The present Marriage patent Fee is comprised of the following:$40.00 - Utah County marriage License FeeIncluded - two Certified copies of Completed marriage License (a paper copy and also a digital copy)$10.00 - Children"s Defense trust Fund-State forced Fee$20.00 - Utah marital relationship Commission-State forced Fee*$10.00 - victim of residential Violence Donation-Optional State Fee$15.00 - International deal with Processing Fee-International ship To Addressess Only$60.00 - global Shipping Fee-All Certificates sent via FedEx v Tracking for all worldwide Ship come Addresses$70.00 - Base license Fee w/o Discount$50.00 - Base patent Fee through Discount*$80.00 - patent Fee w/Donation w/o Discount$60.00 - patent Fee w/Donation and Discount*International license Fees$145.00 - Base patent Fee w/o Discount$125.00 - Base license Fee through Discount*$155.00 - license Fee w/Donation w/o Discount$135.00 - license Fee w/Donation and also Discount**This fee have the right to be waived by completing pre-marital education and learning or counseling. Come learn exactly how to getthe discount, visit The discount also applies to anyone the completes their application in-person at the Utah ar Passport and Marriage patent Office.

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How come ApplyComplete your marital relationship license application online, verify your identification online, and pay digital by credit card or debit card. The patent fee is non-refundable and also includes two certified duplicates (a paper copy and a digital copy).Read the confirmation email containing the information around using your license and also officiant worksheet.Print off the copy of the officiant worksheet to offer to the individual performing your ceremony.Be sure your officiant complies with the instructions in her email and also on the worksheet for completing and also submitting your license digital to Utah County.If girlfriend Can"t use the online Application Or simply Need Help
If you need to pay your license fee through cash or examine or if girlfriend would simply prefer to complete your application in person, you have the right to come into the Utah ar Passport and Marriage patent office throughout regular organization hours.If you space not able to come into the office in person, room unable to use the digital application mechanism for any type of reason, or need assist with any other marital relationship license service, you have the right to use the button listed below to schedule a virtual office visit with a ar Clerk over a video conference. All video conferences are performed over Microsoft Teams.
MARRIAGE licenses EXPIRE 30 DAYS indigenous THE date OF ISSUE! Licenses have the right to be used immediately upon purchase, yet must be used before/up to their expiration date. An expired patent is no much longer valid and also a pair would need to acquire a new license to acquire married. IT IS highly RECOMMENDED that a couple wait till 7 to 10 days before their marriage date to use for your license. If you use for a license too early and also your wedding needs to be delayed, girlfriend will need to pay to acquire a brand-new license if your current one expires prior to your brand-new date. There room no expansions or refunds possible under Utah State law.A license issued in Utah County might be used in everywhere within the State the UtahA federal government issued picture ID that shows a date of birth is forced for all applicants.If a divorce has been granted in ~ the critical 60 days, you require to administer a certified copy the the divorce decree.If you were issued a record marriage license and also did not usage it within 30 days from the day of issue, carry out not damage it.Any expired marriage licenses issued together a document copy should be went back to the Utah County marriage License. Online only marital relationship licenses are issued electronically and are not compelled to be reverted if expired.
Who may Perform a marital relationship Ceremony?
The authority to officiate marital relationships is administrate by Utah code 30-1-6. The complying with list is a an overview of the code: Ministers, Rabbis, or priests of any religious denomination who are in constant communion with any spiritual society, and are 18 years of period or older. Indigenous American spiritual torture The governor Mayors that Municipalities justice Court Judges A referee or Commissioner that a court of document The ar Clerk, if the clerk choose to officiate marriages The president of the Senate The speaker of the residence of to represent Judges or magistrates of the United says A judge or magistrate that holds office in Utah as soon as retired, under rules set by the can be fried Court.
Individuals requesting a marriage license who are 16 or 17 years of age. (Note: The period difference in between both parties to the marriage must be less than seven years.) A boy must attain consent indigenous a parental or legitimate guardian A parental or legitimate guardian must give sworn consent in human at the moment of application, and must provide valid to know If the parental of the minor space divorced, consent shall be offered by the parent having legal custody that the minor as confirmed by court documents or divorce decree If the parents of the minor room divorced and have to be awarded share custody of the minor, consent shall be offered by the parent having physical custody of the boy the bulk of the time as confirmed by court files or divorce decree If the boy is not in the custody of a parent, the legitimate guardian shall carry out the consent and carry out proof that guardianship by court order and an oath of affirmation Certified copy of birth Certificate present valid photo identification created authorization native a judge of the court exercising juvenile jurisdiction in the county wherein either party to the marriage resides; or a court commissioner as permitted by dominance of the Judicial board of directors As of might 14, 2019 applicants 15 year of age and also younger cannot acquire a marital relationship license under Utah State law
First Cousins
first cousins might marry if they room 65 year of period or older. If lock are in between 55 and 64 year of age, the ar court in the county where they reside must find that either human is incapable of reproduction in order for them to it is in married.Qualifications: any persons regarded each various other within and not consisting of the fifth degree of consanguinity, other than for cousins as declared above, may not be married.
What If i Can"t use in Person?
If one applicant is no able to appear in human being at the office and also the pair is unable to apply for a license using the digital system, then the pair is welcome to schedule a digital office visit. Both applicants can appear before a clerk over a video conference and complete their application. The salesman will finish their application, verify your indentity, and also take your payment. Schedule a online office visit v the switch below.Requirements for a virtual Office Visit:Make an appointment using the button below.Upload the required documents in the appointment.Both applicants must appear before the clerk because that the appointment.Schedule digital Office Visit
How execute I adjust My Name?
We execute not manage name alters through our office. We will send friend a certified copy that your marriage license, which should be sufficient proof that your marriage to any type of government agency. Name transforms are commonly handled by the society Security administration and the Driver’s license Division.

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For much more information around Certified Copies, watch the "Certified Copies" net page.
Strong, healthy, long-lasting relationships don"t just happen on their own.Whether you"re engaged, newlywed, remarried, or a jug married couple, The Utah marital relationship Handbook has actually information, ideas, and resources that will assist you combine your relationship with her partner. The Handbook is accessible as a can be downloaded eBook in English and Spanish.Download A Copy
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