to assure you that the product supplied does not cause long-term effects.  In fact, the product description states --quote-- “don't worry about it containing any dangerous chemistry or anything prefer that as Itching powder is obtained from all herbal Rose Hips and it neutralizes when simply washed off through water!” Please speak through your student this evening about the seriousness of happen items like this to school and also emphasize to them that bringing this items to institution will an outcome in disciplinary consequences.  say thanks to you for her support and also assistance v this issue. Sincerely,Jonathan TannerPrincipal, Campbell middle School "