My family members has always loved road trips. Up and down our home state the California we’d drive, or on towards the gold cornfields of Nebraska or the broad blue skies of new Mexico, racking increase the miles on childhood summer vacations.

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Nestled in the back of our eco-friendly ford windstar mini van alongside my sister Emma and also brother Sean, mine dad would man the wheel if my mother used her professional navigational skills to, not only get us from point A to point B, but likewise make certain we’d see every little thing sights, indigenous the iconic to the bizarre, place in our course (and this in the days before Google maps or even Map Quest).

Before i was the period of 16 I had actually visited 45 states with my family. The number is potentially 46, however whether or no we in reality drove v Minnesota is something no one has the memory to confirm (rest assured, all other states have actually been verified).

This summer, my family had a lot to celebrate with my brothers graduating native USC and also my sister earning she master’s degree and also teaching certification. Spurred through our shared wanderlust and the rare possibility to have a whole week to invest together, my household booked a pilgrimage to Puerto Rico simply two main out.

Road Trip throughout Puerto Rico


I had the honor of to plan the itinerary for our last-minute trip. Given our family members history, it come as no surprised to me that, sandwiched in between snorkeling and also kayaking through mangroves, one of my dad’s couple of requests was that we road trip throughout Puerto Rico.

The island the Puerto Rico is just 90 mile long and also 30 mile wide. Many thanks to its fairly small size and solid roadways (well, compared to those in Costa Rica, the is), you deserve to drive earlier and forth throughout Puerto Rico in a day. Tourists with more time to spare may wish to invest a night or two on the west coast, but you’ll be able to see the major highlights in one long day trip.

Are you ready to take it a drive? follow along east to west to uncover these eight necessary stops top top a roadway trip across Puerto Rico.


Granted, our accommodations taken place to it is in based in Humacao so my opinion may be a bit biased, but Humacao is fantastic point native which to start an east to west road trip across Puerto Rico. Countless visitors may be based in san Juan, however if you desire to perform a true drive throughout the island you must make it to the east coast first. Before you start your drive, prevent in in ~ Palmas del Mar coast resort and touch the ocean.

From Humacao, i recommend you take it the scenic route, an ext specifically highway 53 that leads come highway 3. This route needs you to dip south an initial before heading west, however the s views that await her drive make it worth it. Top top this route you’ll also wind up with the hillside and pass through tiny villages that showcase rural life ~ above the island and rewarded v valley views.

Tibes indigenous Ceremonial Center


Before Puerto Rico was overtaken by Spanish conquistadors, the Taíno Indians thrived on the island. Their precursors were the Pre-Taíno Indians. Located to the eastern of Ponce, the Tibes indigenous Ceremonial center offers a fascinating glimpse into Pre-Taíno culture and customs. What has become the many important historical site in the Caribbean was unveiled in 1975, once floodwaters indigenous a dry storm subsided, unveiling ancient history. Archaeologists have identified that the pre-Tainos moved to the valley of Tibes approximately 300 A.D., and these lands to be the center of your civilization.


A museum papers the background of the pre-Taíno Indians as well as diverse tribes who dubbed the island home at one suggest or the other in history. Today visitors can likewise walk with replicas that dwellings, ancient plazas, and also burial grounds. Within the plazas a ceremonial ball game dubbed batu to be played in i m sorry a heavy bouncy round made indigenous resins, roots and leaves to be tossed earlier and forth. The grounds additionally have several instances of old petroglyphs.



Ponce (pronounced Pon-say), is Puerto Rico’s second-largest city after mountain Juan. Nothing let this statistic stupid you, however – Ponce feels an ext like a little town than a large city and also the island’s bad economic situation is more obvious below than in mountain Juan as plenty of streets room lined with crumbling buildings and also closed businesses. In fact, we found that two restaurants provided in our Lonely earth guidebook had actually recently closed.

In the early american quarter that Ponce, Plaza de ras Delicias is fine worth a stroll with quaint fountains, statues and also a lavender cathedral. To get summary of the city’s history, stop in the Casa Armstrong-Poventud. A fine instance of neoclassical architecture, this house was developed in 1899 by among Puerto Rico’s an initial bankers. The docents right here are yes, really friendly and full that knowledge. If art is your scene it’s also worth stating that the Ponce Museum the Art residences the biggest art collection in the Caribbean.


Before you leave Ponce friend won’t want to miss the Parque de Bombas. In reality you yes, really can’t miss this building – the red and also black stripes of this previous firehouse building are for this reason flamboyant, they rival Spiderman.



From Ponce, head west until you struggle the shore in Rincón, a surfer city in the northwest the the island where hippy vibes flow in addition to the waves. Recognized as the island’s surfer capital, the previous sleepy coast town acquired notoriety in the so late 1960’s when it hosted the Surfing world Championships and also has to be welcoming gringos, both crusty and sheek ever before since.

After taking a wander through the city center, head to El Faro Lighthouse. Positioned on a bluff, this lighthouse uses a gorgeous overlook of the ocean the surfers that love it. Relax and also enjoy the watch or hike under a brief trail come sink your own feet in the sand.

Crash watercraft Beach


Whereas Rincon residences mainly tourists and expats, in Aguadilla the vibe is purely local, which girlfriend know, is what you desire if you are in Puerto Rico come see Puerto Rico. Locals flock come Crash watercraft Beach, wherein reggaeton and medalla (a neighborhood beer), circulation in equal proportions. A line of colorful watercrafts sit increase from the shore making for terrific photo opportunity.

The function that renders this beach of particular note is the row of lime eco-friendly docks that press up against the dark sand. Go out along the narrow pier to take it in your surroundings, and also if you really desire to immerse yourself in neighborhood culture, join the thrill seekers and jump off.

The coast at the end of the Road


In can be tempting come wait sunset the end at Crash watercraft Beach, yet you can’t relax however – you have one an ext beach to visit prior to the day end – Playa Jobos in Isabel.

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As the sun sinks out of the sky gain a pina colada at Uma’s restaurant, where surfers linger in the water long after the colour of the sky have actually muted into complete night. When blackness takes organize surfers head in to the bar at Uma’s discussing the conditions of the waves. Uma’s is the kind of ar you great you might belong. As a visitor in Puerto Rico, for at least one night it have the right to be.