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Los Angeles and new York City are two of most well-known cities to visit in the unified States. Los Angeles is 2,775 miles west of new York City. To gain from brand-new York City to Los Angeles, there are numerous transportation options. Generally, flying makes the most sense because that anyone top top a time constraint. The flight takes about 6 hours, and also sometimes you have the right to find an excellent deals on flights. Buses are more affordable, however the trip is incredibly long (about three days). The train pilgrimage is additionally quite long, and reasonably pricey, yet if you looking to see the country and also experience a sleeper car, this can be the time. Driving takes about 40 hours without stopping—but if you’re driving cross country, it probably makes sense to give yourself increase to 2 weeks to do a trip out of it. Be sure to take right into account the price of gas and tolls, food follow me the way, and also overnight accommodations.

How to acquire From new York City come Los Angeles
 TimeCostBest For
Train2 days, 19 hoursfrom $197Slow travel
Plane6 hoursfrom $50Arriving on a time crunch
Bus2 days, 20 hours, 30 minutesfrom $77Eco-conscious travel
Car40 hours2,775 miles (4,466 kilometers)A cross-country roadway trip

What Is the Fastest means to gain From new York City to Los Angeles?

Flying is the fastest and also most convenient means to obtain from NYC come LA. The duration of the trip takes about 6 hours, yet that go not include time spent acquiring to and also from the airport, check bags, or clearing security. All of the significant carriers (JetBlue, Delta, United, and also American Airlines), and also smaller airline (Alaska Airlines) and budget carrier (Southwest, sun Country, and Spirit Airlines) business the route.

You can uncover one-way fares together low together $50 (with one or two stops), therefore flying deserve to be the cheapest means to travel between the two cities. However, this mode of transit is typically more expensive 보다 the bus or train, together the typical one-way ticket prices $152.

Los Angeles international Airport(LAX) is just one of the world"s busiest airports and, just 18 mile away, the largest worldwide airport closest come downtown LA. Hollywood Burbank Bob expect Airport is 15 miles far from downtown, but it takes in fewer flights. Other nearby tiny airports encompass Long beach Airport (24 miles from downtown LA) and also John Wayne airport in Orange ar (39 mile from downtown LA).

how Long Is the Train Ride?

Traveling by train to and also from Los Angeles and brand-new York City is a very long, multi-day journey. Amtrak trains walk fromPenn Stationin Manhattan to Los Angeles Union terminal in downtown LA. The shortest and most straight trip is via the Lake Shore minimal service, which walk as far west as Chicago. You would certainly then transfer to the Southwest Chief for the remainder that the trip. Stops encompass St. Louis, Kansas City, Topeka, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff. The whole journey takes about 67 hours.

There are likewise routes with an ext than 2 segments, which take it longer and also involve more transfers. One-way tickets range from $197 because that a seat to upwards the $900 for a sleeper car.

Many discover train travel romantic, and if resting overnight in a sleeper automobile is on your bucket list, this cross-country train ride can be the perfect expedition for you. The picturesque views room sure to it is in incredible. However, it won’t conserve you much money—especially if you feather for a sleeper car, i beg your pardon you may want for this multi-day journey.

Is over there a Bus that Goes From new York City come Los Angeles?

The bus journey from brand-new York City to Los Angeles takes much more than 70 hours, through one-way tickets beginning at $77. Greyhoundis the only company that solutions this route, and buses depart fromPort government Bus Terminal in Manhattan and also arrive in ~ the Los Angeles Bus terminal downtown. There space no sleeper options, only consistent seats, though Greyhound does market a direct trip with no transfers. This is a long, uncomfortable ride that is no recommended—especially since you have the right to sometimes score a cheaper flight on a budget airline.

exactly how Long walk It take to Drive?

The 2,775-mile drive from NYC come LA bring away at least 42 hours, though it will likely take much longer when you aspect in web traffic jams and rest stops. The most direct routes take you west along I-80 (which is slightly north), or the iconic route 66, i beg your pardon goes an ext south and also starts in Chicago. You"ll happen through new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, new Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and also California. Visitors to brand-new York City deserve to rent dare in Manhattan, although prices at the airports tend to be much more expensive.

The biggest benefit to traveling via vehicle is that there is no schedule come stick to and also this route renders for a memorable road trip, v plenty of fascinating and also beautiful locations to avoid along the way. You could save part money control (if friend don’t need to rent one), especially if you space traveling with a group of people. Psychic to add gas and tolls into your budget, in addition to accommodations, snacks, and meals.Camping or staying with friends have the right to reduce costs.

What Time Is the in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles in in Pacific Daylight Time, which operation 3 hrs behind new York City. For example, 4 p.m. In NYC would be 1 p.m. In LA.

have the right to I use Public transportation to take trip From the Airport?

You can get to downtown LA from LAX on the FlyAway Bus or the Metrolink. Over there is additionally a free shuttle, despite it"s one hour-long drive downtown. Alternatively, you have the right to take a taxi, ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft, orrent a car. Driving indigenous LAX come downtown normally takes about 30 minutes, relying on traffic.

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What Is over there to do in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is just one of the joined States’ many popular and also beloved cities. It has a diverse population, which way a wide range of attractions and restaurants. There space beaches galore, including famous Venice and also Santa Monica, with its pier and amusement park. Hollywood is complete of star-studded amusements, and also the television and movie studios all sell lot tours. Downtown LA has actually a growing arts and also restaurant scene, while silver Lake and also Los Feliz in the eastern component of the city are full of boutique shops and creative cafés. Nature lover can check out Griffith Park and its observatory, while art appreciators will reap LACMA, the broad Museum, and the J. Paul Getty Museum.