For digital retailers, it"s important to know precisely how long international shipping takes and also what affects shipment times. Here"s what you must know.

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By Jules


April 30, 2020

To succeed in worldwide shipping, you require to find a new set of effective courier solutions for each destination country. An efficient shipping systems will it is in affordable, but likewise deliver ~ above a timeline the pleases her customers. The guide below outlines few of the basics of global shipping come know before you take it the leap.

As a shortcut, try our cost-free shipping rate calculator. You"ll get an prompt estimate from optimal couriers that both the cost and also delivery time to any kind of country, and for numerous different services.

7 components That impact Delivery speed for international Shipping

International shipping procedures are far more complicated than neighborhood shipments. As such, girlfriend should consider several components to ensure the your global shipping procedure is seamless. These factors likewise come in handy once determining how long global shipping takes. Listed below are seven things you must keep in mind once thinking around shipping internationally.

1. Custom-mades Clearance

When shipping native one nation to another, the practice departments that various nations will it is in stringent in enforcing their tradition guidelines. Together such, personalizeds will clean all commodities initially to recognize their eligibility to enter into the country and check if the required clearance fee has been paid. If girlfriend don"t prepare adequately because that this - by giving the ideal paperwork, for example - this deserve to significantly hold-up the conventional shipping time.

Don’t forget that having the right paperwork is important. These have to be accurately to fill out through all the necessary information, consisting of harmonized codes and product descriptions. If you use, our automated shipping tools can help you generate pre-filled customs forms.

2. Controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic

The present COVID-19 pandemic has carried many sectors to a finish standstill. Worldwide trade and also shipping are amongst the many affected, with plenty of countries taking extensive precautionary actions to avoid the ongoing spread of the virus.

The sluggish pace that clearance will certainly affect international shipping times. Most couriers have now suspended plenty of international shipment routes because of government restrictions and are advising the there space delays on many operational routes. For much more information, see our pages on carrier operation effects in Europe, the US, and Asia-Pacific.

3. Shipping Services

You should additionally consider the tool of transport once shipping around the world as it determines just how long worldwide shipping will take. Sea and also air cargo space the most typically used shipping services. But, before opting for either, girlfriend should take into consideration the time, cost, and also nature of her products.

Air freight is faster than s shipping but much more expensive. Sea, on the other hand, is affordable however takes a long time. Sea distribution is also not good for breakable items that can’t endure lengthy trips in enclosed containers.

4. Banned Items

Various nations restrict the entry of different items. Together such, you should consider individual countries" restrictions before sending your shipment to ensure the you aren’t breaching their guidelines because that prohibited, restricted, or dangerous items.

You should be aware that if among the countries that your shipment passes through has restrictions ~ above the items, they will ground your delivery for an indefinite period. This transforms UPS floor shipping time, as well as other courier companies’ standard shipping times.

5. Global Shipping deal with Format

Shipping can additionally take more time if you don"t adhere to the prescribed international shipping deal with formats. All countries have a certain address format and also paying attention to this will ensure the your shipments are delivered as conveniently as possible.

6. Potential distribution Issues

Delivery worries can affect both local and international shipping times. To protect against delays early out to shipment issues, you have to employ the services of a shipping agency that offers thorough insights into your delivery status or takes preemptive actions to ensure delivery.

This way, her customers will be informed automatically if over there is a delay so they understand their shipping time estimate will certainly not be valid, and also they (and you) will know what the procedure is for various scenarios where shipment may be impacted, such as if who isn’t house at a residential address. Discovering all this information will enable you to take it precautionary measures to avoid huge shipping delays.


7. Carrier opened Hours and Holiday Shipping Deadlines

How lengthy does global shipping take, and also how execute the shipping companies’ opening hours and deadlines affect this? great question. Various shipping carriers have their very own operating hours and also deadlines for vacation deliveries, and also this deserve to significantly influence shipping time estimates. To prevent unnecessary delays, take keep in mind of your particular carrier"s operating times, and avoid shipping her items also close to significant holidays to avoid longer shipping times.


What is the Fastest way to ship Internationally?

International shipments take various lengths of time to reach your destinations, relying on the shipping courier used, and also the origin and destination addresses. Below is a breakdown of the shipping time for major couriers to deliver a delivery from Brooklyn, brand-new York to Hong Kong.

Is FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS Faster?

There is certainly no standard distribution time once it concerns international shipping, regardless of which courier girlfriend use. Nevertheless, you may well be wondering exactly how long global shipping takes v FedEx, DHL UPS, and also USPS? here are part shipping time estimates.

Courier ServiceEstimated delivery Time
USPS worldwide Express Guaranteed1-3 days
USPS Priority letter Express International3-5 days
USPS Priority mail International6-10 days
DHL refer Worldwide4 days
UPS global Express1-3 days
FedEx international Next FlightNext day
FedEx worldwide First3 days
FedEx global Priority3 days
FedEx international Economy5 days

With these rough estimates, you have the right to evaluate how long it will certainly take a delivery to reach her intended destination. Fortunately, every couriers have shipping time calculators that come in handy. Additionally,’s shipping prices calculator will display you a perform of the best easily accessible courier solutions for any of her shipments, including costs and also shipping time estimates.

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Can I rate Up mine UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS Delivery?

Luckily, if you have urgent shipments, that is feasible to speed the delivery time. UPS, FedEx, USPS, and also DHL all have actually a selection of shipping methods, and if you pick express services, you’ll easily shorten your shipment time.

The lowest ranking service for many couriers is the floor shipping service, i m sorry is cost-effective and provides an approximated day of delivery; the problem is, ground services are commonly the slowest obtainable courier solution. However, if you initiated a ground shipment and you would choose to fast-track your delivery while in transit, you have the right to intercept the package and also speed up distribution by contacting the courier directly.

All you need to do is notify the courier representative the you desire to upgrade her shipping and carry out your tracking number to obtain a Priority mail shipping time.

For most companies, you have actually the alternative of upgrading your shipment to two-day or overnight delivery and significantly cutting her shipping time estimate. The representative will collection up your arrangements and readjust your account information. Note that friend will have to pay some additional shipping charges.


Choose Your shipment Speed for your Shipment

In most cases, shipping service providers can"t guarantee precise delivery time. However, the tracking number they administer will provide you lot of of information so that you can keep monitor of her package while that in transit. But, if time is a concern and also you want to pick your delivery speed, here’s what you must consider.

Delivery command Times

This is most likely the most necessary factor in choosing your distribution speed. Every courier company will have actually a various estimated shipment time, for this reason you should pay fist to this when picking which organization to use. To obtain a better estimate for shipment dates, girlfriend should try using a shipping time calculator - this will assist you gauge whether the delivery speed is an ideal for your needs. Just remember that also though shipping estimates on most courier websites, such as USPS approximated shipping time are great, they room not guarantee for most shipping classes.


As mentioned, the tracking number listed by your shipping courier can assist in determining the shipment time. For example, you can use her number to get an estimate for her FedEx ground shipping time.

Improve Shipping Process

You have the right to streamline the shipping procedure to certain the many accurate distribution time. For this, you must identify particular factors that make the shipping process easy and helps you avoid things that lengthen the shipping process.

Coronavirus Impact

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is having actually a major effect on shipping times. Numerous governments have applied restrictions to slow the spread out of the virus, which means that numerous couriers have had actually to suspend international shipment routes or are dealing with delays on open up routes. You need to take this into account when estimating delivery dates for your international shipments.

Get Real approximates for delivery Times

While considering the concern of “how lengthy does global shipping take,” you need to take details things into factor to consider to gain a great answer. Global orders shipped through couriers space subject to different shipment times based on customs clearance, restrictions as result of the coronavirus pandemic, and also standard or refer services.

However, through the assist of a shipping time calculator - prefer the one easily accessible through - and also other processes that will streamline your international shipping, girlfriend can complete your deliveries with no fuss.

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That said, you can make your worldwide shipping process smooth by engaging the services of The communication is draft to lull shipping for all sizes of businesses. You can control every element of your shipping indigenous the communication in one dashboard.